Special Forum: Reply Internet Nightmare story.

This is the Special Forum for discussion on and REPLY to the Sunshine Coast Daily Online Story titled
'Internet Nightmare for Nambour Pharmacist'.

Special Forum: Reply Internet Nightmare story.

Postby russellm » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:19 pm

Special Forum: Reply Internet Nightmare story

Well Hello Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

From Sunny Antigua in the Caribbean.

I saw the Article entitled, 'Internet Nightmare for Nambour Pharmacist'. It knocked my sites from the top of a Google search. That will not last for long. They will be back on top very soon. Your 'Internet guru' doesn't know what he is talking about. I can do this with Google Yahoo et al and Internet is well down my list of skills [BCom BSc LLB BA].

Anyway, I am happy to continue a discussion with internet viewers, and so I have set up this special Forum on my Nambour & Sunshine Coast Bulletin Board. I will put links to this Special Forum on those pages of mine that I see people from the Sunshine Coast have been viewing.

Hugh McVean is a criminal and has made my sister, Coral a criminal also. They are really into 'image'. As I have a law degree, I can well assess criminal conduct by the McVeans.

That Hugh McVean has really pulled my sister down to his criminal ways. I have mentioned many instances on my websites.

Recently, they had stolen money of mine and put it in the name of our, Coral's and my, mother. $60,000. My mother was living with them at that time. My mother was aged 90 and totally blind. Coral was enduring Power of Attorney for Mum. I spoke to Mum by 'phone and Mum agreed to return my money to me. Mum asked Coral to do that for me. I actually had Coral come on the phone with Mum and me, so she would know the details and know Mum's wishes. When Mum asked Coral when she would do this, Coral replied that, "I'm not going to do it. He owes 'us' money. Tell him I'll take that money and call it 'quits'." I have not received that money. It is an abrogation of Coral's Fiduciary duty to not do as Mum wished. For Coral to take it for herself is illegal. When I heard that, I began talking to Mum that we would have someone from the bank come and see Mum to take Mum's Instructions. With that, Coral assaulted Mum, took the phone from Mum, hit Mum in the eye, [Mum's exclamation was, "Oh, that's my eye, oh .."] and the phone went dead.

When I realise the crimes that Hugh McVean had perpetrated against me, I would not be surprised at what crimes he may perpetrate." I thought his being 'family' would have meant that I could trust him. He used that to take me for a financial ride. I am told I will always be disabled with neurological damage, but I am now better than I have been in 40 years. I am also better abled than when I gained my degrees. Hence, my subsiduary skill with Google et al.

I rail against corruption, especially in high places. We all know that ex Human Rights President and Federal Court Judge Marcus Einfeld has finally admitted perjury. I invite you to view some work I did today on just that topic at http://rateaustralianjudges.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=7 /. I am sure that the nobody author of the Daily story, could call that a rant or diatribe. I'll back my qualifications and intelligence against the author's any day.

That parasite Hughie McVean is guilty of perjury. Coral may top him at some time, if she is likely to be made accountable for her crimes.

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Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA
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Re: Special Forum: Reply Internet Nightmare story.

Postby tcroll » Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:18 pm

I have known Russell Mathews for 25 years. About 15 years ago he told me and I verliy believe he was purchasing his house in St Lucia. The repayments were so high he had to be extremely careful with his money. He was so short of money that he was accepting handouts from the local restaurants. About 2005 he told me that his Brother in law, Hugh McVean had fraudently taken the house from him. He had thought he had the house nearly paid off. He had worked so hard and been so stingy putting his every cent into the home repayments.

In 2006 he told me his sister had gained an enduring power of attorney over his mother and Russell has placed a large sum, about $60,000 into a joint account with his mother, he trusted his mother implicitly. Coral Mc Vean went to the bank with the enduring power of attorney and took his money.

Russell then went to the supreme court and instead of hearing his application the court declared him a vexatious litigant.

Last I heard he was living in a car garage some where in Moggill. It now seems he may actually be living overseas. He had been made destitute and poverty stricken by his criminal brother in law who used him to buy a house for him in a fraud perpetrated against Russell. Then the Mcveans have the hide to complain about him hurting them using the internet. This is their punishment for stealing from him. http://www.thedaily.com.au/news/2008/nov/03/internet-nightmare/ has his bold faced lie for all to see.
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