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Although I am a professional, this site is NOT advice.  It is EDUCATIONAL.  The site's purpose is to teach the reader/viewer the skills, and to act as a REFERENCE, to assist in application of those learned skills..
As the internet is truly international, this site and its content, cannot be localised, but must be independent of country or zone.   TAX WILL be a subject.  TAX does depend upon zone or country.  However, before we need to consider tax, we must generate revenue or income.   We will consider that first.
As there is no real international currency, we will consider FOREIGN EXCHANGE [forex] and make access to a forex platform,
available to readers/viewers.   Forex can be viewed as a way of gambling on exchange rates between currencies over time.   I would not do that as I do not gamble, AND RECOMMEND AGAINST IT.  That does not mean I will not assume FINANCIAL RISK, but I want to be rewarded for assuming that financial risk. [Financial Risk is NOT, just the "risk" of losing one's invested funds or investment. Financial Risk is the UNCERTAINTY that the return will be a particular FIXED amount. Mathematically, Financial Risk {FR} is a function of the covariance or correlation of that particular investment's returns with the returns on the market. FR is also known as beta risk.  The market has a beta of  1.] In this situation, a "RISK FREE" INVESTMENT [ie beta = 0] IS GOVERNMENT BONDS. There is no "reward" for assuming diversifiable risk, because I can diversify out of it.  The reward is available for assuming only undiversifiable, [or market] risk.  The greater the beta on a particular investment, the greater is the return an investor can expect to make on that investment.
If a person "diversifies" out of the diversifiable risk of forex contracts, s/he is guaranteed to lose. If s/he does not "diversify" out of currency risk, s/he can expect to lose the same amount. I provide access to a forex platform only for the purpose of HEDGING;  that is to diversify out of currency risk that one may assume for having a contract for future delivery and future payment in a foreign currency.
Since having a website can be a way to making money on the internet, this Mathews FINANCE MONEY site
will consider the way to build a web site and have it hosted on the internet, for the least outlay. 

Since websites can be readily transferred between servers, anywhere on the www in any country, provided certain simple procedures are followed, [which we will consider], the location of the server on which your website is initially located is immaterial. 

Compost Worm Farming [vermiculture]

Invitation to Shopping Centre Management: Save MONEY, gain KUDOS for being ECO-FRIENDLY.

I invite the Management organisations of Shopping Centre around Australia to contact me about establishing for your shopping centre, a procedure whereby the volume of waste from you shopping cnetre can be reduced by an INITIAL 75%.   I am putting myself in a situation whereby I can arrange for all of your organic waste to be collected from your centre BEFORE it becomes waste while it is still BY-PRODUCT.  You will know the large proportion of your waste that is cardboard.  That is organic.  Just as my worm farming/recycling of organic material is a low cost operation, so this can be organised to be that also.  Very little machinery is used.  Most material used to produce the worm farming structure is already wasted by most shopping centres, so presumably your, shopping centre too.  

At present,  revenue is available from the sale of compost worms.  

In time, with the adoption of the principles of BIO-MIMICRY, across the economy, in particular the use of compost worms for waste reduction,  including of HUMANURE, and concurrent reduction in use of water for sewerage, the demand for compost worms should increase.  However, it is expected that the increase of production of compost worms by our operations for all shopping centres in Australia, will out-strip that increased demand.   Hence, in future, other revenue streams need to be built into this model.   It is expected that this could be a portion of your savings in waste removal.  

This will reduce material going to landfill.  As space for landfill is reducing, the cost of disposal by landfill is expected to be steadily increasing over time.  

I expect, that once these measure are underway, and shopping centres have reduced the volume of their waste by 75% or more, the managements of Shopping Precints wil be motivated to further reduce the material they call waste.

I intend to work with one shopping centre to trial a BIO-MIMICRY inspired waste reduction/recycling of organic material/waste. It is intended to trial a pilot  operation with incremental design improvements.
I now invite expression of interest in participating, from shopping centre managements.  As I am in Brisbane, a Brisbane Shopping Centre would be preferable.

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While writing this page I googled for a definition of BULLY or BULLYING, to find "most people only realise they're being bullied when they read this page",


The Bully Online website published by the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line.  The site is extensive and detailed.

In time I will name all of the bullies and link them to specific pages on this site.


The DYNAMICS of the BULLYING to which I am subjected, and the reasons for it.

For so long I did not realise that I was being bullied. I just realised I was being attacked often.  Others had suggested that as I was the comon denominator, it must be something about me; something that I was doing. That seemed logical to me. I looked hard and long at myself to try to understand. [In fact it was DIRECTLY RELATED TO ME but was not of my volition AND was completely beyond my control: view my MRI.  In my High School years, I was known as a brain.  I was then very intelligent, especially with mathematics.   I had come to the conclusion that it must be that I was causing others to be jealous of me.  It was intimated that I should conceal my intelligence.   I withdrew into myself. I was still bullied.

It is only recently, [2005] that I obtained that MRI to show the actual case, unequivocally. 

There are TWO BASIC CAUSES OF THE BULLYING I SUSTAIN:  They are not independent but are interrelated and correlated.

1.)   The asymmetry/freakishish-ugliness of my deformed skull and resulting disfigurement. 
2.)   Most importantly, the consequences of 1. above:-
    a)   Shark attack whereby gutless parasites, see me as being an "easy target"  for their bullying, as it make them feel superior to me.
    b)   My undeserved "reputation" or, in psychology speak, the 'halo effect' [similar to "where there's smoke there's fire"], which is a consequence of 1. and 2a. above.  This is especially so when a third party has to make decision regarding me: for example, Public servant parasites in the Public Sector, and for Magistrates and Judges [where they are not already out and out corrupt - the case with many].  This is so even where they do not see me but just "read between the lines" on my reputation and the demonisation of me, by other bullies.

Research shows that Ugly people are so much more harshly treated by courts, much the same as with Aborigines.  Aborigines are bullied, just for being Aborigines.  The discrimination I suffer is very similar to Racial discrimination.  Hence, I readily appreciate how Aborigines, and people of PNG and Solomon Islands experience Racial discrimination [simply bullying]. 


Anglican Church
The University of Queensland [UQ]
     UQ's Registrar, Douglas Porter 
     UQ's Vice Chancellor, Prof John Hay
Brisbane City Council [BCC] Corruption, breaking, entering and stealing, illegal imprisonment, CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.
Garth Steven Donnelly, cheater, nominally employed by BCC.  Should he be in jail for PERJURY?  You decide.  Why did he PANIC?. 
     Is Gaylene Vivian another LIAR at BCC?
    The EVIDENCE that the Queensland Information Commissions states that the SOLICITOR  for BCC is a LIAR.

Bullying involves demonisation of the target with lies of  evil, wrongdoing or immoral conduct.   When challenged, the bully cannot substantiate his allegations but may say that the person who can deliver the evidence is afraid of repercussions from the bullied target [helps to substantiate the lie], that the target was challenged [in private but was not challenged, or was challenged, because the bully had included that, planning his bullying, as a way of substantiating the lie that the conduct occurred, when the target admits that he was challenged],  and that the challenge was worthwhile because the target no longer engages in that conduct.  [Congratulations, I am pleased you don't beat your wife now.]

There is much CORRUPTION in Australia but the majority of it is concealed. THIS HAS MAJOR CONSEQUENCES FOR AUSTRALIA POLICICALLY ON the WORLD STAGE. Australia attempts to pontificate from the HIGH MORAL GROUND and be the BULLY OF THE PACIFIC”. America [USA – Bush] is attempting to diminish its INTERNATIONAL crimes by seeming to associate with a densizen of the “high moral ground” [Australia], whereas in fact, AUSTRALIA IS RIFE WITH CORRUPTION. The hidden corruption is spread across layers of government, [elected and “public service”], POLICE, [Queensland and Federal], the judiciary, legal profession, EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES and business. It occurs in many dimensions. Much of the corruption is for the “cover-up” of incompetence, and other corruption. Some members of my “family” have gained some “inspiration” from some of this corruption, utilising corruption in the legal profession and judiciary.          
The www is the ideal medium to present The EVIDENCE of this corruption when that evidence is documented and the statements of others where those statements are public records. I WILL PUBLISH THE FACTUAL EVIDENCE HERE. My purpose with this site is to assemble that evidence and the logical linkage for the UNCHALLENGABLE CONCLUSION. I have special skills in this respect. I am first and foremost a MATHEMATICIAN with maths majors in my BSc and BA. As well, I am fully trained to be admitted as a lawyer. I have practical experience in many courts over many years and as an accountant and tax agent.

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