Public LEGAL Notice of
Equitable Interest
House and Land at 
254 Hawken Drive,
St Lucia, Q 4067.

The house and land is at the corner of Hawken Drive and Boomerang Road West.
These are photos of the subject property.

ATTENTION to all prospective purchasers of property at St Lucia Briabane and DEMOLITON CONTRACTORS.

I hereby advise that I, Russell Gordon Haig Mathews, previously of 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, Q 4067 [the subject property] possess an equitable interest in this property, house and land, at 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia.  I have possessed this interest of beneficial owner of the total property, since 25 February, 1994.  

Hugh Douglas McVean, my criminal brother in law, and Coral Louise McVean, made a criminal by Hugh Douglas McVean, have been the trustee of this property during this time.  Hugh Douglas McVean, and my sister Coral Louise McVean, have forged a purported Tenancy Agreement,purportedly with me, and entered that into court with the aim of stealing this property from me.   They have obtained, by FRAUD, an Eviction Order aka Warrant of Possession, executed against me by Queensland Police.

Any person who "purchases" this property is able to purchase only the legal title of this property, but the equitable interest of beneficial ownership of the total property, will remain with me. 

AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THIS PUBLIC NOTICE, any person who purchases this property, does not purchse the beneficial interest, which remains with me. This notice prevents any such person from being a purchaser for value without notice of  the equitable interest.

Demoliton Contractors should be wary of dealing with Hugh McVean.  He is a cheating fraudster.  He has already contacted  his corrupt "mate" [Garth Steven Donnelly], in the Brisbane City Council [BCC], to try to wrangle the BCC placing a demolition order upon the building, in an effort by Hugh McVean to defeat legal action.   He subsequently obtained by clandestine means, a Demolition Permit to demolish this property.

Any demoliton contractor who even touches this building will be destroying property which I beneficially own, and will have to then deal with me, and will be liable for "equitable damages", payable to me.