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 HAIG    REPORT: LNP Parasite Ben Gommers Assists Translink Criminal Thugs Escape Liability for Aggravated Assault on Disabled Old Man.  Press to READ   

 HAIG    REPORT:  SEE: LNP VANDALS DESTROY publicly owned assets: Three levels of the LNP support this VANDALISM, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. Ross Vasta faces defeat.  Press to READ   

 HAIG    REPORT:  SEE: Graham Davis CEO Clarks Logan City Bus Service:   Unlawfully BULLIES Bus Driver, who's due COMPENSATION.       Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG    REPORT:  SEE: Russell Mathews' COMMENTARY:   Daniel Morcombe & how and why Qld labor PROMOTES & FOSTERS PEDOPHILIA.      Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:    View As It Grows Over The Weekend, My Response to Commonwealth Derisory Submission Ridiculing My Disability    Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG    REPORT:  Milton Conde:  El Salvadore Lawyer Exposes Judicial Fraud & Corruption in Qld Courts by Corrupt Judicial & Legal Officers      Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:   I invite Brisbane residents to view the way Qld courts treat disabled defendants by reading my submission to DCJ Griffin to decide if you wish to observe in the District Court 415 George St Brisbane at 10am Monday 19th November, 2012.   Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:   Australia's Governor-General  Quentin Bryce & Australian Govt Abuse Human Rights, Exploit the Disabled & are linked to attempted   MURDER     Press to READ       Press for MENU   


 HAIG     REPORT:   OPEN LETTER/Email of 29th October 2012 to Peter Rogers of the Parliamentary CMC  re Corruption in CMC to protect POLICE CORRUPTION of Armed Robbery     Press to READ      

 HAIG     REPORT:   OPEN LETTER of 26th October 2012  to Jack Dempsey Qld ex-cop Minister of Police; Proof of Armed Robbery by Qld Police including by Superintendent Dale Pointon     Press to READ       Press to see ATTEMPTED MURDER INJURIES   


 HAIG     REPORT:  Is Centrelink & Hank Jongen stuffing you around? See Smart, Quick & Easy way without leaving home, to resolve & gain respect from Centrelink   Press to READ 


 HAIG     REPORT:  OPEN LETTER Jack Dempsey, Campbell Newman's Police Minister: Will He Condone Police Crime of Murder & Armed Robbery   Press to READ   

 HAIG     REPORT:  Are You One Of 14,000 Sacked Qld Public Servants? REAL HELP is HERE if you are non-catholic   Press to READ 

 HAIG     REPORT:  The catholics are now back in control of labor so no more need for DLP/QLP now.   Press to READ MENU HAIG   REPORT: Jayant Patal SET-UP as scapegoat by CORRUPT Qld labor government.  Will Tony Moynihan SC [DPP] continue the farce?   Press to READ       Press for MENU   

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 HAIG     REPORT:   OPEN LETTER  to Jack Dempsey Qld ex-cop Minister of Police    Press to READ       Press to see ATTEMPTED MURDER INJURIES HAIG   REPORT: Julian Assange Asylum  Exposes Criminal Australian Government    Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:   Queensland  POLICE  coverup attempted  MURDER     Press to READ       Press for HORRIFIC INJURIES   


 HAIG     REPORT:   Australia's Governor-General  Quentin Bryce  linked to attempted  MURDER     Press to READ       Press for MENU   


 HAIG     REPORT:   Chief District Court Judge  Patsy Mary Wolfe  linked to attempted  MURDER     Press to READ       Press for MENU   


 HAIG     REPORT:  The reasons that
 Chief District Court Judge  Patsy Mary Wolfe 
should disqualify herself.
 Press to READ       Press for MENU   


 HAIG     REPORT:  The reasons that
 District Court Judge Admin  Kerry John O'Brien 
should disqualify himself.
 Press to READ       Press for MENU   


 HAIG     REPORT:  See Detail & proof of the Metcash IGA 5% Pensioner   Discount  Rip-off    Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:     See progressive additions to Submission for 31st July, 2012 Court Interim Review Determining Which & How Disability Special Needs Must be Accommodated for DUE PROCESS; & To Disqualify JUDGES.      Press to READ    

 HAIG     REPORT:  Perjury, Fraud & Corruption Connection to "Her Honour" District Court Judge Julie Maree Mellifont nee Dick aka Judge Julie Maree Dick    Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:  The reasons that District  Court Judge Leanne Joy Clare should disqualify herself.    Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:     See Translink's CRIMINAL
Pony SPANKERS & WANKERS   Press to READ       Press for MENU   

 HAIG     REPORT:     See progressive additions to Submission for 15th June, 2012 Court Mention re  Armed Robbery Crime of the Century by Qld & Australian Governments  on a Disabled Old Man.     Press to READ     

 HAIG     REPORT's     Judicial War, Supreme Court of Qld:
Chief Justice Paul deJersey _v_
Court of Appeal's
President Margaret McMurdo

   Press to READ       

 HAIG     REPORT:     More Corrupt Qld Police assist Tabcorp Jupiters Casino defraud charity.     Press to READ     

 HAIG     REPORT:     7th May, 2012: OPEN LETTER, Grant O’Brien, Managing Director & CEO, Woolworths Limited.     Press to READ     

  SEE:      New Dimension to 
 HAIG   REPORT:   of   Russell Mathews' 

 Corporations, TAKE NOTICE!
 Corporate Governance Shareholder DECREE:!
   Press to READ 

HEAR the phone RECORDING of HOW WOOLWORTHS/BigW TRAIN THEIR MANAGERS TO TREAT DISABLED CUSTOMERS: BULLY, ARGUE with & belittle them after deceiving and misleading them. Big W has permitted this to continue for OVER three months without any movement towards resolution. After my advice of my disability to  BigW  Smart Arse Everett McMillan, this became DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION   Press to READ     

OPEN LETTER Ms Julie Coates, Director of  BIG W  & Mr Grant O’Brien, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer,     Press to READ    

 HAIG     REPORT:  BIG W - misleading & deceptive conduct
      Press for Links to HEAR    BIG   SCANDAL recorded SMART ARSES 

  woolworths; bullying disabled customers;   Press to READ    

 HAIG     REPORT:  Queensland police  Corruption SCANDAL:  Qld COP'S EVIDENCE under OATH PROVES CORRUPTION SCANDAL: View the Timeline Sequence of the major CRIMINAL Plot ensnaring Senior Queensland Police including  Superintendent Dale Pointon , plus Senior Officers from Ethical Standards Command, Security Intelligence Branch & State Crime Operations Command.     Press to View Timeline of SCANDAL:  

 HAIG     REPORT's   LATEST UPDATE: Australian police MURDER Brazilian Student  Roberto Laudisio Curti:   Brazil Website:      Press to View TELLING EVIDENCE:  

 HAIG    REPORT:   Will  Qld's DPP Tony Moynihan,  take over & discontinue my Private Prosecutions of Armed Robbery criminals [of a Disabled Old Man] from Qld corrupt labor Government that repeatedly promoted him?     Press to View Menu:  

 HAIG    REPORT:   Beware Criminal Commissioner Robert Walker,  Commissioner Body Corporate & Community Management [BCCM]  [aka Mr Bribery aka Mr Payola], & Government payola Fraud in Strata Title, Home Unit & Body Corporate, Real Estate and Property Development in Queensland.
    Press to View  

 HAIG    REPORT:   Is Justice Margaret White   using her  Judicial Immunity  to REPEATEDLY & ACTIVELY protect  her CRIMINAL friends &: associates?  View Menu: #11 

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 HAIG    REPORT:   See how yet another Queensland Barrister, John W. Peden  was saved by  Advocates' Immunity  View Menu: 

 HAIG    REPORT:    Restore Upper House, [Legislative Council], to the Parliament of Queensland,
Amend Election to a Proportional Senate;
Abolish the unelected CMC
   View Menu: 

 HAIG    REPORT:    High Court of Australia:   on Trial:     View Menu: 

 HAIG    REPORT:   Is the CSIRO tender process CORRUPT?.  Who is Bernie McDonough?  Should Megan Clark retain her position as the CEO of the CSIRO?     View Menu: 

 HAIG    REPORT:   See the evidence that Garth Donnelly is a long time CRIMINAL in ORGANIZED CRIME with POLICE. Garth Donnelly the Spring Hill Brothel Pimp in conjunction with Queensland police, lied, cheated, roughed up, beat and defrauded girls forced into prostitution by Queensland police brothel "patrons", FROM 1990, after Wayne Goss & Kevin Rudd terminated the Fitzgerald Enquiry.     View Menu: 

Latest Update: Many New Corruption Scandals at
         THE UNIVERSITY         

The Cradle of Official, Judicial & Government Corruption in Qld:

Skeletons in the cupboard for Maurie McNarn, new UQ Director of Operations & ex-director of the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation [ADIO] re Prisoner Rendition, Torture, Abuse, Murder & Abu Graib;