DAVID BELL of Brisbane City Council cont'd the FRAUD

All the EVIDENCE is HERE. All the evidence we disclose here shows that this was not an isolated incident. It has been a concerted campaign by scores of Australian Government officials, acting consistently and fraudulently on repeated occasions. This has been A SERIES of CRIMINAL ACTIONS by the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT. This is the REAL AUSTRALIA, that Kevin Rudd and Australia few media barons are happy to conceal.

DAVID BELL of Brisbane City Council cont'd the FRAUD

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Building the case against David Bell:

THIS WHOLE MATTER WAS NOT JUST A STUFF UP, IT WAS A DELIBERATE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, involving all the criminal deceit necessary in such an entreprise. This all happened going back over eight years, when 'CLIMATE CHANGE' was not the big topic that it is today. The factors the Australian Government criminals used to harm me and allegedly 'discredit me' were my 'environmentally responsible' actions I was taking, like for instance separating out and recycling organic material such as cardboard cartons as MULCH in my yard. IMPORTANTLY, the Australian Government criminals knew this,as I had advised them of this in 2001 ,


[see the full image from which that was extracted] , but as I was doing nothing wrong, this was all they could level at me. These parasitic public sector Parasites characterized my ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE USE OF MULCH AS a SIN that must be REMEDIED. As well, wasn't it terrible that I allowed my duck to 'roam free over the entire yard' .

[see the full image from which that was extracted]

BTW, Two matters:
  1. These parasitic MORONS from the Brisbane City Council were orchestrating these 'complaints';
  2. that 'law' re '6 ducks' was not a law at all, and I PROVED IT TO THEM. I have the images ready and I will publish the EVIDENCE, WHEN I HAVE THE time/OPPORTUNITY AND IT WILL BE HYPERLINKED TO HERE. What these public sector parasites thought they could do was ''convene a meeting' of their fellow public sector parasites 'employed' by the BCC, and draft a law, and then put it to the Council to pass it. Those morons were up themselves. They thought they were important. They thought that if the general Council meeting passed 'their bylaw' it was law. They were wrong. In law, their by-law was ultra vires. By-laws of Brisbane City Council are 'delegated legislation', delegated from the State Parliament. It is delegated to the Council in General Meeting. There has to be at least one council member involved in the drafting of the By-law. I knew this. I am trained in law with an LLB. Additionally, I obtained the documents from BCC for FREE proving this. These parasitic morons were so far up themselves there was no sunlight to see what they were doing. In fact, they were CRIMINAL, so this was not about to deter them.
Importantly, I was recycling this to save its going to land fill. I did not believe that this action in itself would have a major impact on Global Warming or Climate Change, but what I believed I could do was to 'formulate a process or recipe', proving that the process was ECONOMICALLY as well as ENVIRONMENTALLY VIABLE, so this could be done on a large scale, WHERE IT WOULD HAVE A MAJOR IMPACT.

By these criminal actions of the many TIERS and BRANCHES of the Australian Government, not only did I suffer CRIMINAL ARMED ROBBERY, but the Australian Government has shown itself to be OPPOSED TO ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS.

The reader will see that the email from Garth Donnelly Image discloses the guilt of David Bell. Firstly, Bells's name is in the list of people to whom Garth Donnelly sent his email as here below.


As well, Donnelly uses the word, "remember ...". Clearly Donnelly had discussed me, my situation and the building of the fence for me, with David Bell previously, so he was well aware of Donnelly's fraud of me, and felt that he could also have a 'free go'.

Then David Bell thought he could act like a real 'smart' buggar, and write a facetious email that he had sent out a vehicle and BCC staff, when in fact he had not. He must have shown his co-conspirators how he had been so smart and given them a 'laugh'. Of course, no vehicle appeared and nothing was done.
That act alone is definitely a disciplinary offence at the least. and probably much more, when considered in the whole circumstance of the criminal episode..

David Bell's email above was in response to Garth Donnelly's view expressed in
as a result of my email
which referenced my earlier email thus:

Further, Donnelly uses the word, "remember ...". Clearly Donnelly had discussed me, my situation and the building of the fence for me, to them previously, so they had a degree of familiarity with Donnelly's fraud of me, and felt they could also have a 'free go'.

In fact, these criminals have been able to be free of any repercussions for more than eight years. However, these were CRIMES, and there is NO LIMITATION OF ACTIONS, in terms of duration of time, when it comes to CRIMES. In fact, THEIR CORRUPTION IS THAT MUCH WORSE because IT HAS CONTINUED FOR OVER EIGHT YEARS, SO FAR. The corruption is not just of these parasites named, GARTH DONNELLY [GARTH STEVEN DONNELLY], DAVID BELL, GAYLENE VIVIAN, but includes two Lord Mayors of Brisbane JIM SOORLEY and CAMPBELL NEWMAN, as well as many tiers and branches of the Australian Government. Because the Government of Kevin Rudd has been happy to benefit from this CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, it means that the RUDD GOVERNMENT IS BASICALLY CRIMINAL, and all countries would be well advised to be suspicious of Australia's government and KEVIN RUDD.

Later, David Bell did actually oversee the placement of the concrete strip out from the fence, so that it would retain the extra soil placed on the footpath, but he ensured to NOT fix the fence so as to 'keep in good' with the corrupt parasite Garth Donnelly.

Then, David Bell, admitted that they had just ignored my complaints. Those complaints were not just from a RATEPAYER, but from a party [myself] with whom the Brisbane City Council had contracted.

He tried to blame it on the Lord Mayor [LMO = Lord Mayor's Office].
CLICK HERE to see the full image from which the above script was extracted.

Of course, 'twas not the LMO who advised but rather Garth Donnelly. David Bell will have to explain the reason that he would act on the advice of Garth Donnelly. [David Bell should realise that this matter has a LONG WAY TO GO.]

David Bell had a copy of the email sent by Garth Donnelly viz:

He would have reason to be quite unhappy with Garth Donnelly. David Bell did not need much convincing to act illegally, possibly CRIMINALLY, in the way suggested by Garth Donnelly. He ensured that Garth Donnelly's email to him, David Bell, , DON FIELD, GAYLENE VIVIAN AND ROSS PAPPALARDO was not made available to me by FOI, but Garth Donnelly was so incompetent, a copy was discovered on his area of the computer hard Drive, and released to me showing that David Bell, , DON FIELD, GAYLENE VIVIAN and ROSS PAPPALARDO, are all CRIMINALS.

Importantly, DAVID BELL has ADMITTED that they were treating me with CONTEMPT. From the tone of his email to the FOI officer, he seemed quite relaxed but the action of destroying my communications with the BCC, IS ILLEGAL. That is at least a disciplinary offence. He is clearly an IDIOT, but corrupt into the bargain. He has put his ADMISSION OF ILLEGAL CONDUCT into WRITING.

CLICK HERE to see the full image from which the above script was extracted.

When David Bell's spurious 'vehicle' did not appear in the period of the next week and the broken glass was still there, I wrote another email viz:

As shown in the following email, TWO and A HALF YEARS LATER, David Bell had continued to ignore my emails and in fact destroy them.

David Bell has placed much in writing. This will provide a great basis for his questioning in the inevitable inquiry that will need to be held into these ILLEGAL & CRIMINAL matters. There are so many people implicated, there will be so many inconsistencies in their testimonies, that there will be the material for more PERJURY CONVICTIONS. A few of the minor criminals may receive IMMUNITY if they squeal SOON & LOUDLY, but there will be more sorry parasites who delayed.

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Wayne John Tolton FOR Brisbane City Council continued the FRAUD
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Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Magistrate continued the FRAUD
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WPC Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] continued the FRAUD
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