OPENLETTER 20081228 to Coral McVean of Nambour ex Townsville

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OPENLETTER 20081228 to Coral McVean of Nambour ex Townsville

Postby russellm » Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:42 am

OPEN LETTER 20081228 to Coral McVean nee Mathews of Nambour ex Townsville

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CHECK OUT the INSURANCE FRAUD by Coral and Hugh McVean and Hugh's brother John Alexander Francis McVean
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G'day Coral,
This is better than writing an email. If I take the time to write anything, I want as big a readership as possible. The search engine bots just devour everything I write, provided I publish it on my websites. Hence, I publish my letters to you as OPEN LETTERS. With my publishing this one on one of my Bulletin Boards [do you like the way I have re-organised it to incorporate my Townsville locale Forums - I'm sure you will like them], you will be able to see how many people are viewing it. You will probably find people who know you will also be looking regularily to continue the count.

Anyway, I have written two previous OPEN LETTERS to you. I refer you to one previous OPEN LETTER I sent to you. That would have been in early 2007, I am now guessing. [On the Bulletin Board, this one will be dated and timed - to Greenwich Mean Time.] I published an OPEN LETTER to you in my print journal titled OPEN LETTER to: on 16th July, 2007. On the same date, I published another OPEN LETTER to: journal to the 'People of Nambour'. [A few more people may read it now from this hyper-link.] I love this internet.

The corrupt police in Queensland tried to close down my websites, and as you can tell, they failed. My websites are exposing the mammoth amounts of corruption that have been occurring in Queensland for decades. One parasite pig, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group, also described as Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, from the Queensland Police Service Computer Crimes Investigation Unit, threatened and tried to intimidate my interstate web-host when this parasite Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, from the Queensland Police Service Computer Crimes Investigation Unit, had no jurisdiction. Still he tried. He was trying to protect this criminal struck off solicitor, Terence Joseph Mellifont, a one time member of the Association of labor Lawyers. Mellifont is a criminal and is favoured by and protected by Queensland labor governments and even has his wife, Julie Maree Dick, has been promoted to be a judge of the District court. I discovered documentary evidence strongly suggesting that she is involved in ELECTORAL FRAUD . It turned out that that ELECTORAL FRAUD expose was the file in which parasite pig, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group had greatest interest. So, the Queensland Police are trying to stymie exposure of labor criminals in Queensland. Anyway, my websites are no longer in Australia. I can be anywhere in the world to do what I am doing now. Of course Kevin Rudd was closely involved in all this corruption when he was Goss's Chief of Staff. Hence, the FRAUD & CORRUPTION of Australian labor and Kevin Rudd, gives me more content.

I just love this internet. No commuting. I don't have to worry about my appearance, AND, I am building an asset.

I can write this OPEN LETTER to you, and it is as easy as writing an email. It is worth far more to me than an email. You will be able to see how many people read it. Watch the number of 'VIEWS' increase. It is adding CONTENT to my websites. You will find a few people mention it to you.

Do you like my forums? They cost me nothing. All the software is free. They take a bit to learn, but then I CAN. Just as well I have a good brain.

Just click on the image below. I am sure you recognize it. When you click on it you will be taken to a new part of my Bulletin Board. You may notice I have reorganised it.


Anyway, you have some important decisions to make. You have known the real character of Hugh McVean for many years. You admitted, when you married him, [because he looked like Paul Newman, and you had a crush on Paul Newman, now that is really 'deep'], that you knew he was a drunk, but you have said that you thought you could change him. I guess that you have thought that you could keep a lid on his real character. Well, the big mistake he made was taking me on. He might have got away with it, had I not had my underlying illness of some 43 years finally diagnosed and importantly managed. I will not go into that here as I have it all up on the my websites, but believe me, I'M BACK, and I intend that your Hughie has all that is due to him, come to him. I will not do anything in secret, or clandistine manner. You have seen how I operate. The internet is synonymous with INFORMATION, aka PUBLICITY, the antithesis of clandestine.


I will see him in prison. You will have to decide whether you will allow him to pull you down. Hughie and his brother John McVean have involved you in serious crime. Don't you consider Insurance Fraud is serious crime? When Mum expressed concern about Hughie breaking the glass in the sliding door so you could claim the water saturated carpet on your insurance, you said, "Well John said to do it.", as though that somehow made it better. In fact, raised the level of the crime and the tarrif you could receive from a court. As you, Hugh and John were defrauding John McVean's employer, South British Insurance, the crime of 'stealing' was raised to 'stealing form one's employer'. It is far more serious as an employee is in a position of trust and can therefore steal from their employer more easily, with less likelihood of being caught.. Hugh has had you putting forged documents into court, too..

The Stanford Prison experiment showed that if you put a person in a situation and they could become evil, they do. Hughie has done that to you and you have beome evil. Hughie and John have caused you to be involved in crime. You would have realised that it was criminal for Hugh to break the glass and then claim it on insurance.

[You have committed a number of crimes. Insurance fraud, Stealing money, Mum's EPOA; What you said. I will do that in a stat dec. Then, if you are sure of yourself, you can charge me with the criminal offence of PERJURY, but then you will have to sign an affidavit that what I am saying you said, if false. Then, I know you will be perjuring yourself. If you don't, people will believe, in fact, under they law they must believe that you did and said as I say.]

Now I will remind you of how you recently stole $60,000 of my money. I will remind you of the call I made to Mum on 26 October, 2007. Mum was blind and had been for some time. You were holding youself out as Mum's Enduring Power of Attorney [EPOA]. You had already stolen $60,000 of my money, by using the EPOA from Mum and taking money of mine to which Mum had access. Mum had agreed on a number of occasions to return that money to me but it never happened. On this occasion, I had you come on the line too and to hear what Mum wanted. You then hung up before we were fininshed with a chirpy "Goodbye". This was a friday evening. I asked Mum when you would do it. Mum said 'Monday, I suppose'. I said to ask you. You replied, 'I'm not going to do it'. You stated you wanted that money for yourself. Well, your refusal was a breach of your fiduciary duty. That shows you are unfit to be a trustee or to fil the role of a trustee, any where any time and for anyone. Keeping the money for yourself is a CRIME. You can be assured that I will pursue you over this. I will use my unique and effective method to do that. Your criminal and hypocritical conduct is clearly the influence upon you of the McVean family of criminals; John Alexander Francis McVean and Hugh Douglas McVean.

Immediately that call ended, I made notes of what you said. They were 'contemporaneous notes, so mine are not a fuzzy memory.

As you well know, many people read my websites. You know I have effectiveness with the search engines, too. I have real value with my websites. I can now, within two days of my beginning, have any website anywhere in the world, gain top Google Yahoo et al rankings. That is worth big money to business. The traffic to my sites is increasing by far more than 20% per month, consistently. That is better than 10-fold per annum. That is a rough idea of how the value of my websites is increasing. So, what do you reckon they are toether worth today? It will be worth more than 10-fold that in just one year. That is like 'income' with out the income tax. I will make more than 10 times that in the following year.

Now I intend to really put you on the spot. I will be completing Stat Decs detailing your crimes. I will publish a scan of them on my websites, so everyone can see them. I will also find and publish the name of a public figure who is prepared to hold those stat decs. Just as you stated to the Daily reoporter, that all I write is false, people will wonder the reason that you will not conplete a stat dec of Affidavit stating that what I have said is false so you can have me charged with perjury. We both know that if you did then you would be perjuring yourself. What you have to wonder is whether I will be able to prove it. If you do not proceed with a Stat Dec or Affidavit, but just try to shrug it off, you will not be able to counter the allegation that what I have put in my stat dec is THE TRUTH, and that you are lying yet again.

Clearly, Hugh and John McVean's parents were crooks. It cannot be mere conincidence that they are both criminals. Kids learn so much from their parents. It is only fair to the community to warn them about the potential of the offspring of criminals to also be criminals. That is not stating that the kids are criminals but just the likelihood that they could become criminals, and ALERTING THE COMMUNITY TO THEIR IDENTITY AND LOCATION.

You and Hugh have three kids don't you? Just as well I am community minded. That will be more work for me writing [the major time consuming part] and publishing these community service announcements.

You knew the character of this parasite Hugh McVean long ago before you had children. I thought women chose husbands on the basis of a person they wanted to be the father of their children. Having a crim for a father cannot have been good for your children. I guess that is the reason that your son Robert, cut up and destroyed my guitar and then lied to me about it. That sounds typical Hugh McVean. Of course, your other two kids witnessed Rob's lies and knew the reality of how Rob destroyed my guitar, and that you and Hugh did too, but all of you said nothing. YOU'RE IN A REAL MESS AND IT IS ALL DUE TO HUGH McVEAN. It will only become more dire with time. If you stick with him, you will go down when he does. I think there is a good likelihood that he will be going to jail. Maybe you will be too. That will make your kids proud, not.

You know that kids can be very perceptive, especially when they are wth you full time. They see the way Hughie acts when the 'public' are not around. Don''t you think they realise you are both hypocrits when you make big a pretence to attend church? People need to be put on notice of this. Names address and photos would be the least I should do, to warn the community.

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Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA
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