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FORUM for Nambour & Sunshine_Coast, Qld Australia

What would you expect from Hugh McVean?   

his parents were real trash; real lowlife, also.
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Consider his parents.   They were gutter trash.  They were real trash; real lowlife.    So what really is Hugh's problem?

[If you wonder at my publishing these truths about our Hughie the lowlife, see the DOCUMENTATION of how he  has been acting CLANDESTINELY towards me - and what is there is only some of it.]

His older sister, Alison, pranged  the unroadworthy bomb of a family car  [pre WWII model prefect] in 1962 that killed both his parents, or so the story goes.  Maybe they died in some other less respectable way.  Hugh was the youngest of three. His father was a time wasting bludger, and, in the years post WWII, when it was so easy to buy a home, he put his family into a derelict dump of a hovel on the mangrove swamp on Ross Island in Townsville.  At high tide, the sea came onto the road outside the house and into their yard.   Maybe Hugh's problem was all the mosquitoes and sand flies have given Hugh some insidious clandestine infection. 
Hugh was conceived and born during World War II.  That is totally irresponsible of his parents/father given the uncertainty during the war years.  The fact that there was a baby boom after the war ended [Coral, my parents eldest, was born 23 August, 1946 (more than nine months after the end of WWII) - my father was highly responsible], means the majority of people were responsible, unlike Hugh's father/parents.

Given that, what would you expect of Hugh McVean.  When Hugh first appeared to me and my parents, in person we had been warned/conned to treat Hugh sympathetically as his parents had been killed just a few years before.    I thought Hugh was a bit odd.  He did not say much.  He looks past you when he speaks to people, or maybe that was just with me.  By his saying very little, I guess my sister Coral, could imagine what she wanted.  She thought Hugh looked like Paul Newman and she had a crush on Paul Newman.  She was smitten with her Paul Newman lookalike.  I think he took advantage of Coral's infatuation because it got back to me that before they were married, he was bragging around Townsville that he was having sex with Coral.  She was a natural redhead and I guess thought quite attractive.   Maybe there was something in that gossip as Coral did not marry in white when she finally married Hugh.

Of course,  Hugh must have reckoned he was onto something good. When marriage was first mentioned, he started with his persistent "dowry" joke: to my parents:  "If I marry your daughter, how much DOWRY will you pay me?"  He persisted with that "joke" persistently, ad nauseam.   That was a put down of Coral and MY PARENTS, as if to say they could not afford to pay it.   He said in front of other people and his "boozie mates", to show them how BIG he was in that he could put down this girl and her parents.  He even carried on that "joke" to other people when my parents were present.   When Hugh first started that "joke" at our place, my father just walked out of the room, as if to leave him to it.  My father was averse to having fights, but he knew the low calibre of this "carpetbagger".   Still, I did not ever think Hugh would stoop so low as to attempt fruad including forging a document purporting to be a contract, and then entering those fraudulent documents into court.  He was and is still very close to his solicitors who maybe advised Hugh that our legal system is so corrupt, he can do anything.  Those solicitors have repeatedly engaged in breaches of professional standards, in particular, the Conflict of Duty and Duty [CODAD] breach. CODAD is banned as it is an indicator and forerunner of FRAUD. Hughie's solicitors have done this repeatedly, to benefit Hughie. Despite the Supreme Court of Queensland having Inherent Powers to "discipline" such miscreants as these solicitors, for the purpose of the Court maintaining the public's confidence in the Court and the Legal Process,  BUT THAT IS AUSTRALIA FOR YOU:  Breach of Professional Standards, SEEMS TO BE REASON FOR PROMOTION TO BE A JUDGE OF THE HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA [see the investigative journalism program of the ABC's Four Corners program].

Of course there was great anguish and panic when Hughie told Coral he wanted to break off the relationship, before they were married.  I remember there was this "trial separation".   I thought it odd at the time.  What would be the logic in a "trial separation", unless he wanted to just ditch Coral? Maybe that was just Hugh's way of pressuring Coral into have sex with him.  She was determined she would hang onto her "Paul Newman" lookalike.  I now believe Hughie just used this as a  POWER GAME.

Hugh's life at the time they met, consisted of his hanging out at the Hotel Allen in Townsville on the street corner diagonally opposite to the Townsville General Hospital where he worked as a pharmacist. [He got through UQ, The University of Queensland, the previous year to qualify as a pharmacist on the "poor boy, he has just tragically lost both his parents killed in a car accident". Proof that the ploy worked eh?   Maybe the best thing his parents did for him was dying, or did his sister do that for him.] 

He had no friends in Townsville, so he spent his time boozing at the Hotel Allen.  His only friends became fellow boozers at the Hotel Allen.  Coral met him one Friday night at the Hotel Allen. I remember that at the time he smoked Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes.  Fancied himself as a jet setter, eh?  My sister thought she could change him.  Coral was well presented and spoke well [she had done Speech and Drama to Seventh Grade AMEB and did teach some Speech and Drama].   I guess that has been of substantial benefit to Hugh; halo effect at least.

I guess it showed his background that upon getting married, he moved them into a dingy two room flat on the first floor in an old wooden house opposite the BCC Supermarket on the major corridor Charters Towers Road in Townsville.  I reckon he knew Dad was awake to him.  He wanted to get Coral away from her parents.  That was the reason they moved to the Sunshine Coast.   My parents helped them financially in a big way to become established on the Sunshine Coast because Coral asked my parents for help.

He has always been a sponge.  In mid 1973, when I was in Brisbane and still recovering from my ill health, and he wanted to get away from Coral's parents in Townsville, so he could control her totally, he wanted to inspect a pharmacy and health centre at Noosa and Noosaville, so pressured/conned me into driving him and my sister up to the Sunshine Coast after picking them up at the airport in Brisbane.   It was raining heavily that weekend and he wasted so much time that it was dangerous driving back, so we had to stay overnight and I knew people at Coolum so Hugh has me impose on my friends to put us all up over night.   Driving back on the Sunday it was extremely stressful with the heavy rain and water over the road in many places.   Hugh even sponged on THEM for MEALS too.

I had gone out of my way on many occasions to help him once he had married my sister.  So he repays me by trying to cheat me and fabricate a "contract" by FORGING THE DOCUMENT and has my sister also become a criminal by participating in that forgery and then also in having that  fabrication  entered in court as bone fide evidence. 

I always thought Hugh was a bit odd. I found you couLd never get a straight answer from him, but thought that was just him.  In fact, I now realise it is his just being slimy and sly.  It was only after I discovered that he had forged that purported contract with me and put it into court,  that I started to think back over previous occurrances.

After they were married, Hugh bought a water ski boat.   I was invited to go one day when he Coral and his hotel boozer mates went water ski-ing on the Strand in Townsville.   This was after the time of my head injury when I was really "out of it".  Everyone was having a turn.  I did not know the reason but every time one of the women was to ski, she would pull on a particular pair of tight pants.  It was all going smoothly.  When it came my turn, I was told that the method to rise up on the skis was to sit upright in the water with the front tips of my skis just out of the water and my knees under my chin.   I did that, but unlike with all the others, the boat did not spring into action, to lift me out of the ater, but just moved off very slowly, I was holding on hoping to pick up speed, but it did not and even slowed and I ended up falling sideways, but only after I had been dragged quite some distance through the water, aas I hoped it would increase speed so I could ski..  We tried again, and the same result.  On about the sixth try, the boat sprang into action and I was up on the skiis.   Do you realise what was happening?  I was being given repeated enemaes.  I did not realise it at the time.   Now, when I think back, I can imagine Hugh thinking it was such a big laugh with his hotel boozie mates.  I can imagine them all killing themselves laughing, with comments like, "Oh stop it Hugh, gefaw, gefaw , gefaw, you're terrible to the poor fellow, gefaw, gefaw ad infinitum."  They must have thought Hugh was such a joker.   It must have been so funny, as I did not realise what was happening; [I did soon after, I was very sick and in great pain - I think it did me permanent injury].  They must have been really cracking up as I, innocently and unaware, kept lining up to be given repeated enemas.  This epitomises Hugh McVean.  I am sure he will claim he has no idea of what I am talking.   He will be a bit concerned, though, as there were a few people with him in the boat at that time.  I know many of their names.  I bet they have not forgotten.

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