Police Corruption in Nambour and the Sunshine Coast.

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Police Corruption in Nambour and the Sunshine Coast.

Postby russellm » Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:02 am

Because of the Power police have and because there is general Corruption in the Queensland Government due to widespread Electoral Fraud by labor [ see http://haigreport.com/fundamentalcauseofcorruptioninaustralia.html under the auspices, [in Queensland in the past but now with his 'mate' Quentin Bryce 'going national', it could be Australia wide], of the criminal Terry Mellifont [ see , http://haigreport.com/directorymellifontevolutionqueenslandcorruption-bcccriminalsnotprosecuted.html
which spills over into the courts and tribunals due to the corrupt appointment of judges and tribunal members, does anyone believe that police and lawyers would not want some of the "corrupt action"?

Check out that Mellifont's sife. see http://haigreport.com/judgejuliedickelectoralfraudheineraffairfundamentalcauseofcorruptioninaustralia.html
We have PROOF of corruption by police in Brisbane [see http://haigreport.com/bcccriminalsnotprosecuted.html ]. We have proof too, of corruption by Nambour lawyers see http://haigreport.com/evidencethatthesupremecourtofqueenslandisunableorunwillingtokeepitshouseinorder.html
/. So does anyone believe that Sunshine Coast police are an "island of angels"?
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