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Welcome to THE ORIGINAL & BEST Nambour & Sunshine CoastFORUM

Postby russellm » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:10 am

Welcome, dobra doshli, zdrasvoite. :D
The Nambour & Sunshine Coast FORUM, and Bulletin Board, is THE place to discuss matters of importance in Nambour and the Sunshine Coast. The subjects can be very serious like the abduction of Daniel Morcombe, [this FORUM may provide the clue to solve this - after-all, we are independent, unlike maybe the police, and "crime stoppers"], or the subjects can be social like meetings and charity events on the Sunshine Coast.

Also, this is the ideal place to discuss political and legal matters relevant to the Sunshine Coast. I, as you FORUM ADMINISTRATOR, am trained in law with an LLB, but please, do not denigrate me as I am NOT a lawyer, but a mathematician with a law degree. However, I may know something about the law. I have experience as "advocate" in many courts including the High Court of Australia, and as an Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. I know enough, and importantly have the evidence, to prove that the legal profession and judiciary are corrupt. :( There's the Catch-22. No Court will uphold the legal profession or judiciary as being corrupt, unless someone does not "know his place". It is the same in the CORRUPT labor Queensland politics; viz Merri Rose; she did not "know her place".

It's okay for your comments to be controversial.

All GENUINE posters are advised that their posting on this forum will will gain VERY HIGH GOOGLE and YAHOO RATINGS, so will be readily seen by all. The first site in each of the following search results is ours. Replicate the Google Yahoo searches if you wish. These Search Results show FIRST of 150MILLION sites and FIRST of 27.3MILLION sites. All our domain sites have similarly high rankings as they are all closely linked.

All genuine comments will remain, ALWAYS. You will gain the greatest advantage by posting early and often. Then your comments can have the advantage of these high Google Yahoo ratings.

SPAMMERS are warned to keep going and not spam this site so that you do not have your ISP putting you OFFLINE. see: {check the list of IPs. http://haigreport.com/beatspammersandhackers_buildyourownsimplewebsite.html

All GENUINE COMMENTS re Nambour and the Sunshine Coast are welcome. Enjoy, and I'll see you OnLine.

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