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 Caboolture Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan knowingly accepts and defers to Lying Cheating Cop Sgt Aaron Murray:

My logo, my TRADEMARK, is the MRI of my skull, showing gross assymetry,aka DEFORMITY = ugliness and target of bullies. The HAIG REPORT: the EVIDENCE My logo, my TRADEMARK, is the MRI of my skull, showing gross assymetry,aka DEFORMITY = ugliness and target of bullies.

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Fraud, Corruption & attempted  MURDER 
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  Click here to GoTo Detail:=> Caboolture Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan knowingly accepts and defers to Lying Cheating Cop Sgt Aaron Murray

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See: HaigReport's Menu of Menus of Sites of Related Fraud & Corruption Topics:

 Content: Caboolture Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan knowingly accepts and defers to Lying Cheating Cop Sgt Aaron Murray

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MENU: Rantala-Gate: Corrupt Police & Magistrates Mafia.


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Caboolture Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan knowingly accepts and defers to Lying Cheating Cop Sgt Aaron Murray:

Text20150128TranscriptCopAaronMurrayLyingMagistrateCallaghan includedMenuAnchors20141118TranscriptLeeMiddletonSarraWynnum.php This is the menu of anchors [immediately below], placed in the transcript below the menu. This menu serves as a summary of the proceeding. By clicking on any anchor, you will be taken to that spot in the transcript.  The anchors as listed, are in chronological order.

In this 10minute mention coram Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan in Caboolture Magistrates Court, this corrupt cop Sgt Aaron Murray, who is the cop in charge of the Caboolture Police Prosecutions Corps, lied to the Magistrate in an attempt to have nstruck out, the application by a mate's partner, to have her assistance dogs returned to her after they had been seized by Qld police.

After this mention, I sent to the Caboolture Magistrates Court, for the Attention of this Magistrate, my affidavit in which I prove to Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan, that this cop SAgt Aaron Murray, had lied to her. [I shall include in this menu, and link form here, the text of that Affidavit of mine.] When you read the transcript below, you will realize that this magistrate suspected that she was being told lies by the cop.  She did not want to be told of the cop telling lies.  The next time I appeared in her court with my assistance dogs [see below how she accepted them and treated me on this occasion], she repeated bellowed at me, "Get those dogs out of here", on each occasion she bellowed thus, I replied in a calm voice that they are Assistance Dogs. She  then called on the bailiff to "escort" me out of her court.   After I had someone mind them in the area out side of the courtroom, and returned to her court, the bailiff came over to me and told me to leave as, he said, this magistrate Bernadette Callaghan did not want me in the court.  I ignored him as I was entitled to be in the court.   This bitch of a magistrate just glared at me.

What this shows is that she knew the cop had lied to her; and that she accepted that.  What this shows is that, Magistrates in Qld defer to the corrupt Qld police service.   This is shown by not only this case, but also the case where Magistrate Zachary Sarra, at Wynnum Magistrates Court [he called it a "circus"], was prepared to defer to the police when they wanted an unjustified order, and not extend Natural Justice to the defendant then before himMagistrateZacharySarraRetorts_HERE_WE_GO_THIS_IS_A_CIRCUS

When one considers this, one realizes the reason this occurs.   Most cases magistrates hear are police prosecutions.   Police could waste so much of a magistrate's time, and cause him so much trouble and make his life a hell on earth, if they wished.  They can cause magistrates far more harm than magistrates can cause harm to police.  I have found police are evil scum.

There is clear illegal conduct here.  It is clearly Police Misconduct.  It is proper that a complaint of Police Misconduct should be made to the Police Commissioner, and has been by me.

This is corruption by Qld Police.  The police have been corrupt for more than three decades towards myself.   Most people would not bother reading this report.  To make my reports a little different, I have incorporated appropriate colourful language, to attract attention and comment.    The pigs have tried repeatedly to close down HaigReport, my website but always failed.  The last occsion was for four and a half years, and the corupt parasites failed.  The parasite pigs have failed in the last ELEVEN charges that they have leveled against me.  This shows, I have not finished with these corrupt parasites yet.   It is fortunate I have an LLB and know a little about the law.

  1. EndOfHeadingPage

  2. StartOfTranscriptAlyssaHickey_v_QldPolice

  3. SgtAaronMurrayCallsMatterOfHickeyAndNewton

  4. SgtAaronMurrayExplainsAlyssaIsTheApplicant

  5. MagistrateCallaghanExplainsAlyssaIsAskingForAnAdjournment

  6. SgtAaronMurrayExplainsTheOnlyReasonHeIsAppearing

  7. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanRealizesItIsAboutTwoDogsThatHaveBeenSeized

  8. SgtAaronMurrayReckonsItIsprobablyNotBecauseItIsSoComplicated

  9. ButJustHeHasTakenTheTimeThisMorningToJustGetToTheBottomOfIt

  10. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanAsksTheReasonTheDogsWereSeized

  11. SgtAaronMurraysErrorsFalseStatementsBegin

  12. SgtAaronMurrayAdmitsHeCannotAccessTheCourtOrderBUT

  13. SgtAaronMurrayMakesFalseStatementReMagistrateRinaudosOrder

  14. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanIsLeadIntoErrorByMurrayThatAshleyHadStolenTheDogsBack

  15. SgtAaronMurrayMakesAnotherFalseStatement

  16. SgtAaronMurrayMakesYetAnotherFalseStatement

  17. SgtAaronMurrayExplainsTheTwoDogsAreInThePossessionOfThePoliceButInTheCustodyMoretonBayRegionalCouncil

  18. SgtAaronMurrayAdvisesHeSpokeTloStuartDuckOfMoretonBayRegionalCouncil

  19. SgtAaronMurrayThenTellsMajorLieToMagistrateBernadetteCallaghan

  20. TheMajorLieIsThatMoretonBayRegionalCouncilIsWaitingOnAlyssaHickeyToComplyWithCourtOrder

  21. SgtAaronMurrayThenDetailsWholeFalseStoryOfActionsRequiredOfAlyssaToComplyWithCourtOrder

  22. I_ThenMakeMyGrandEntranceWithMyTwoAssistanceDogs

  23. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanThenDirectsNoDogsInTheCourtroomThankYouUnlessTheyAreAssistanceDogs

  24. I_ReplyThatTheyAreAssistanceDogs

  25. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanThenQuestionsMeAsIfI_AmLyingTheyAreAssistanceDogsAreThey

  26. I_ConfirmedThatTheyAre_HowDidSheThinkI_HadBeenAbleToGetThatFarInTheCourthouse

  27. I_FurtherAdvisedThatI_HadSentAllDetailsToTheCourt

  28. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanWronglyGuessedThatI_WasAshleyNewton

  29. AshleyNewtonWhoWasAppearingForAlyssaEnteredTheCourtWithMe

  30. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanAskedIfAshleyWasAshleyNewton

  31. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanThenAdvisesAshleyWronglyBecauseSheHadBeenToldLiesBySgtAaronMurray

  32. AshleyNewtonAsksToHaveMeAsHisMacKenzieFriend

  33. AshleyNewtonHandsUpAlyssasSubmission

  34. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanRefusesThatRequests

  35. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanContinuesWithTheFalseAdviceBecauseSgtAaronMurrayHadLiedToHer

  36. AshleyNewtonAdvisesThatThatIsNotTheCase

  37. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanAsksSgtAaronMurrayForClarification

  38. SgtAaronMurrayContinuesHisLies

  39. SgtAaronMurrayStatedHeSpokeOnThePhoneToStuartDuckThatMorningFor45Minutes

  40. SgtAaronMurrayFurtherExacerbatesHisLiesWithHisInventionThatAlyssasApplication-MadeBeforeTheCourtOrder-IsAnAttemptToCircumventTheCourtOrder

  41. SgtAaronMurrayExacerbatesHisLiesEvenMoreWithHisInventionThatAlyssaIsAskingMagistrateBernadetteCallaghanToSitOnAnAppealOfThatCourtOrder

  42. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanReplies-ThatsNotGoingToHappen

  43. BigWankerSgtAaronMurrayTriesToBigNoteHimselfWith-AndItCantHappen

  44. BigWankerSgtAaronMurrayTriesToBigNoteHimselfYetAgainWith-TheresAHigherCourtForThat

  45. AshleyNewtonThenAsksMagistrateBernadetteCallaghanIsSheDecidingThatAlyssaNeedOnlyComplyWithTheCourtOrderThenMBRC_WillReturnTheDogs

  46. ClearlyMagistrateBernadetteCallaghanSensingSheHasBeenToldLIesReplies-ApparentlyThatsWhatIveBeenTold

  47. AshleyNewtonAsksSgtAaronMurray-IsThatWhatStuartDuckSaid

  48. TheLowLifePoliceParasiteScumSgtAaronMurrayRefusesToAnswerBecauseStuartDuckDidNotSayThat

  49. SgtAaronMurrayThenTriesAnotherTactAndAttacksAshleyNewton

  50. ThenTheLowLifePoliceParasiteScumSgtAaronMurrayContinuesHisFabrication

  51. TheLowLifePoliceParasiteScumSgtAaronMurrayReturnsToHisPrimePurposeToHaveTheApplicationStruckOut

  52. MagistrateBernadetteCallaghanAdjournsTheApplication



B. CALLAGHAN, Magistrate







11.32 AM, WEDNESDAY, 28 JANUARY 2015



SGT A.B. MURRAY: I understand the matter of Hickey and Newton, your Honour. Do you have that matter there?

BENCH: Yes, Iíve got Hickey.


BENCH: Police Service. Yes. Is Mr Newton here?

SGT MURRAY: Ashley Newton?

BENCH: No. Sheís Alyssa Ė heís Ashley Newton. Yes.

SGT MURRAY: Yes. Itís against Mr Newton as well.

BENCH: Is it?

SGT MURRAY: Well, looking at the application, it appears to be but thatís really not the case. I think itís against the service. Alyssa Bridget Hickey is the applicant.

BENCH: Yes. Now, look, she was after Ė itís a bit convoluted. She wrote asking for an adjournment. Itís an application, isnít it, against the police service?

SGT MURRAY: It is. And look, your Honour, the only reason Iím appearing       

BENCH: Itís about two dogs that have been seized.

SGT MURRAY: It is. And just for the record, Iíll just announce my appearance. Surname Murray, M-u-r-r-a-y, initials A.B., Sergeant of Police. And the only reason Iím appearing, your Honour, today Ė itís probably not because itís so complicated but just Iíve taken the time this morning to just get to the bottom of it. Youíre right, I read the application and the first thing that youíre trying to work out is who owns the dogs, where are the dogs if the dogs have been seized. Look, Iíll give you a very brief       

BENCH: And why did they get seized?

SGT MURRAY: Iíll give you a very brief overview. Alyssa Bridget Hickey, the applicant, is the actual girlfriend of Ashley Dean Newton. Mr Newton was charged in respect of stealing these two dogs from the dog pound at Mackay and he was convicted and fined $400 with a court order made Ė now, I canít access the court order. This has been entered by the prosecutorial system in Brisbane where the matter was finalised. They reflected conviction and fined $400, court order to return dogs to the lawful owner [FALSE: RETURN ANIMALS TO DEFENDANT] upon the ownerís compliance with the dangerous dogs legislation. I rang the arresting officer asking now, where are the dogs. He

understands the dogs are now in the possession of the Moreton Bay City Council. Long story short, these people Ė theyíre partners Ė the dogs were seized as they attacked an individual, as dangerous dogs. [THAT was THE ALLEGATION; but NO Right to be Heard was extended to Alyssa, or anyone.]

BENCH: They were the original owners?

SGT MURRAY: Yes, they were the original owners.

BENCH: They were seized and then theyíve stolen them Ė heís stolen them back?

SGT MURRAY: Went into the pound at night, stole the two dogs back, [FALSE], left Mackay, came to Caboolture.

BENCH: Right. Okay.

SGT MURRAY: Police received information from, obviously, the complainant [????????], and investigated in Mackay as to who may have these dogs. Police executed a search warrant at an address in Caboolture where the parties were residing and found the two dangerous dogs [ONLY ONE WAS CLAIMED TO BE DANGEROUS IN MACKAY]. They were then taken back into possession of the police until the criminal matters were finalised and been in the custody of the Moreton Bay City Council. Subject to that, the thief,[NOT SO], Mr Newton, the boyfriend, was charged and convicted with the receiving. Iíve now spoken to the person charge of the Moreton Bay City Council in respect to the animals seized, etcetera. Thatís a Mr Stuart Duck who provided Ė and heís given me a very Ė which puts us far more in the picture.

That court order was made and the matter finalised. He provided a statement. Apparently it went to brief but pre-trial there was a plea of guilty so he didnít give evidence. I asked him where the dogs are now. Essentially, they were waiting on Ms Hickey, who itís acknowledged was the original owner, to comply with the court order [??????} and that is to provide a safe environment for other persons, not the dogs. He stated that about a month after that, he contacted her. She essentially said Iím not speaking to you, speak to my lawyer and hung up. He said he made one further attempt to ring her again to say look, what are you doing? Are you going to comply with the order and again she hung up and refused to enter into any discussions. [BradleyFoley of MBRC made the decisions to issue  destruction orders on 18th December, 2015, without hearing from Alyssa, so denying her Natural Justice of the Right to be Heard. That makes his "decision" void ab initio.]

Since then, and it was just pre the police going and seizing the dogs, the re-offended and they attacked a mother and a daughter in the Caboolture Shire. [Alleged]. He stated as such, they are declared dangerous dogs though there is still a system where if she complied with certain requirements in her dwelling, the dogs could be returned. Now, he states to date she hasnít done so and look, I got an appraisal. The dogs have offended twice. They re-offended since the initial complaint. They were seized from the parties and a court order Ė and Iíve got a bit of an overview in relation to what would be required.

The court order was quite clear. They can be returned to those parties but only when they comply with the dangerous dogs legislation. As a minimum, that legislation requires (1) they build a separate enclosure within the dwelling or within the yard area; (2) there must be 1.8 metre high fence made of sturdy material. That fenced area must not form any part of any entry or exit date to the premises so, i.e. no civilians or members of the public could mistakenly walk into the enclosure if theyíre trying to enter the dwelling; and (3) also that the enclosure not form any part of the route from the footpath to the front door. Once theyíve done that, itís a simple situation where Mr Duck or another member of the Moreton Bay City Council would come out and inspect the enclosure. If it met the requirements of the dangerous dogs legislation they would sign off and the dogs would be returned. [What about Simply, theyíve had       

BENCH: Excuse me, no dogs in the courtroom, thank you, unless theyíre assistance dogs.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: These are assistance dogs, your Honour.

BENCH: Theyíre assistance dogs, are they?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Yes, your Honour. Iíve sent all the details through to the court       

BENCH: Are you Ashley Newton?


BENCH: You? Come forward, weíre dealing with your matter.

MR NEWTON: [indistinct].

BENCH: Okay. All right. You are here to ask for an adjournment, is that correct?

MR NEWTON: Yes, your Honour. I was going to seek an adjournment for Alyssa Hickey. She couldnít be here today.


MR NEWTON: Iím just       

BENCH: Well, the officer was just outlining the circumstances.


BENCH: He has stated that these dogs are able to be returned but thereís certain requirements that have got to be fulfilled because theyíre declared dangerous dogs.

MR NEWTON: Yes. Thatís Ė your Honour, if I could, could I please call up my McKenzie Friend?




MR NEWTON: No. Well, I might hand this to you just to show Alyssaís       

BENCH: Hand it to the officer and heíll get it for me, thanks.

MR NEWTON:       Alyssaís submission.

BENCH: A McKenzie Friend can only sit there beside you.

MR NEWTON: And advise me.

BENCH: No. But Iím not hearing it today. This is       

MR NEWTON: No, thatís right. Yeah, weíll Ė thatís Alyssaís submission.

BENCH: Iím not hearing this today. Okay?


BENCH: It will have to be Ė if itís going to be an argument, it will have to be set down for hearing but it seems to me if there are certain requirements that have got to be met because these dogs have been declared dangerous dogs because theyíve attacked two different people at two different times. If theyíve been declared dangerous, then those requirements would have to be met.

MR NEWTON: Your Honour, I was seeking an adjournment. Perhaps some time soon on a Thursday, if possible. Sheís Ė that would suit her Ė a hearing.

BENCH: Well       

SGT MURRAY: If I could even       

BENCH: Is it going to be the case that youíre arguing against having to do what the council is requiring you to do because theyíre       

MR NEWTON: Alyssaís happy to do that but yeah, the council       

BENCH: Well, it seems to me all that has to be done and the dogs can be returned to her.

MR NEWTON: Well, thatís not the case at all at the moment, actually, with the council.

BENCH: Yes. Officer, I thought that was what the case was.

SGT MURRAY: That is the information, your Honour, and as I indicated, I spoke at length Ė I think I had Mr Duck on the phone today for about 45 minutes because he gave me the entire run-through of what occurred in Mackay, what occurred down here and whatís occurred post-court order. And as Iíve indicated, theyíve made a number of attempts to       

BENCH: All right.

SGT MURRAY: I was just going to close, your Honour, before Mr Newton attended today to simply say this Ė and I think this probably puts it in a greater picture for us all today in relation to this matter, whether it does or does not advance Ė is that essentially, even this application, itís an attempt to circumvent a court order. A court order is made.

BENCH: Right.

SGT MURRAY: A court order is in existence       


SGT MURRAY:       saying that the dogs can be returned to       

BENCH: Once certain things have been carried out.

SGT MURRAY: Once theyíve complied with the dangerous Ė so essentially, theyíre asking this court to sit in on an appeal Ė on an order in a like jurisdiction. 

BENCH: No. Thatís not going to happen.

SGT MURRAY: And it canít happen.

BENCH: No, it wonít happen.

MR NEWTON: The court order hasnít been followed by the council for the fact that I never got the Ė the dogs were never returned in the first place.

BENCH: No, because youíve       

SGT MURRAY: Thereís a higher court for that.

BENCH:        got to comply. Youíve got to comply with what the court order says and then the dogs can be returned.

MR NEWTON: Your Honour, what youíre saying is if we comply with the dangerous dogs conditions, theyíll hand us straight back to us? Is that what youíre saying?

BENCH: Apparently. Thatís what Iíve been told, yes.[a LIE.]

MR NEWTON: Is that what Stuart Duck said?

SGT MURRAY: Well, in all honesty, youíre not the applicant today, but the information Iíve received is the moment you contact the council and say youíve complied with that legislation in relation to that enclosure, they will come out, inspect that, sign off and the dogs can be returned.[He is lying.]

BENCH: And itís a court order. Iím not second guessing another court. Okay?

MR NEWTON: Yeah, Alyssa and I would Ė yeah, wouldnít even think about going against a court order.

BENCH: Well, because youíre not the applicant       

SGT MURRAY: I can give you Mr Duckís contact number today.

BENCH: Okay. If you can do that, that would be good. Iíll just adjourn this to the next hearing.

SGT MURRAY: Or do you want to just strike it out, your Honour, because       [Murray's reason for lying.] 

BENCH: No, Iím not going to do that at this stage because sheís not here. But what I need in the future is a copy of that court order. No court Ė no court would second guess another court order like that unless theyíve got the power to appeal a decision. They wonít do it. Okay? Iíll adjourn it to the 25th of February.

MR NEWTON: Is that a Thursday, your Honour?

BENCH: No itís not, itís a Wednesday. Thatís when we hear these matters. Okay? We run a busy court and weíve got to set our diary to whenever we can. Itís on a Wednesday. These matters are dealt with on a Wednesday. Okay?

MR NEWTON: Yeah, until then, pretty much what Stewart Duck told the officer here?

BENCH: Well, why donít you get the number for Stewart Duck and ring him and heíll tell you himself? Okay?

MR NEWTON: All right. No worries.

BENCH: All right. Okay. Thanks.

SGT MURRAY: Thank you, your Honour. That was my only matter. If I might be excused?

BENCH: Yes. Thank you. Yes, thank you.

SGT MURRAY: Thank you.

ADJOURNED [11.42 am]


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