Audio to Coral McVean nee Mathews; Nambour ex Townsville

JEFF PASCOE, Barry Thompson, Barry Stanton, Colliers International, Rocky Springs Rural P/L &.



PHOTO:re 'Rocky Springs' & Jeff Pascoe[right].

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The McVean FRAUD TRIO, that is brother John Alex&er Francis McVean, Hugh Douglas McVean & Coral Louise McVean nee Mathews ALL HAIL from TOWNSVILLE.

This expose is built upon a simple proposition of Social Dynamics: How & why people form friendships & associations.

The connection is simple. Hugh McVean & Coral Louise McVean nee Mathews are FRAUDULANT CRIMINALS, in an AGGRAVATED MANNER. In the 1960's & 1970's, Jeff Pascoe was one of their 'BEST FRIENDS' in Townsville, as were Barry Stanton & Barry Thompson.

Hugh McVean's conduct in Townsville during that time was neither secretive or concealed. Hugh McVean & Coral & Hugh's brother John McVean engaged in Insurance FRAUD in Townsville during this time. See the Map & recent photo of the SITE of the McVean's Townsville Insurance FRAUD.

We are not alleging that anyone mentioned HERE, apart from the three McVeans detailed, are guilty of any criminal offences.


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Below the TEXT and images, are the URLs/hyperlinks to the many aspects of this topic.

Hugh McVean is a parasitic psychopath, is from a criminal family, has a long criminal history and inculcated his innocent naive wife into criminal conduct.

This close group of 'friends' included Hugh McVean, Barry Stanton, Jeff Pascoe, Barry Thompson, Peter Cave and Coral McVean. Prior to this publcation, we have only really publicly linked Barry Stanton of this group to Hughie 'Mr Hanky', Hugh McVean. We know that Barry Stanton is not particularly pleased with the publicity.

The 'Rocky Springs satellite city' was set to be developed on a 1594ha of grazing land off the Bruce Highway near Serene Valley owned by Rocky Springs Rural Pty Ltd and Lancashire General Investment Pty Ltd. The area is between Julago and Alligator Creek and has the Postcode of 4811.

Rocky Springs Rural is controlled by directors Richard Ferry, Jeff Pascoe and Rita Partlett, while Lancashire is owned by Lord Sam `Spam' Vesty of the UK's Vesty Group.

Audio to Coral McVean nee Mathews; Nambour ex Townsville

Postby russellm » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:55 am

Click here to hear my MP3 audio message to Coral McVean nee Mathews, wife of that nefarious untrustworthy Hugh McVean, the 'Phunny Pharmacist' Hugh McVean who publicly humiliated a suppository Patient with the confidential information Hughie gained as the pharmacist.

I recorded as well as wrote:
G'day Coral,
I thought you may be ?happy? to know that I have now added a new dimension to my websites and Bulletin Boards. This is now audio in MP3 format. I will also be able to publish some recorded admission by YOU. Proof of your abusing the trust our mother put in you. BTW, this is all now over seas.

I just listened to a test playback from my website, Test MP3 Recording, and it sounded so clear. All the software is FREE. I will combine this new dimension with my forums. The link to this audio was from a forum post. You will have been noticing how, just lately, some of the recorded number of views on some my postings have been rapidly escalating.

If you read some of the other announcements, you will understand some of the other dimensions we will be adopting.

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