Brisbane City Council [BCC] Criminals not prosecuted.



CRIMINALS are [L to R], Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, and Paul Maxwell:
These are three of the Brisbane City Council [BCC] CriminalsFor the sake of Yahoo, Google and Google Images, LEFT to RIGHT these parasitic CRIMINALS are Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, and Paul Maxwell: [if Benvenuti is his real name, it means "Welcome" in Italian, was the CRIMINAL SCUMBAG trying to be funny.] You may recognize some of them.   They perpetrated extremely serious crimes; [not citizen against citizen but GOVERNMENT INVADING a PRIVATE CITIZEN'S HOME and STEALING A LARGE AMOUNT OF HIS PROPERTY].  The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has been advised. He no doubt, takes advice. No-one worth their salt apropos legal knowledge could have told him that this 'Turkey Trio' were in their legal rights.  This seriously suggest that Brisbane's Lord Mayor,  Campbell Newman is himself corrupt.


                    Snr Const Henri Elias [sounds like "He lies" or " 'e lies"] Rantala

A for Antony: Constable Monica Antony

OPEN  LETTER    [dated 16th November, 2006] to:
Commissioner Robert ATKINSON
, Queensland Police,
all Qld Police, Queensland Executive Government, including the
Police Minister Judy Spence, [both the corrupt ones and others, if any],
judges of the Supreme Court of Queensland [SCQ] and
Parliamentarians of Queensland.

Dear Addressees,
This open letter is here for all, in any part of the world, to see.   I shall also email many of those to whom this is addressed to refer them to this page.   If I put the effort into producing this letter, I want as many people as possible to see it.

The point of this OPEN letter is for my report to the Qld Police to be PUBLIC.   I suggest that if the Qld Police fail to prosecute the criminals I nominate herein, then that shows clearly that the Queensland Police themselves, AS AN ENTITY, is/are corrupt from the highest level.   I have previously advised the Qld Police of these crimes against me, but they have chosen to not act.   I believe this is a part of the corruption in Queensland, for the reasons I entertain on my report about this illegal entry.  I am qualified in Law with an LLB and studying for my PhD in combined cross discipline, Law and Logic.  I am more skilled, legally and otherwise , and more intelligent  than most of the parties to whom this is addressed, and less skilled and intelligent than none.  I have been lucky that the cards have fallen that way.  However, it has been due to my determination and effort that I am so highly qualified.  It has been a lot of work over a long period of time.  Anyway, I have explained fully the law surrounding this matter on this site, in two places, including the CONCLUSIVE INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF.

This case shows conclusively, that some police in Queensland are corrupt.  There is no doubt on the clear evidence, essential and sufficient facts, admitted by the Police and BCC,  that serious crimes were committed by BCC and Police. The seriousness of the crimes relates to the fact that organs of the government, the police and a public authority, the BCC, invaded a citizen's home, without any authority. The government invasion was egregious and arbitrary.  It is far more serious when the state acts criminally towards a citizen, compared to a citizen acting criminally towards another citizen.  It is suggestive that the Queensland police are corrupt, as they refuse to act as they are required to do, according to law.  

I must therefore ask you, Commissioner Atkinson, don't your ensure that your officers have even the basic training that if any person in the community wants police assistance to enter somewhere private,  your police should ensure that the person  requiring Police assistance to enter that private place, HAS LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT THEY ARE PROPOSING???

It is clear that the BCC did not have any authority to enter my home.  They state, apparently knowing that the Queensland Government Corruption will "protect" them.  Are all your police so incompetent or was it just these two parasites Rantala [see his picture on this site] and Big A for Antony [Constable Monica Antony] [see her photo below]?

The criminal offences include, breaking and entering my home and the yard around my home, stealing and illegal entry. Additionally, so that Rantala did not have to be here all day, that dummy arrested me and then perjured himself to try to cover up his corruption and incompetence.  He thought it would be a smart idea to have me then bailed with the condition that I not return home for the day.  That accomplished, Rantala proceeded to have me prosecuted. The Magistrate would not even hear it.  It was dismissed out of hand.  As well, at that time, so thick and incensed was Rantala, that he prosecuted me for FOUR other offences.   THE WHOLE FIVE HAD NO SUBSTANCE AND I BAT RANTALA ON ALL FIVE.   This WAS CLEARLY, POLICE HARASSMENT.

[As an aside, Dummy Rantala is trying to do a law degree. When discussing him, other police who knew him stated to me, "just because he's doing a law degree does not mean he is intelligent",   No worthwhile university would have him so a the mickey mouse university, Southern Cross University [SCU], I believe, agreed to try to educate him.  Firstly, because of that he was given the rank of "Senior" constable, and put in the "Legal" section of the QPS.  He was then put into "prosecutions".  This may give some idea of how incompetent is Police Prosecutions section.   Additionally, I believe SCU should be subjected to closer scrutiny,because they would accept perjuring scum like Rantala.]

These crimes were committed by the Brisbane City Council [BCC], and by the three employees plus about ten others, their identity can be determined during an investigation, and two police officers while working and hence also the Qld Police Service, for whom they were ostensibly "working" at the time.   There is no dispute as to the evidence.  There are many photos showing the crimes underway, and the BCC and those two police officers have admitted their actions in affidavits,  Additionally, photographs show the police illegally upon my property.   There is documented evidence that the BCC KNEW they needed a court order to enter my property.  They wanted to cheat me and steal from me.  They knew I am sufficiently articulate to ensure all evidence was on the record, so as to be able to show corruption if any court made the order.

While police, per the recent police legislation, could have entered my property for a legitimate purpose, on this occasion they did not have a legitimate purpose.  The purpose they had, and they and the BCC personnel have admitted this in writing, was an illegal purpose and that is a matter of law.  Their purpose was to assist BCC to illegally enter my property and steal my property.  The BCC did not have a court order as required by the legislation.


Kind regards,
 Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA      
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