Audio to Coral McVean nee Mathews; Nambour ex Townsville

It is more effective, if you have a concern and wish to write to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, to write it here as an OPEN LETTER and then sending an ALERT EMAIL to the Mayor Bob Abbot, directing him to it. His email address is [ATTENTION BOB] Mayor Bob Abbot, Mayoral Office, Noosa Council Chambers /. All you have to do once your OPEN LETTER is published, IN THIS FORUM, is to go to the top of your browser when your OPEN LETTER is displayed, click on the URL to highlight it, press control-C, or Copy right click on your mouse or click on Copy on the drop down menu under Edit at the top of your browser. PASTE that into your ALERT email to the hghlighted address above and SEND it, and you're done. You do not have to code the links in any way. The software does all that for you. THE BENEFIT TO YOU OF AN OPEN LETTER, is that other people may have the same concern as you. They may be motivated, by your OPEN LETTER, into sending an OPEN LETTER also. It will be easier for them as they need only state that they have the same concern as you, with a link to your page, [the same link that you sent in your ALERT EMAIL], and then they too send a short ALERT EMAIL, just as you did. This will strengthen you case. That in turn may motivate still other people to do likewise with references to each of the previous OPEN LETTERS.

If you are concerned about giving your details in the open letter, You may identify your self in some other way, a pseudonum or 'Resident of <your address>', but identify your self in your ALERT EMAIL. When you recceive your response, you can publish it on the FORUM, with a link to your OPEN LETTER. The procedure to follow is detailed at ... #Procedure /.

Audio to Coral McVean nee Mathews; Nambour ex Townsville

Postby russellm » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:55 am

Click here to hear my MP3 audio message to Coral McVean nee Mathews, wife of that nefarious untrustworthy Hugh McVean, the 'Phunny Pharmacist' Hugh McVean who publicly humiliated a suppository Patient with the confidential information Hughie gained as the pharmacist.

I recorded as well as wrote:
G'day Coral,
I thought you may be ?happy? to know that I have now added a new dimension to my websites and Bulletin Boards. This is now audio in MP3 format. I will also be able to publish some recorded admission by YOU. Proof of your abusing the trust our mother put in you. BTW, this is all now over seas.

I just listened to a test playback from my website, Test MP3 Recording, and it sounded so clear. All the software is FREE. I will combine this new dimension with my forums. The link to this audio was from a forum post. You will have been noticing how, just lately, some of the recorded number of views on some my postings have been rapidly escalating.

If you read some of the other announcements, you will understand some of the other dimensions we will be adopting.

CLICK on image => My Election HOMEPAGE

Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA
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