Denise Col Gina Maree & Sylvia:. Coral needs your HELP NOW

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Denise Col Gina Maree & Sylvia:. Coral needs your HELP NOW

Postby russellm » Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:25 am

Denise, Col, Gina, Maree and Sylvia,
You all knew my sister Coral when she was at Kelvin Grove Teachers College in 1965 and 1966. I think we could say you knew the real Coral. This was prior to her meeting the bragging criminal Hugh Mcvean whom she met in about July, 1967. Coral needs your help now like never before. Her life could depend upon it. I think you would be the only people Coral could really trust and in whom she could confide. Coral has been a real victim of the psychopath Hugh McVean. I believe you may be the only people who can limit the suffering or outcome she may otherwise experience.

There will be a number of people around Nambour and elsewhere, who will have their suspicions about our psychopath criminal Hugh McVean. Apparently his 'barbecue stopper' in the 90's, when I was a mature aged student at The University of Queensland, was that he, Hugh McVean, was paying taxes so that I could attend Uni. After I returned to uni to study for my first degree, in 1975, after some of my major health problems had been partially moderated, Hughie decided he had to try it himself, because he could not accept that I was progressing but he was not. Afterall, he gained his first degree a BPharm as a "Poor Hughie" gesture, because, when he was 17 years old, both his parents were killed in a car accident. His sister Alison, still living, was driving.

So, in 1976 he tried the exact same subjects [commerce] [well some of them so he did not have too much work to do], and then he could big-note himself to the lecturers as my Brother-in-law. Well, he could not hack it. My father noted how bodgie Hughie had to try to imitate so much of what I had done.

Hugh was an indiscreet drunk. Poor Coral, did not have a lot of options. I know, because I'm her brother. She had a crush on Paul Newman and she thought Hugh the crim looked like Paul Newman, and she vowed and declared the night she met him that she was going to marry him. That is precisely what she told me late that Friday night, or maybe early that Saturday morning just after Midnight, when Coral had met him only hours earlier. In true parasite fashion, this Hugh the crim, played on that infatuation. He was bragging about it all over town.

Coral, his wife and my sister could put that pathetic psychopath Hughie and his brother John Alexander Francis McVean of Bilambil Heights, just in from the Tweed River area of the Gold Coast, away in prison for major crime. She could be a bit reluctant because they made her a co-conspirator to the major fraud. Coral could top him off for so many instances of his crimes. Psychopath Hughie has even lied to Coral to make her a party to their joint crimes. Coral has fallen a long way since she was a Sunday School teacher in Townsville. That is where she gained her first practice of teaching. That, her 12 years of Speech and Drama and eight years of full time teaching mainly grade one, enabled Coral to hone her verbal delivery to an exalted level. [That delivery does overwhelm the content to a large extent; but then most of the world is K.I.S.S.]

Hugh is a psychopath. Psychopaths have no loyalty except to themselves. Hughie knows the end is closing in on him. In keeping with the behaviour of psychopaths, he will deny that to himself and continue to con Coral. When the end starts, it will be like a shark attack, feeding frenzy. Hugh McVean has encouraged others to commit wrongs and crimes; multiple crimes, on many occasions. When it closes in on some of those others, there will be one person who will then decide to be the first to decide to dump Hugh in it, and gain the immunity benefit of that. Then there will be avalanche of people implicating our Hughie. Coral and Hugh will not be able to keep track of the cascades of irrefutable evidence of Hughie's [and Coral's] crimes.

If it is beneficial to Hughie to implicate Coral at that time, he will. Coral will have missed her opportunity to be 'crown witness' and immunity, and she will be going to prison as well as Hughie. At least Coral will be able to lead a prison Toastmasters 'club'. I hear Coral has been having a bit of practice at Prison toastmasters.

Coral's life is in real danger. Hugh is criminal, a psychopath and knows all there is to know about poisons. I wonder how many people would be happy to co-habitate with, and eat in the presence of, a psychopath who had an intimate knowledge of poisons, and who knows you could have him imprisoned for a long time. The tables are turning against our crim Hughie. Coral needs the chance to discuss in private with her close friends: Denise, Col, Maree and Sylvia, could help Coral to make the correct decision before it is too late. I am sure that you, Denise, Col, Maree and Sylvia are 'friends' with Hugh, only because he is married to your true friend Coral. Coral needs your help before it is too late. I suggest it could be real panic stations if Coral tells you she and Hugh are going away for a holiday overseas, and the continent is Asia, South America or some other out of the way place; [or an ocean cruise; where people are 'buried at sea'; evidence gone!!.] Were it a third world country and Coral were to die suddenly or in an accident, he would have her body cremated in an instant. Of course, Hugh would be 'inconsolable', when he returned to Australia. Coral knows much of what he is capable, but I believe she cannot see her way out of it. Hugh has created many 'victims', in his time. Coral is probably his biggest victim, but I believe she cannot see her way out.

Hughie will be ear bashing Coral that they have to stick together. I know that Coral knows of some of his crimes. I doubt that she knows them all. I know Hugh lies to Coral. Coral KNOWS that Hugh cannot be trusted. I doubt that Coral can now see her way out of this quagmire.

Together they may have substantial assets, at present. The fraud that Hughie has caused Coral to perpetrate jointly with him, over the years, including against the Tax Office amounts to much in excess of those assets. After Hughie is released from prison, he will have nil assets. If Coral keeps listening to Hughie, she will be in the same boat. If she discusses confidentially with her very close friends like Denise and Col, she may be able to salvage some for her retirement, and stay alive a bit longer.

I will explain my motivation. You see, with Hughie being 'family' I had trusted him and he has put it over me financially in a big way and used his lawyers to set me up and seal it. I know of some of his crimes and I will link to them below. I am now recovering from a 40year long illness. This is unexpectedly I guess. However, although I will be left with residual disability, I should still be better than I have been in 40 years, even the time when I obtained my four Uni degrees. Hughie used my illness to set me up to prove he was 'better' than I.

I intend to ensure that Hughie the psychopathic crim is imprisoned for a long time. Ensuring Hughie's just desserts is now my 'tunnel vision', [together with making a living and replacing the assets stolen from me by McVean, using my burgeoning Internet presence - ironically on the back of crim Hughie -], so I will NOT run out of puff or be distracted. [As well, I can do this from anywhere in the world, where a webhost cannot be threatened and where I cannot be found.]. To date Hughie has been protected by legal and judicial corruption and the widespread corruption across our society. There is a veritable army of crooks who can potentially make Hughie the scapegoat for so much. Coral has got herself caught up in this quagmire. The longer Coral leaves it, the more culpable she will seem, and BE. When the avalanche begins, Coral will just be another criminal involved.

I will post this much now and include the URLs/hyperlinks soon. Posting it now will let Googlebot devour it as soon as possible.

This is a directory of most of my mentions of the evil McVeans. I had forgotten I had done this. I had done this for just this reason. This is one of the beauties of computers and the internet.

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