I am prepared to stand on my record, despite the efforts of others including Hughie [not the duck] and the Brisbane City Council [BCC] and Garth Donnelly [coincidentally of BCC] to thwart those efforts.   Here is a record of my water usage [provided by BCC, so maybe not completely accurate] provided by FOI. [Yes, this is a BCC document.]

My average consumption has been about 60 litres per day.  That is for me, my ducks, my dogs, my compost worms and my yard. [I have NO LAWN.  LAWN IS THE MAJOR WASTE OF WATER.]  [In early days there was a water leak which was repaired when discovered.]  I have not had the advantage of rainwater storage to achieve these figures, [although I would have desired that greatly], due the deliberate actions of Hughie [although I did not realise his criminal intent - to repudiate his FIDUCIARY DUTY (how do you spell it, was his initial response when I mentioned it to him, as he wrote it down no doubt to ask his corrupt solicitor) to me and steal my house and home form me].

In early 2004, I went on the public record re the parlous state of URBAN WATER USAGE in Australia.  Since mid 2000, I had been in dispute with BCC over the sabotage of my fence by DONNELLY and hence BCC.  That seemed to the BCC like I was angling for the HIGH MORAL GROUND,  so decided to act to attempt to stymie me.   Hughie was secretly stirring up the BCC in the background. Hughie was trying to have me wrecked and destroyed so he could pocket the money from the sale of my home to the Anglican Church for St Johns College of The University of Queensland, who owns next door and wished to expand  with a new building on the two blocks. The Rev.Cannon Morgan