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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:47 am
by russellm
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This is an opportunity for ordinary citizens of the world to have their view heard. I believe the UNITED NATIONS is responsible for this conflict. This POLL and FORUM will gain substantial attention as we have phenomenal Google and Yahoo rankings, and this POLL/FORUM should also. That is possibly how you came to this POLL/FORUM. If this matter is important to you, VOTE, [you will need to register to vote] and add your comment as a POSTREPLY to my or another person's topic or as a NEWTOPIC of your own. If this matter is important to you, tell your friends and associates so they can vote also. You are able to vote only once, so tell your friends. If you tell them, then they can tell their friends and associates. As the number of votes rise, more world powers will take note.

Clearly, I blame the United Nations and its creation of the State of Israel, for the continuing Palestinian Israeli conflicts. When, in 1947, the General Assembly of the UN being substantially European Counties that were, until recent times, the only constituents of the EU voted for the creation of the State of Israel. They could not have expected otherwise than conflict between Jews and Muslims, by the confiscation of Palestinian lands The obvious conclusion is that this was a deliberate strategy for those fascist European countries to rid themselves of two of their 'religious enemies' being Jews and Moslems, by placing them in a 'war to the death' against each other. It has been a form of 'ethnic cleansing', as a secret agenda with the public lie that it was done in a 'democratic way'.

Those fascists countries would claim that it was 'democratic', because, on 29 November, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions, in favour of a Partition Plan that created the State of Israel, with the consequent confiscation of Palestinian Lands. For centuries these countries had been treating Jews abysmally. This extended that to a higher level.

As Bob Djurdjevic details in Bob Djurdjevic's expose of the nature of the New World Order the UN was an incarnation of the New World Order. Bob Djurdjevic has been exposing the New World Order for some time now.

While the history of the changing of borders of countries has continued for thousands of years, I believe the blame for the present conflict in GAZA and the wider Palestinian Israel Conflict, is attributed to the UN for its 1947 creation of the State of Israel. This is clearly a religious war. There are more than two religions involved. The players in this include Jews/Zionists, Islam, Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians. Each religion appears to be antagonistic towards all others. So how do they 'draw up sides'? Almost all European countries had 'disagreements' and what they would describe as 'problems' with Jews. In almost all European Countries there was substantial, albeit not majority, support for Hitler in World War II. One need only consider Shakespeare's Shylock and Charles Dickens Fagan, to know Jews were not universally popular in Britain and not for some time.

It is obvious that the Palestinian people, Hamas and Israel are not to blame for this crisis conflict. They are acting and reacting as expected from the situation in which they have been placed by others. They are fighting each other to benefit a disingenuous third party, that set this up to benefit themselves.

Clearly, since it was the majority European countries to blame for this conflict, and to benefit them by pitting two of their 'religious enemies' against each other, then those European Countries should be forced to provide reparations to the combined PALESTINIAN AND ISRAELI PEOPLE. This should be the central plank of their discussions to end the conflict in the GAZA. The Israelis and Palestinians have been 'sold a pup' long ago.