How Qld Government conceals labor CRIME.

Original labor crimes these labor parasites tried to conceal.

Three CORRUPT Queensland Government Commissions,  STAFFED by corrupt labor stooges, are on record as trying to state a legal justification for the CRIMES of Brisbane City Council and Brisbane City Legal Practice.   We will name the individuals involved,[for the benefit of Google Yahoo search engines].  These parasites are each either CORRUPT or MORONS.    From the CRIME and MISCONDUCT COMMISSION [CMC] Robert Walker is either a cretin or CORRUPT.   Likewise from the LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION we have the actual Legal Services Commissioner, one John Britton attempting to propose that the Queensland Parliament is irrelevant and Public Servants can decide how they will adapt the legislation passed by Parliament, even ignore it if it takes their fancy, as it did for him.  The THIRD Queensland Government Commission to prove itself staffed by crooks or morons is the Office of the Information Commission, in the person of SUSAN BARKER, an "Assistant" Information Commissioner at the time [see last sentence 4.25].  The Question of the Crime was relevant as illegal purpose is relevant in consideration of the release of documents by FOI.  This Susan 'Cretin' Barker showed that she really is a true dummy, that she believes that Parliament and Paliamentarians are Irrelevant and that she, as a dummy unelected public servant, is more important than elected parliamentarians, even the labor parasite parlaiamentarians benefiting from electoral Fraud perpetrated by the likes of Terry Mellifont.  

I DOUBT THAT ANY OF THEM ARE SO STUPID AS TO BELIEVE THAT PARLIAMENT IS IRRELEVANT, but they had no option if they wanted to back the labor crimes .  That leaves the proposition that they are corrupt.  Public servants are corrupt as well as dumb.

In Queensland, labor is CORRUPT.   See the “advice” of the Labor hack commissions, at the CMC, the Legal Services Commission and the Information Commissioner [see last sentence 4.25] THAT STUPIDITY WAS DUE TO EITHER CORRUPTION OR INCOMPETENCE  BY ONE  NAMED SUSAN BARKER made 23 May, 2006, where she had sat on that decision for more than a year.  The corrupt Assistant Information Commissioners  who were appointed by this corrupt labor government, tend to sit on the decisons which they know wil be corruptly decided by them. The consequence is that, according to Susan Barker's [she's INCOMPETENT on this point,] the Brisbane City Council [BCC] [or any local council or other parasite] can enter your yard AND HOME BUILDING, AND STEAL YOUR PROPERTY.  THEY BROKE AND ENTERED MY HOME BUT THE POLICE COULD not only, NOT CARE LESS, but also, ACTUALLY ASSJSTED THEM; thus, these POLICE are CORRUPT too.  Of course, that advice by the corrupt labor hacks is wrong, [people are supposed to have the protection of the courts – see where I explain the legal position: I have been fully trained as a lawyer with an LLB]. 

It is necessary for the reader to understand a little relevant law. In particular, how Acts [STATUTES] and Regulations interact.  Statutes of Parliament have been debated by Parliament and passed by a majority of the ELECTED members of PARLIAMENT, usually the government. Statutes make provision for Regulations to be "gazetted" after the sections of the Regulation for that Statute, have been determined and composed by public servants.  The stated purpose for the Sections of Regulations is to foster or enable the provisions of the STATUTE to be implemented. Importantly, Regulations cannot override substantive rights in the STATUTE under which the Regulation has been composed and gazettted, or any other Statute of Parliament or of Common Law Rights, like  Natural Justice aka Due Process, which includes the Right to be Heard.   If Regulations could over-ride Statutes, then Parliament becomes an IRRELEVANCY and ELECTED PARLIAMENTARIANS and PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, beome IRRELEVANT.   This is basic law known to students in High School studying the rudiments of Law.   That the Barrister WAYNE JOHN TOLTON and Solicitor JOANNE WHITING were unaware of this vital principe of Statute Law, is not the least bit credible. 

Campbell Newman's Brisbane City Council COMMITTED  MULTIPLE MAJOR PROPERTY CRIMES, on the INSTRUCTIONS of the legal section of the Brisbane City Council.  They constructed a RUSE to appear to give them 'authority' to BREAK & ENTER my home and STEAL my property, INCLUDING 30 TONNES OF VALUABLE COMPOST and correctly stored landscaping material.  This means that any advice from the legal section of the Brisbane City Council is worthless and just as likely, as not, to be fraudulent and/or incompetent. This relates to ALL building applications and rezoning applications that are handled by the Brisbane City Legal Practice, and ALL OTHER LEGAL MATTERS handled by the Brisbane City Legal Practice, who are clearly corrupt.  That means all legal matters of the Brisbane City Council.

Clearly, the Brisbane City Council and the Brisbane City Legal Practice do not make decisions IN GOOD FAITH nor ACCORDING TO LAW, nor do they feel obliged to do so. Further, it is obvious that the Brisbane City Council and the Brisbane City Legal Practice is guided by some other factor or factors, other than law, for the making of its "legal" decisions.  WHAT MAY THAT BE? [This matter has a long way to run, still.] Nothing other than LAW is valid. Clearly, they made an attempt of giving their decision a "legal appearance".   CLEARLY, IT WAS A CORRUPT DECISION.  Until that is FULLY INVESTIGATED, NO CONFIDENCE CAN BE PLACED IN THE LEGAL DECISION PROCESS of CAMPBELL NEWMAN, the BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL nor the BRISBANE CITY LEGAL PRACTICE.  The EVIDENCE is on this page, for the world to see.  After this revelation and the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, and until this corruption is INVESTIGATED AND REMOVED, and the perpetrators publicly punished, any legal officer, JUDGE, MAGISTRATE, TRIBUNAL DECISION MAKER, or COURT MEDIATOR, [including Peta Stilgoe, Registrar P&E ADR, dealing with a rezoning application 15 July, 2008] who, KNOWING THIS, [I'll advise her of this] deals in a legal matter, with CAMPBELL NEWMAN, the BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL or the BRISBANE CITY LEGAL PRACTICE, is as corrupt as they are.

The reputation and credibility of the two instrumental 'lawyers' central to this plot to target a disabled person, attack him, raid his property, break and enter his home and steal the majority of his property over a three day CRIME SPREE by Campbell Newman's men, is now non-existent.  Campbell Newman has personally approved this THREE DAY CRIME RAID, as has the then Liberal Councillor for that ward, the lowlife parasite, Judy Magub.  She has been sacked by the liberal party from that ward.  We are pleased to advise that we were instrumental, via our websites, in having that occur. It was not a favour for us. Judy Magub was a great liability. Google and Yahoo will soon refer people to this page. Anyone who has to associate with this parasite Judy Magub will now be just a Google or Yahoo search a way of knowing all of this. Google and Yahoo will ensure it.  Check it out.  We think it makes good reading. Australian Privacy Law Journal issue200701.pdf /.   That scum Judy Magub 'retired' soon after our Journal publication on 20070326. [Will Campbell Newman be next????] View the photos in the latter journal. We count this as just one of our 'successes' from our web-publishing.  Phenomenally Good Yahoo and Google ratings like FIRST & SECOND of 148MILLION can't hurt.  [Both of those are two of our newest sites.]

Importantly, Judy Magub could not with-hold her rage on the occasion of the events of Australian Privacy Law Journal issue200701.pdf /.  Clearly, she had already been challenged by the Liberal Party and was on her way out of Council politics.  That would have been the all powerful [in Queensland Liberal politics] State Executive of the Queensland Liberal Party.  Acting on Judy Magub, they showed their hand.  They should have also prevailed with Campbell Newman to have him take all efforts to ensure that he was not accepting CRIMINAL CONDUCT by his council.

Campbell Newman and he Liberal Party should surely be aware that they potentially have a major problem, in the ientity of the individual who could instigate these BCC and BCLP to act so FRAUDULENTLY.

The IRREFUTABLE PROOF OF THE CRIME  is the Brisbane City Council's own document.  They knew they were COMMITTING CRIMES. The circumstances of their devious, but dumb, conduct, proves this conclusively.  I am naming them here.  This is so that anyone who appears against a party represented by them, can expose them for the FRAUDS THAT THEY BOTH ARE. They will probably find "work" doing legal aid, until one of those poor clients does a google on either of their names. The Brisbane City Council legal section, [called the Brisbane City Legal Practice - another RUSE so they can claim exorbitant fees as Private Solicitors in practice] via the SLOVEN SLUT CRIMINAL solicitor Joanne Whiting. [I have been in the same room as her and she stunk of stale 'female' stench.  Wash yourself you filthy bitch.]

The SLOVEN SLUT CRIMINAL solicitor Joanne Whiting attempted to obtain a barrister's opinion that would give her clearance for Campbell Newman's scum to break and enter my home. This is precisely what the dumb slut did.  She did not brief the barrister in a written brief, but only verbally, [as she did not really need legal advice but just an "opinion" to which she could "refer" as entitling the Brisbane City Council to BREAK & ENTER, and, of course, she could not put that in writing].  The barrister who would agree to do it, for a fee, was clearly a dumb idiot.  I have seen the "legal opinion".  The dumb stinking slut Joanne Whiting was so dumb she thought [and so did the Dumb barrister fraud named Wayne John Tolton aka Wayne Tolton aka John Tolton aka Wayne J Tolton - Google and Yahoo will get that] that the bogus barrister's opinion would have 'Legal Professional Privilege'.   It would have had, and did until the dumb unwashed stinking slut waived Legal Professional Privilege by referring to it in her letter to me [see second last sentence].  So, why did the filthy bitch decide to be an accessory to the malicious crimes of BREAKING & ENTERING & STEALING most of the property of a disabled man?  She should be struck off the Roll of Solicitors, and prosecuted as the CRIMINAL THAT SHE IS.  SHE ACTED  CRIMINALLY IN HER ROLL AS A SOLICITOR.  She should be struck of PERMANENTLY.  She is UNFIT to practice law and represent anyone. She gave the irrefutable conclusive proof, that the Brisbane City Council, approved by the Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, committed multiple malicious crimes.  THE UNWASHED WAS TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT, that she was giving me the evidence to finish her legal career. 

Succinctly, the Brisbane City Council, and ALL THE NAMED INDIVIDUALS NAMED ON THIS PAGE, needed a court order to enter my property.  They did not have one, so they entered illegally.  THEY ARE ALL GUILTY OF ALL OF THESE CRIMES.  IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. Because they performed the necessary acts to BREAK, they are guilty of BREAKING & ENTERING.  All who entered did so with a common purpose and were guilty of BREAKING & ENTERING.  Since they all were there for the same purpose to remove my property, they are all guilty of STEALING MY PROPERTY.   Thankfully, Google Yahoo and the other Search Engines will index all their names, ALWAYS, and this will follow and haunt them everywhere.

Photos taken and digitally dated on that day, by the BCC, show that the statements HEREIN, as to the condition of my property and yard ARE ALL FALSE, so Joanne Whiting is guilty of CRIMINAL DECEIT.

The IRREFUTABLE PROOF is the Brisbane City Councils own documents.


At first reading by the uninitiated, that may seem fair enough. As I shall explain, to a lawyer familiar with the HEALTH ACT 1937, to which the HEALTH REGULATION 1996 is Subsidiary Legislation or By-Law, this document shows conclusive irrefutable proof that the Brisbane City Council committed multiple crimes. The people photographed below, THE
photographed CRIMINALS Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, and Paul Maxwell and the other CRIMINALS who entered with them including Mick Maher, Monica Antony [photographed from the rear below] and corrupt cop Snr Const Henri Elias [sounds like "He lies" or " 'e lies"] Rantala, aka Henri Rentala [who has been promoted to police prosecutor because he is completely corrupt] are criminals, and can be always referred to as criminals, until the passage of time after they have been charged and convicted.  Since the corrupt Queensland Police Service have chosen to APPROVE THIS CRIMINAL CONDUCT by these Brisbane City Council Criminals, they would feel that it is likely that they will never be charged.  This is something that the Queensland Police Service, being corrupt, do regularly.   

Senior officers of the Queensland Police service  are corrupt and promote only corrupt labor cops to higher positions, to ensure the Queensland Police Service remains corrupt, to enforce the electoral fraud that keeps the present CRIMINAL labor government that committed the crimes of the destruction of the Heiner Affair Documents when they were required for a trial.  That evidence was inconvenient for the Queensland labor government, as it showed the extent of paedophilia within Queensland senior labor ranks.  This corrupt labor government, to ensure that corruption is extended in Queensland appoints criminals, and the wives of criminals to the Judiciary and to Queensland Tribunals.

This document shows conclusive irrefutable proof that the Brisbane City Council committed multiple crimes.  The did not have a Court order, which by Section 160 Ss(2) Health Act 1937 [as reproduced below]was mandatory as they did not have my permission.  I was also denied the Natural Justice [aka Due Process] enshrined in Ss(2).  As they entered, they entered by "artifice".  They also entered my buildings for which I had exclusive possession. That is breaking and Entering also.  All of my property that they removed over a three day period amounted to STEALING.  This is particularly more serious as this was by a State Government Authority. 

It is necessary for the reader to understand a little relevant law. In particular , how Acts [STATUTES] and Regulations interact.  Statutes of Parliament have been debated by Parliament and passed by a majority of the ELECTED members of PARLIAMENT, usually the government. Statutes make provision for Regulations to be "gazetted" after they have been determinedand composed by public servants.  The stated purpose of Regulations is to foster or enable the provisions of the STATUTE to be implemented. Importantly, Regulations cannot override substantive rights in the STATUTE under which the Regulation has been comosed and gazettted, or any other Statute of Parliament or of Common Law Rights, like  Natural Justice aka Due Process, which includes the Right to be Heard.   If Regulations could over-ride Statutes, then Parliament becomes an IRRELEVANCY and ELECTED PARLIAMENTARIANS and PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, IRRELEVANT.   This is basic law known to students in High School studying the rudiments of Law.   That the Barrister WAYNE JOHN TOLTON and Solicitor JOANNE WHITING were unaware of this is not the least bit credible.

 Health Act 1937: Section160 Entry
(1) The chief executive, the chief health officer, the local government and an officer of the department or local government may enter from time to time into and upon any house or premises for the purpose of examining as to the existence of any nuisance thereon or whether any of the provisions of this Act are being contravened, or of executing any work or making any inspection authorized to be executed or made under the provisions of this Act or any order, or local law, or making any inquiry under the provisions of this Act, or generally for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this Act or any order, or local law, at any time between the hours of 9a.m. and 6p.m. of any day, or in the case of a business then at any hour when such business is in progress or is usually carried on.

(2) If such admission to any house or premises is refused, any justice, on complaint thereof by any such officer (made after reasonable notice in writing of the intention to make it has been given to the occupier), may, by order under the justice’s hand, require the occupier to admit such officer into the house or premises; and if no occupier can be found the justice may, on proof of that fact, by order under the justice’s hand authorise any such officer to enter such house or premises.

 Section 200; Health Regulation 1996

This Regulation Section 200 was current at the time of the BREAKING AND ENTERING, by Brisbane City Council, but has since been repealed and not replaced by anything.  This Section 200 basicly restates Health Act 1937, Section 160 Ss(1.)  Importantly, it did NOT give them the right to enter without a court order or my permission.  THEY HAD NEITHER.  Hence, they acted CRIMINALLY.


Brisbane City Council [BCC] Criminals not prosecuted.


he SLOVEN SLUT CRIMINAL solicitor Joanne Whiting.

CRIMINALS are Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, and Paul Maxwell:
These are three of the Brisbane City Council [BCC] CriminalsFor the sake of Yahoo, Google and Google Images, LEFT to RIGHT these parasitic CRIMINALS are Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, and Paul Maxwell: [if Benvenuti is his real name. It means "Welcome" in Italian. Was the CRIMINAL SCUMBAG trying to be funny!!] You may recognize some of them.   They perpetrated extremely serious crimes; [not citizen against citizen but GOVERNMENT INVADING a PRIVATE CITIZEN'S HOME and STEALING A LARGE AMOUNT OF HIS PROPERTY].  The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has been advised. He no doubt, takes advice. No-one worth their salt apropos legal knowledge could have told him that this 'Turkey Trio' were in their legal rights.  This seriously suggest that Brisbane's Lord Mayor,  Campbell Newman is himself corrupt.


                    Snr Const Henri Elias [sounds like "He lies" or " 'e lies"] Rantala

A for Antony: Constable Monica Antony

OPEN  LETTER    [dated 16th November, 2006] to:
Commissioner Robert ATKINSON
, Queensland Police,
all Qld Police, Queensland Executive Government, including the
Police Minister Judy Spence, [both the corrupt ones and others, if any],
judges of the Supreme Court of Queensland [SCQ] and
Parliamentarians of Queensland.

Dear Addressees,
This open letter is here for all, in any part of the world, to see.   I shall also email many of those to whom this is addressed to refer them to this page.   If I put the effort into producing this letter, I want as many people as possible to see it.

The point of this OPEN letter is for my report to the Qld Police to be PUBLIC.   I suggest that if the Qld Police fail to prosecute the criminals I nominate herein, then that shows clearly that the Queensland Police themselves, AS AN ENTITY, is/are corrupt from the highest level.   I have previously advised the Qld Police of these crimes against me, but they have chosen to not act.   I believe this is a part of the corruption in Queensland, for the reasons I entertain on my report about this illegal entry.  I am qualified in Law with an LLB and studying for my PhD in combined cross discipline, Law and Logic.  I am more skilled, legally and otherwise , and more intelligent  than most of the parties to whom this is addressed, and less skilled and intelligent than none.  I have been lucky that the cards have fallen that way.  However, it has been due to my determination and effort that I am so highly qualified.  It has been a lot of work over a long period of time.  Anyway, I have explained fully the law surrounding this matter on this site.

This case shows conclusively, that some police in Queensland are corrupt.  There is no doubt on the clear evidence, essential and sufficient facts, admitted by the Police and BCC,  that serious crimes were committed by BCC and Police. The seriousness of the crimes relates to the fact that organs of the government, the police and a public authority, the BCC, invaded a citizen's home, without any authority. The government invasion was egregious and arbitrary.  It is far more serious when the state acts criminally towards a citizen, compared to a citizen acting criminally towards another citizen.  It is suggestive that the Queensland police are corrupt, as they refuse to act as they are required to do, according to law.  

I must therefore ask you, Commissioner Atkinson, don't your ensure that your officers have even the basic training that if any person in the community wants police assistance to enter somewhere private,  your police should ensure that the person  requiring Police assistance to enter that private place, HAS LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT THEY ARE PROPOSING???

It is clear that the BCC did not have any authority to enter my home.  They state, apparently knowing that the Queensland Government Corruption will "protect" them.  Are all your police so incompetent or was it just these two parasites Rantala [see his picture on this site] and Big A for Antony [Constable Monica Antony] [see her photo below]?

The criminal offences include, breaking and entering my home and the yard around my home, stealing and illegal entry. Additionally, so that Rantala did not have to be here all day, that dummy arrested me and then perjured himself to try to cover up his corruption and incompetence.  He thought it would be a smart idea to have me then bailed with the condition that I not return home for the day.  That accomplished, Rantala proceeded to have me prosecuted. The Magistrate would not even hear it.  It was dismissed out of hand.  As well, at that time, so thick and incensed was Rantala, that he prosecuted me for FOUR other offences.   THE WHOLE FIVE HAD NO SUBSTANCE AND I BAT RANTALA ON ALL FIVE.   This WAS CLEARLY, POLICE HARASSMENT.

[As an aside, Dummy Rantala is trying to do a law degree. When discussing him, other police who knew him stated to me, "just because he's doing a law degree does not mean he is intelligent",   No worthwhile university would have him so a the mickey mouse university, Southern Cross University [SCU], I believe, agreed to try to educate him.  Firstly, because of that he was given the rank of "Senior" constable, and put in the "Legal" section of the QPS.  He was then put into "prosecutions".  This may give some idea of how incompetent is Police Prosecutions section.   Additionally, I believe SCU should be subjected to closer scrutiny,because they would accept perjuring scum like Rantala.]

These crimes were committed by the Brisbane City Council [BCC], and by the three employees plus about ten others, their identity can be determined during an investigation, and two police officers while working and hence also the Qld Police Service, for whom they were ostensibly "working" at the time.   There is no dispute as to the evidence.  There are many photos showing the crimes underway, and the BCC and those two police officers have admitted their actions in affidavits,  Additionally, photographs show the police illegally upon my property.   There is documented evidence that the BCC KNEW they needed a court order to enter my property.  They wanted to cheat me and steal from me.  They knew I am sufficiently articulate to ensure all evidence was on the record, so as to be able to show corruption if any court made the order.

While police, per the recent police legislation, could have entered my property for a legitimate purpose, on this occasion they did not have a legitimate purpose.  The purpose they had, and they and the BCC personnel have admitted this in writing, was an illegal purpose and that is a matter of law.  Their purpose was to assist BCC to illegally enter my property and steal my property.  The BCC did not have a court order as required by the legislation.


Kind regards,
 Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA      
x-Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation of
 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia Q4067. 
 Skype: russellmathews
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