Did Tony O'Reilly support "fraud and corruption inGovernment

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Did Tony O'Reilly support "fraud and corruption inGovernment

Postby russellm » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:07 am

Does Tony O'Reilly support "fraud and corruption within government and judicial ranks",or is it just The Daily, based on Australia's Sunshine Coast of Queensland? We [at the http://HaigReport.com group of Internet WebSites] do not. Yet, one of Tony O'Reilly's newspapers has attacked us because we rail against fraud and corruption where-ever it occurs. The Daily, a 'provincial' newspaper based on the Queensland Sunshine Coast in Australia, is one in the 'Tony O'Rielly Stable'. It dismissed our reports into fraud and corruption in government and judicial ranks, as simply 'diatribes' and 'rants'.

On 3rd November, 2008, The Daily [aka The Sunshine Coast Daily], a Provincial Newpaper with an Online presence, based on the locale of Nambour and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, published an article entitled 'Internet Nightmare for Nambour Pharmacist". In that story, the Newspaper and the Publisher APN News & Media Limited proceeded to denigrrate our website http://HaigReport.com, [while giving us a backhanded compliment - in fact it lead with that aspect - for our skill utilizing Google and other search engines].

This story had no Byline. It no doubt passed a sub-editor and Editor, but regardless enshrines the sentiments and principles of its Publisher and Principals.

Those sentiments are encapsulated in a quote from 'The Daily',
The Daily wrote: "Mr and Mrs McVean are vilified on the websites, amid diatribes on fraud and corruption within government and judicial ranks."

Who is the Publisher APN News & Media Limited [APN]:
We quote from the site http://www.ketupa.net/apn.htm#holdings /.

http://www.ketupa.net/apn.htm#holdings wrote:

This profile considers Australian Provincial Newspapers (APN), Australian Radio Network (ARN) and Independent News & Media (INM), controlled by the O'Reilly family.

It covers -

* introduction
* INM in the UK, Eire and South Africa
* New Zealand and Wilson & Horton
* APN newspaper, radio and other operations
* studies

There is a supplementary profile for its Wilson & Horton (W&H) subsidiary, with publishing, radio, printing and outdoor advertising interests in New Zealand.

subsection heading icon introduction

APN is Australasia's largest operator in regional newspapers, radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising, with interests in pay television and digital media.

APN's largest shareholder (with a stake of around 40.7%) is Dublin-based Independent News & Media PLC (INM), the international media group controlled by the O'Reilly family.

APN and INM embrace over 200 newspaper and magazine titles, radio and outdoor advertising in Australia and New Zealand, and outdoor advertising operations in South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, with turnover of €1.5 billion, gross assets of €3.4 billion and employment of 11,700 people worldwide.
Turnover €m 2001 2002
Ireland 370 365
UK 248 231
South Africa 161 136
Australasia 560 577

Op Profit €m 2001 2002
Ireland 73 75
UK 17 20
South Africa 22 19
Australasia 116 118

Tony O'Reilly ran the Heinz food giant while building personal holdings that embraced investments, property, the media and companies such as Waterford crystal. He is reported to be the largest individual shareholder in Heinz, with a 2% stake.

The O'Reilly family is believed to have around 28% of INM, 27% of Waterford Wedgwood, 44% of Arcon mining, 6% of Eire phone company Eircom and other investments. A stake in funds management company Lockwood Financial was for example sold to the Bank of New York in 2002 for an estimated US$60m.

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