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OPEN LETTER [20070115] to  TAX COMMISSIONER re Admissions of TAX FRAUD by Hughie, on advice of his NAMBOUR SOLICITORS.

OPEN LETTER [20061221] to Tim Mulherin, DPI & F, and Elizabeth Nosworthy AO [Qld Water Commissioner] re RSPCA requirement that my DUCKS MUST HAVE A SWIMMING POOL
OPEN LETTER to H Kevin McCann, AM, BA, LLB (Hons) LLM, FAICD, Chairman of Origin Energy Limited re Energex bullying

OPEN LETTER [20061218] Sir Llew Edwards, Chancellor, University of Queensland re St Johns College.

OPEN LETTER [20061212] to Judy Magub, Councillor in Brisbane City Council [BCC] for the Ward/Electorate of my HOME.
OPEN LETTER [20061212] to The Liberal Party re Judy Magub, Councillor in Brisbane City Council [BCC] for the Ward/Electorate of my HOME.

OPEN LETTER [20061211] to Qld MLAs re RSPCA Qld and my response to Chaplin's.

OPEN LETTER [20061211] to RSPCA Qld. My response to Chaplin's. {RSPCA; Chaplin's response 20061204}

OPEN LETTER [20061208] to Julie BISHOP, HAY of UQ: SACK the BULLY

OPEN LETTER [20061207] to Julie BISHOP, Federal Minister for Education: FRAUD on UQ Students:

OPEN LETTER [dated 1st December, 2006] to RSPCA Qld    {RSPCA; Chaplin's response 20061204}

OPEN LETTER [dated 25 Nov. 2006] to Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA.

Reply dated [20061213] from Judy Spence, Police Minister, in response to OPEN LETTERS DATED 20061116 and 20061117 to POLICE
OPEN LETTER dated 20061117  to Qld Police Commissioner for Compensation of $1988 for stolen property
OPEN  LETTER   dated 16th November, 2006 re Qld CORRUPTION in POLICE and PUBLIC SECTOR
OPEN LETTER to the BLIND BEATTIE BLIGH "team" aka  BLIND BEATTIE BLIGH BLIGHT. [Queensland State labor government.]

OPEN LETTER to Justice Callinan of the High Court of Australia

OPEN LETTER to the other Justices of the High Court of Australia

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AUSTRALIA has no credibility on the world stage.  See the EVIDENCE below.   The evidence is centred upon Ian David FRANCIS [Hey FRANK] Callinan, now a justice of the High Court of Australia. 
John Howard is speaking with a forked tongue when he says that he is wanting "improved standards of government in the Pacific".  Howard is simply taking example from George Bush and trying to be the "bully" of the region, where Bush is the bully of the world.
Australian governments, of both major polictical complexions, labor and liberal, are corrupt, due to the corruption in the legal/judicial system.  The judiciary is drawn from the legal profession.  Judges do their "corruption apprenticeship" while working as Barristers and Solicitors, [Lawyers] in the legal profession.  This site will PUBLISH  more of the EVIDENCE of this on an ongoing basis.

The two political parties, liberal and labor, have more in common with each other than with the Australian community, despite each major political party claiming its own "constitutency".  It is a big con on the community for the community to be made to believe that their interests are better served by one or other of those parties.  The "political grouping" of both parties combined, is very much removed from the "community" of Australians.  

The corruption of the "political grouping" [all politicians] is strongly interdependent with the corrupt judiciary and legal profession.