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Healthy female "dog" to breed with Parson Russell Terrier, to produce ASSISTANCE DOGS.   Rochedale South QLD 4123
I wish to breed from my Parson Russell Terrier. He is a trained assistance dog. He has a wonderful nature. The breed of his mate could be varied or a cross; eg Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Bull mastiff, Staffy, and/or Fox Terrier plus many others. She does not need to be "pedigreed". I am very protective of my dogs. She will become very valuable to me and become one of my assistance "dogs". If we can assist each other, please contact me on my contact form, including your email address and your landline phone number so I can phone you to discuss. 

Because I am disabled and have an LLB [so therefore understand the Law surrounding disabilities and assistance dogs] I am now branching out to providing Assistance dogs to disabled persons [even if disabled in only a minor way and so not even realizing it]. This is not a business proposition but rather just a very necessary service I can offer to the community.
Many people have a disability and do not realize their ailment or "problem" is by law, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA], classified as a "disability". This is especially so for people getting on in years, and who have a dog, and are maybe moving to accommodation where they are told they cannot take their dog. In a majority of cases, those people cannot be legally forced to surrender their animal/dog.
I will be assisting those person who already have dogs, but are being forced, unlawfully, to dispose of them because maybe they are moving accommodation. I can train your existing dogs to be assistance dogs and provide the documentation as required by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA]. I do not intend to charge for this, but just maybe cover some marginal costs.

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 Warning To Named Corrupt Magistrates Who Back Corrupt Police:

My logo, my TRADEMARK, is the MRI of my skull, showing gross assymetry,aka DEFORMITY = ugliness and target of bullies. The HAIG REPORT: the EVIDENCE My logo, my TRADEMARK, is the MRI of my skull, showing gross assymetry,aka DEFORMITY = ugliness and target of bullies.

   It is Our legal, social and moral DUTY to EXPOSE CRIME, FRAUD & CORRUPTION plus Lying and Hypocrisy in Public Life, Including Judges & magistrates 

Fraud, Corruption & attempted  MURDER 
covered-up by Queensland police, EXPOSED 


We Can't Trust catholics, So WHY Vote for catholics?


Reg. Office: 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, Qld. 4067, Australia.  
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MENU: Rantala-Gate: Corrupt Police & Magistrates Mafia.


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See: HaigReport's Menu of Menus of Sites of Related Fraud & Corruption Topics:

 Content: Warning To Named Corrupt Magistrates Who Back Corrupt Police

../Corrupt Police& Magistrates Menu.php An example of a CASCADING Drop Down Menu.

MENU: Rantala-Gate: Corrupt Police & Magistrates Mafia.


See: the Menu: for We Can't Trust catholics, So WHY Vote for catholics?

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Warning To Named Corrupt Magistrates Who Back Corrupt Police:

Content: WarningToNamedCorruptMagistratesWhoBackCorruptPolice This is a simple proposition.   This is a "Warning To Named Corrupt Magistrates Who Back Corrupt Police", by maintaining a void or invalid proceeding brought by police so police can retain my assets and possessions that they have seized, and importantly for the corrupt magistrate and police, to DENY me my use of my own assets, and to keep causing me to waste my time, and to restrain me from doing that which I am legally entitled to do; Communicate politically by various means the corruption in the Qld courts, police, public sector, government and politics generally.  Don't forget, the Qld police are ACCESSORIES to the ATTEMPTED MURDER of myself on 14th January, 1996; see https://HaigReport.com/ass/

Police continue to act corruptly towards me because corrupt magistrates back them, and the parasite pigs think the corrupt magistrates will continue to back them.  I name corrupt magistrates currently issuing void directions.

It seems judges of the Supreme Court of Qld [SCQ] are a bit smarter than magistrates.   Supreme Court Judges [SCJ], just like District Court judges and magistrates, have been appointed by corrupt government officials who expect them to act corruptly when the "need" arises, presumably because the corrupt government have reason to believe that they will act corruptly.  [Often it is because the corrupt government have placed them in "sensitive" positions previously, where they were expected to act corruptly, [as that is the way to gain promotion in the corrupt Qld judiciary], and have so acted so the government now has the evidence of their corruption, just to keep them in line.

Numerous SCJ have acted corruptly towards me, and I have named them publicly, [see https://HaigReport.com/ten/ ].  All other judges are in a quandary.   They know they are expected to act judicially, which would mean a decision in my favour, but then they know that they would be ostracized, and or exposed.  As well, none wish to be publicly added to the names and "associates" of the six other SCJ, I have named with PROOF, that they are corrupt.

The last 11 charges leveled at me by police have been decided in my favour.  I represent myself.   [I have no doubt that if I had had a lawyer the results would have been otherwise.]   ALL CHARGES have all been beyond the power of the police to bring them.  I should not have been forced to waste my time appearing.  The magistrates and judges should have dismissed all because all directions orders and adjournments were all nullities before they even came before the magistrates or judges.   That the  magistrates and judges did not dismiss them at their first opportunity or any subsequent epoch, indicates that each judge and magistrate was CORRUPT.  Of course, they all have judicial immunity, as do the magistrates who continue to prolong nullities.  The magistrates directions for me to appear are nullities, void as the initial event was void ab initio as beyond the power of the courts to bring.  The judges may issues further void orders for say my arrest for not appearing, but, despite his order, it and all prior orders are nullities and are still nullities.   They know this as the evidence is already before them as EVIDENCE by JUDICIAL NOTICE.

For instance, if the initial action by police is "beyond their power", in law called, using  the latin, ultra vires meaning "beyond power", then that action is void ab initio, latin for void from the beginning, and what lawyers call a "nullity".   Importantly, everything that follows a nullity in law, such as the charge, application for a search warrant, the purported [it is already void ab intio] search warrant, the requirement to appear in court, any bail  conditions, are themselves all NULLITIES and of no effect.   Even if a magistrate says he does not agree that the requirement to appear in court or the bail conditions are nullities, that does not change the REALITY.  A NULLITY IS FOREVER A NULLITY.  Importantly, because the matter has" left the tracks/derailed", there is absolutely no way at all that it can be remedied; "PUT BACK ON THE TRACKS".   If they wish to do anything, they have to start again at the very beginning; of course, if that is possible.

As a matter of law, civil and criminal actions in courts have a series of legal steps. Each step is the result of an order from the previous step.  A police charge is the initial step in a criminal law proceeding.  Even if the charge may be valid in some or many circumstances, it can still be invalid or void.  If it is the result  of an improper or illegal action, it is void.   Suppose it is valid then a series of legal steps, each subsequent to an order in a  sequence of orders, follows. If any act in that sequence is improper, the order following that act or the order itself that is improper or illegal, then that order is invalid aka void and a nullity and every subsequent purported order is a nullity.   If a magistrate continues to act following a nullity then he acts WITHOUT JURISDICTION, even  if he does not admit it or even realize that he is acting without jurisdiction.   Were he to make a purported "order", it would be void, invalid aka a nullity.   Magistrates are deemed to know the law.  Therefore he is deemed to know that he is acting without jurisdiction and that his "orders" are vacuous and nullities. 

Of course, he had, and has judicial immunity.  That means he cannot  be sued.   Since the Qld courts are corrupt, [see:  https://HaigReport.com/ten/ ], it matters not, but that does not prevent my PUBLISHING THAT TRUTH, and since courts are part of government, communication about courts is political communication, and we have, pursuant to the Australian Constitution which establishes Australia as a voting democracy, the Constitutional Right of "FREEDOM of POLITICAL COMMUNICATION".  That is Commonwealth law, and by our Constitution's Sec 109, VIZ;

"109  Inconsistency of laws
        "When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid."

my political communication via signs or audio, cannot be banned by Qld law, ie by Qld police.

Corrupt magistrates and judges are appointed by corrupt officials of a corrupt government.  Comment about such appointments and the appointed and named judges and magistrates, is Political Communication.

I am entitled to publish the facts and publicly available information about the judge or magistrate and any individual s/he may "influence" or who my influence him or her.  That is that the corruption of the judge or magistrate may influence those other named individuals to be corrupt, or the corruption in the judge or magistrate may be a result of the influence of that other linked or related person.   Where publicly available or where photographed by me, photos of those other individuals will form part of the publication.

PeterRoneyQCHandwrittenAdmissionMultipleCriminalFraud TOP is TranscriptRoneyHandwrittenAdmissionFraudPlusImageJobRE


This here BELOW, next photo [after that of Frigid Brigid "Eeney" Meney] of the little criminal prick, is a photo of the little catholic mafia criminal prick named Peter John Roney.  He, together with five others of the catholic mafia organized crime, defrauded the Commonwealth of Australia, and The University of Qld, with "bullshit" as admitted by Peter Roney in his handwritten admission of FRAUD.   Below his handwritten admission of FRAUD,  I name two individuals for whom circumstantial evidence suggest are the doctor who wrote the bogus medical certificate and the individual who was the architect of the massive fraud of the Commonwealth of Australia and the signatory to one of the Stat Decs.

The catholics have a predilection to having a preponderance of lawyers, no doubt to assist them in their criminal cultural pursuit "to take over the world" by any means including criminal. Since Roney was wanting to do law, the catholic mafia and no doubt the "good" catholics in the Order of Malta Mafia were ready to defraud the Commonwealth, with  the goal "to take over the world".  The catholics see the LAW and COURTS, the JUDICIAL system, IS THE WAY TO CONTROL THE WORLD, so they can TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Porky Piggy Frigid Brigid 'Eeney' Meney [Miney Moe catch a Porky/Piggy by the toe] [you can see she is very porky and those photos are not photo-shopped] connects being catholic to "taking over the world.  That is the reasons that catholics have had their own schools for centuries, even before they conned [they ensured that they were the decision making "elected reps"] us taxpayers to pay for their indoctrinating their parasitic mafia kids into wanting to "take over the world".  They try to employ only catholics so all or almost all of that taxpayers' money goes to catholics.

She is one of nine kids.  Her father is Chris Meney, Chancellor of the catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.   [Chris Meney, Chancellor of the catholic Archdiocese of Sydney gave a character reference for George Pell AFTER his conviction.  Don't forget George Pell knew much about the criminal paedophile priests and was involved in their transfer to "virgin territories". so those "kiddie fiddlers" could renew their crimes and refresh their thrills.  Remember the evidence against George Pell.   Consider:  How many catholics are on the High Court?  If catholics on the High Court or anywhere in the judiciary or government are offended by that REALITY, then why have they not exposed the catholic mafia parasitic corruption of catholics schools raising catholics to "take over the world".]

My fight is not really with this dumb little prick PETER RONEY, but with the CATHOLIC MAFIA ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION that defrauded the Commonwealth of Australia to regain for Roney, Commonwealth of Australia Government funding, to which HE WAS NOT ENTITLED.   What is worse, is that because I had this handwritten admission of fraud written by Roney, criminal catholic mafia of judges and public sector parasites set out to destroy me and my life and business, TO PROTECT AT LEAST FOUR CATHOLIC MAFIA CRIMINAL PARASITES, WHOSE NAMES WERE KNOWN TO GOVERNMENT AND THE UNIVERSITY OF QLD.  TWO  were/ARE doctors, one being a "specialist" psychiatrist.   Does the  reader believe that this was an isolated case? 

I am in this for the long haul.  The catholic parasites tried to kill me.  The corrupt police refused to investigate.   They tried to silence me because I had Roney's hand written [as good as a signature] admission of his involvement in ORGANIZED CRIME - ORGANIZED catholic CRIMERoney has written to Google, complaining that I am defaming him [,but he dares not sue me as all the evidence will be produced in court and none of the corrupt catholic parasites want that], and asking that all pages on HaigReport.com that contain that hand written [as good as a signature] admission of his involvement in ORGANIZED CRIME - ORGANIZED catholic CRIME be removed from their search results.   So, I will be  adding  THIS PHP INCLUDED SEGMENT to so many more of  the HaigReport.com pages so RONEY will be kept busy writing to Google.

Content: EvidenceQldCatholicMafiaPeterHenneken Hear now the incontrovertible evidence of the CRIMINAL catholic MAFIA in the Qld government.  This is from an Interview of Peter Henneken 'AM' on the 8th June, 2010.  Clearly, Peter Henneken is himself a catholic mafia. All catholics are catholic mafia.  This is the first 9 minutes of a 91 minute interview of the catholic Senior Qld Public Servant Peter Henneken. He is not particularly intelligent.  Post his completing Senior Public Exam, he spent two and a half years in a catholic seminary. He later studied at QIT [prior to its becoming QUT], presumably because his matriculation was insufficient to gain entry to The University of Qld [UQ].   .   .  Peter Henneken repeatedly speaks of the catholic mafia corruption bias as "tradition".  That indicates that it has been corrupt like that since well before the date he mentions of 31 July, 1969, That catholic mafia giving preference to catholics for employment in the Qld public sector, paid with taxpayer funds, IS CORRUPTION. Henneken seems not to realize that.  It seems in his mind that that is perfectly okay. That interview was recorded in 2010.   Nothing has happened during that time nor since that has removed that corruption.  I am in the process of exposing that corruption.  The criminal catholic mafia is doing what it can criminally to silence me.  See the corrupt  Det. Sgt Waynker Wayne Francis.

He has even tried to "bullshit" Google with a veiled threat.  Even though Google had all the evidence it needed to know that this evidence is the truth, it has allowed itself to be kowtowed by this little catholic mafia criminal prick. By Google's kowtowing to Roney, they have supported the catholic mafia organized crime DEFRAUDING THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, A SOVEREIGN  NATION.    [I have many pages of Google search results, where Google notes at the end of the page of search results that it has removed some pages, and then links to the relevant Lumen-Google complaint; this one. The reader can see for him/herself by doing one of the searches, the subject of the Roney veiled threat to Google, on Google]

  Peter Roney [now QC] wrote the below passage in a letter to me dated 19/2/1989.  I explain the circumstances of his writing this elsewhere.

I repeat the whole text of this excerpt to ensure that Google et al do index it readily, [and to permit me to include Anchors/Markers at particular words]:

"... The job I lost at the RE was suddenly given back.  I've appealed against 'my TEAS decision on the basis that a week before my exams Sue & I broke up as a result of a letter she sent me. She did in fact send it to me, but it was only 2 weeks ago [this admission by Roney was written 19th February, 1979] and upon my request. I have statutory decs. from 2 people "who knew of my circumstances," a medical certificate & a letter from a Psychiatrist (no less) which all say I was incapable of sitting for the exams I failed, & its all bullshit.
 "This is obviously where contacts are important. ..." 

This is a case of '[catholic/vatican] INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME'   

Strong circumstantial evidence points to Dr Ian William Anthony Marshall [IWAM] as being the criminal author of the fraudulent Medical Certificate.  Even much stronger circumstantial evidence indicates that the "architect" of the conspiracy to Defraud and author of one of the TWO bogus Stat Decs, was the then, in 1979, Crown Prosecutor and in 2019 the Chief District Court Judge Kerry John O'Brien [KJOB].

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