Photos of me [with the benefit of the MRI]

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With the benefit of the MRI, it is readily seen that the two group photos do show the "asymmetry" of my cranium.  To realise the actual affect, it is worth comparing my representation in the two photos and then compare my representation with Hughie's first on one side and then on the other side of the photos.  Then you should be able to see how, to some extent my "face" is slightly around to the right hand side of the front of my head; [an unusual predicament I believe].  I believe it is probably noticed only unconsciously and then as "asymmetry", which is "realised" as "ugliness" which causes people to feel inexplicably "uncomfortable", and I was the "cause".  I do not think it can be said to have been deliberate on my part.  However, that is how it goes.

The first two photos of the three below also show that I have a chin that is "lopsided" and sloping downwards from my left to my right.   I first became aware of this after my head injury in November, 1967 and thought initiallly [and for a while] that it had been caused by my accident, until I saw the photo on the left which was take  three months before my head injury.  So, of course, I had always had it.  That was the reason that I "grew a beard", as in the two group photos above.   

In each of the three photos, it can be seen that although I am "looking ahead", substantially more of the left side of my head, rather then the right side, is visible.