Who is this

Hugh Douglas McVean?

Photo of Hugh Today.

[The sign in the top right of the photo is a 'roundabout' street sign.  It is not a 'thought bubble'.]

An idea of how Hugh McVean operates, ALL DOCUMENTED.
Claytons" Rotary
OPEN letter to my sister Coral McVean nee Mathews
His background, origins and parents.

Hugh McVean is my brother in law.  That was not my decision. [My sister married him.]  I can remember the night in 1967.  I had just returned home after going out for the evening.  It was a Friday night.   I saw my sister, Coral, in the doorway to her bedroom.  She too had just arrived home after going out for the evening.  She said to me in a dazed manner: "I met the fellow tonight that I am going to marry".  That was Hugh McVean.   The big thing for Coral was that he looked like Paul Newman, and she had a big crush on Paul Newman. She repeated that comment at the time, and the years since, ad nauseam.  What do yout think?  Check out the gallery below, of four pictures of Hugh taken at that time.  Therefore, where-ever you are on the globe, tell us what you think.  Did he look like a younger Paul Newman?

I do not know if he had anything else to recommend him.  [You can probably tell that I do not have a high regard for Hugh.]  My father did not have a high regard for him either, but, because my father had had a dismal experience at the hands of his father-in-law, Dad had determined he would not do the same to another. I think my father was wrong, in that with regard to Hugh. My father also told me many times that "Hugh has always been jealous of you, and don't expect your sister to help you as she will always do as Hugh tells her."  I could continue in this manner, but, in light of developments I will do otherwise.   I'll explain.

You see, Hugh and Coral decided to produce a fraudulent document and then sue me in court on the basis of that document.  To counter claim, I had to 'counter claim' by suing them in the Supreme Court. That action also included the Brisbane City Council [BCC] and another.   I wish to join many others in that or related actions.

Hughie is a pharmacist.  He joined Rotary. [So check out our Claytons' Rotary emailing list.]  Dad told me on many occasions how Hughie would stand on the gate of the annual Show [Exhibition] in Nambour with a "charity box".  No doubt he would be wearing a Rotary "singlet".  He would have been able to shake his "charity box" at people to attract their attention, "rattle, rattle, rattle" as if to say, "look at me__  ,look at ME____ , LOOK AT ME_____ , aren't I wonderful, aren't I wonderful, aren't I wonderful, SEE WHAT A WONDERFUL PERSON I AM."   Why else would people join rotary???

I propose to "Report" that/those case/s, on this site.   So that I can not be accused of selective reporting, I will publish ALL DOCUMENTS filed in that action.    You will be able to read ever word of it.  However, I would expect that you have better things to do, so I will summarise the matters, in the multi dimensional [note that I am a mathematician], method possible with html.

Hugh McVean, the evil, lying cheating parasite, in his usual threatening pose.  Hugh McVean, the evil, lying, cheating parasite, in his usual threatening pose.