Kevin Rudd robs the poor & vulnerable

Kevin Rudd is happy to work in with the same criminals with whom he worked when Chief of Staff to the Wayne Goss criminal government of Queensland.

Kevin Rudd robs the poor & vulnerable

Postby russellm » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:20 am

Cheated Australians seeking Political Asylum
Kevin Rudd: Poncing on the Global Stage
Rudd's Australian Government persecutes and robs Australians
Kevin Rudd robs the poor & vulnerable
Kevin Rudd rises on Tide of Corruption
Kevin Rudd permits Armed Robbery by Government
Armed Robbery by Kevin Rudd's Government

Now, I have the CONCLUSIVE IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE. [I will work back in time from the more recent.]

I have been the TARGET/recipient of ARMED ROBBERY by the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, and this is that CONCLUSIVE IRREFUTABLE proof . What is more, it was not a mere mistake. The LEGAL circumstances have twice been before Law courts, in Queensland, Australia, but a Magistrate and a Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland [both elements of the CORRUPT AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, from which I must be protected], acted to conceal the ARMED ROBBERY of me by the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.

The ARMED ROBBERY by the Australian government occurred on 29th and 30th November and 1st December, 2004.

The majority of Members of Parliament and, I am sure, ever member of an Australian Ministry, is a member of a political party, most usually labor, Liberal or National Party or composites such as the LNP [Liberal National Party] in Queensland.

I have been experiencing being cheated by elements of the Australian government since 1974. Below I shall relate that earlier history or advise where on the intenet the details can be sourced, as I have already committed them to text. IThe political persecution has continued. I have been and am disabled since 1967. I have already committed the chronology to a narrative, which is published here on line and in a number of libraries as print journals. It has been a hard 40 years for me. During that time I have suffered so much loss, but have always been determined to discover what had happened and 'get better', which I realise now is not completely possible, [I have suffered permanent brain damage, for which I must now make adjustments and compensation.] but I am now better than I have been over that 40 years. I had tried to put the cheating of me that I have experienced over that 40 years behind me, but, the Government parasites would not permit me to get on with my life, but rather saw me as their opportunity to big note themselves. Hence, I determined that I should confront it head on. I had been cheated by the law one too many times so I decided to obtain a Law degree, or at least a legal education. When I started, there was no post graduate JD so I had to start a full Law Degree, which I now have along with three other undergraduate degrees and am now doing my PhD.. The government parasites attempted to stop me, and prevent me with lies and cheating, but I persisted.

I have suffered 'Political Persecution' at the hands of the Australian Government, as I detail below. On the World Stage Kevin Rudd ponces about [he has been nicknamed 'Kevin 747" in Australia within a year of becoming PM] as though he is God's gift to the world. I am sure there are many countries in the World Community who would not be displeased to see Kevin Rudd receive his just deserts. I am sure there are a couple of countries who would relish it, and so would gain great international publicity were they to give me 'Political Asylum'. My life is in danger. I have already survived one serious attempt on my life. A number who have perpetrated these crimes against me should be going to jail. As well, there are many millons of dollars in compensation at stake. The publicity for some smaller countries in the world standing up for 'Human Rights' by giving me Political Asylum, could be worth hundreds of Millions or Billions of dollars to them. The logistical process for my seeking and obtaining 'Political Asylum' would not be difficult. I am also entitled, without more, to obtain a UK passport and a EuroPass.

Kevin Rudd and his minions and many governments of countries around the world will see this. Kevin Rudd could short circuit this by implementing processes to rectify all the wrongs perpetrated against me. There could be a race on between Rudd and the Governments of smaller countries in our world who truly value 'Human Rights', to see who secures my agreement first.

Some commentators in the media are suggesting that Kevin Rudd will be seeking a position in the UN at some time in the near future. That will be a lesser likelihood outcome, if he does not remedy the political persecution I am suffering at the hands of the Australian Government. I know a little about law. I have an LLB.

If he fails to fully reverse the Political Persecution and theft of all of my possessions and Income, you will be riducled off the world stage.

Kevin Rudd is behaving as though his being Prime Minister of Australia is merely a stepping stone to becoming a 'World Leader' like Secretary General to the United Nations. He rose to be PM due to the high level of corruption in the labor elements of Government, in all branches of government, across Australia. He has benefited by the integrated correlated corruption in many branches of government at many levels of government, in simple graft and corruption. His labor parasite cohorts in the various State and local governments, have permitted his ultimate rise to Prime Minister of Australia.

Various labor governments have installed corrupt labor stooges in the various judiciaries. Examples are Jeff Spender, CORRUPT PARASITE Supreme Court of Queensland judge Henry George Fryberg, who uses his position to PROTECT ARMED ROBBERS and Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Queensland Magistrate since 10 October, 1994 to name just a few. Of course, the police like Henri Elias Rantala, and Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] are corrupt, when they see the judiciary is labor corrupt, so realize that is the way to go, and they are promoted.

Access to higher levels of the Judiciary is difficult and definitely not freely available. One can understand the reason that many people so robbed by government, even the victims of ARMED ROBBERY may turn to crime in frustration. That is not smart.

As Senator Graeme Campbell of Western Australia once said to me, "The answer is POLITICAL." I now add, "International Politics". The Internet is perfect for International Communications.

I feel I have lost so much. I have no family, only my two canines. Despite my rights as a disabled person, the Australian government parasites, try to make my life as difficult as they can. I have been robbed of most assets I had, and could have accumulated, despite my thrifty living.

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