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Shaun has serious concerns about many aspects of the legal system and courts in Britain, including secret courts and the courts' ready acceptance of illegal conduct.   Shaun has been greatly offended by the illegal actions, in court, of Lord Justice Wall.   Lord Justice Wall has been put on notice, by Shaun,  that this cannot continue.

I agree with Shaun that we cannot use a "non-functioning" [ie corrupt] legal system to remedy that legal system.   The legal, court and judicial system is broken not only in the UK.  That is also the case in Australia, where a
judge sits on the High Court, yet has been found by another judge in the Federal Court to, [when a barrister], have breached Professional Standards and Abused the Process of the Court, in that he advised his client to initiate a court proceeding in the Federal Court, defaming a highly respected building contractor of FRAUD, just to "buy him time" and improve his "bargaining position" so as to pay less than the contracted amount.

I also agree with the concept of OPEN LETTERS, PUBLISHED ON THE WEB.   Have a look at Shaun's linked sites listed below including his open letter to Wall LJ.  Shaun has really taken it up to LJ Wall.  [the wall is listing; so maybe soon the 'wall will fall'.]   Wall has chosen to record certain untrue matters as FACTS.  Shaun has stated the TRUE
situation in affidavit and CHALLENGED Wall to have Shaun prosecuted for PERJURY.   I think it may be appropriate for me to write an OPEN LETTER to Wall to tell him that I (from the other side of the world - Australia) and much of the rest of world is watching.

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