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  Toastmasters International District 69
Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales

  Toastmasters International District 69
Convention 2008 - Gold Coast


Yes,  PETER FOSTER is a Toastmasters Alumnus and  'GRADUATE' of:

 Toastmasters International District 69.


for the District69 2008 Convention at the Holiday Inn on the Gold Coast - the HOME of PETER FOSTER.

Be there from Friday the 2nd of May until Monday the 5th of May 2008.

We are proud to announce that the Gold Coast has been chosen as the location of the
2008 Toastmasters International District 69

As LGM, Coral McVean DTM, is very eager to increase memberships in District 69.  Coral believes that the prisons are a great untapped source of potential members.This choice has largely been due to the strong joint representations made by our current and particularly energetic LGM [Lieutenant Governor Marketing] Coral McVean DTM and her husband, current President of the
Nambour Club, Queensland; Club No 4164, Area 16. CENTRAL DIVISION DISTRICT 69, Hugh McVean.  

As LGM, Coral McVean DTM, is very eager to increase memberships in District 69.  Coral believes that the prisons are a great untapped source of potential members.  This is in line with the present policy of District 69. 
For some time now, District 69 has been keen to organize, recognize, aid, and provide instruction for special groups who cannot afford or who are otherwise ineligible for a Toastmasters club charter, and whose participants could really benefit from training in speech, in particular, groups within correctional and rehabilitational institutions.  

Coral McVean DTM and her husband Hugh McVean have a special affinity with criminals and Toastmasters is using this to boost membership numbers.

These inmates have not previously had the benefit of Toastmasters International to enable them to "talk their way out of trouble".  Had they had the benefit of Toastmasters training and instruction, they may never have been convicted and incarcerated.  Coral believes that rehabilitation of ex-prisoners can be greatly improved if they are given the skill to "talk their way out of trouble".  Coral and Hugh impress on all Toastmasters that we should not be prejudiced or judgemental.  Afterall, Coral says, we could all end up there one day ourselves, if, like Peter Foster, we fail to continue to talk our way out of trouble.  Peter is always welcome to rejoin Toastmasters.

Coral and Hugh McVean went on to say, that ex-prisoners would enjoy the fun of Table Topics and should permit them to "get their story straight" so to speak, and give them the necessary confidence to deliver it with aplomb, said Hugh.

Coral McVean futher suggested that those ex-prisoners could be a further source of many new members; their criminal friends and acquaintances who had been lucky to date and not been apprehended.

Coral added that at this stage she was unsure whether Peter Foster would be able to accept Toastmasters' Invitation to attend Convention 2008.
The names "Toastmasters International," "Toastmasters," and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada, and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Nambour Club, Queensland.


Hugh McVean, Coral McVean, Hazel Jeary,  Coral Rix, Paul Duckworth, Sylvia Sweetman, Kate Eagles, John Graham, Christian Trost,  Peter de Vries,  Amanda Sweetman, Joan Flood, Gerhardt Sliwa, Bruce Bell, Sid Grimwade, Kelly Holdsworth, John Kay, Fran Kay, Bill Canty, Marianne de Vries, Moira Carr, John Carr, Laurie Grimwade, Vernon Flood, Bob Crawford, Audrey Lyttle, John Law, Desley Goggin, Marianne de Vries, John Law, Pat Law, Ian Pinkerton. 

Google is wonderful.  Google makes the internet just so much more effective and valuable.  Google will index all these names who have been associated with the
Toastmasters International Nambour Club, Queensland.  Club No 4164, Area 16. CENTRAL DIVISION DISTRICT 69. [Google will index that again.]  The purpose of this page is to draw yet more attention to the evil and criminal acts of Hugh McVean and Coral McVean, of Nambour, Queensland.  Hugh McVean is the "President" of Toastmasters International Nambour Club, Queensland;  Club No 4164, Area 16. CENTRAL DIVISION DISTRICT 69.

Coral McVean is my sister and Hugh McVean
has been the greatest misfortune to befall the Mathews family.   My mother turned 91 in February, 2008.  She has been blind for a number of years.  After my father died in 2003, they had our mother come and live with them.  They sold Mum's home for $400,000 and stole all of Mum's money.  I am sure they give the public lie to the world, that they are so wonderful to look after Coral's mother in this way.  They do nothing for Mum but have paid help come in and do it, Homecare and such, and use Mum's blind pension to pay for it.  They take whatever is left.  Coral has Power of Attorney for Mum, [after all, Mum is blind].  Coral thinks that means that she can do as Coral likes with Mum's money, and can over-ride Mum's wishes.

I have irrefutable proof that Coral not only does as Coral, [really Hugh], wants, but also refusees to do as Mum wants with Mum's own possessions.  Mum is not demented, just totally dependent.  Put yourself in Mum's situation.  What options do you think Mum has? 

I can not even visit my mother now.  I have been threatened with being sued for trespass by his corrupt solicitors, if I step foot on his property to visit Mum.  I have the documentary proof that those solicitors are corrupt and I am trained as lawyer with an LLB.  [I am a legal scholar doing legal research.]  Coral and Hugh then make it very difficult for me to talk with Mum by phone. Whenever I phoned to speak to Mum, they would tell me that Mum was "unavailable".  I tried to overcome that ploy by finding out when Mum next had her medication.  Even that was seldom successful.  On the occasions that I managed to speak to Mum, Coral and Hugh would give Mum a minute wireless 'phone where she could not receive a decent signal.  Then, as Mum is blind, she could not see the small earpiece. It would not be long when I was talking to Mum that I would get, "Are you there?  Are you there?   Are you there? ...." and that would continue for minutes, no matter how loudly I yelled.  Then,  I would hear Mum say, "he's gone" and Coral would hang up the 'phone without checking, although she could hear that Mum had been having difficulties with the,
"Are you there?  Are you there?   Are you there? ....".   They could easily have given Mum a large handset on a 'phone with a long cable.  [I had ensured that Mum and Dad had a couple in their home.]

They ensure Mum has no other frame of reference and con Mum into believing what they want her to believe.  I am also an accountant; so my parents and I had some joint financial arrangements.   Coral and Hugh stole another $60,000 that IS mine, and they knew it was mine.  For a long time Coral will proffer the line with a lilt in her voice, "Oh, that's my brother."  Coral speaks with good diction.  Our parents paid to have her taught Speech and Drama to the highest standard.  Coral speaks fluently.  She taught many years as a primary school teacher.  In that situation, a teacher cannot allow herself to be stumped for words. With practice she became very fluent.  With the Halo effect, anyone who knows Coral, probably attributes other positive qualities to her.  If you engage her in conversation that involves logic or reasoning, you'll find that she sees someone else she just has to speak to, or she will make some other excuse to not be shown to be dumb.  This makes Hugh think he is very smart.

Hugh's brother John McVean [that's John Alexander Francis McVean], now of Bilambil Heights just in from Tweeds Heads, is also well into crime.  Insurance Fraud was his speciality [there were probably others] and he spent most of his adult life employed by South British Insurance.   Coral and Hugh's joint criminal endeavours go back to the early 1970's. 

Prior to meeting Hugh McVean, Coral did not have the slightest criminal characteristic. Hugh McVean with his criminal brother John McVean who "worked" for South British Insurance ensnared Coral into their Insurance Fraud Scheme, which involved defrauding
South British Insurance, John McVean's employer.   Once they had Coral "compromised", they could have her involved in other crimes.  I have definite proof of subsequent criminal acts by Coral and Hugh.

Coral receives a Carer's Allowance and a Carer's Payment, for being Mum's carer.  Coral uses Mum's money as though it is hers.  No accounts are kept.  When Coral and Hugh go away for holidays for a few weeks at a time, Coral puts Mum into a Nursing Home.  She uses Mum's Blind Pension AND MY MONEY to pay the Nursing Home fee, and pockets the Carer's Allowance and Payment. Coral does nothing for Mum when Coral and Hugh are on holidays, but then, that is not any less than Coral does for Mum when Coral is home.

Hugh McVean, Coral McVean, Hazel Jeary,  Coral Rix, Paul Duckworth, Sylvia Sweetman, Kate Eagles, John Graham, Christian Trost,  Peter de Vries,  Amanda Sweetman, Joan Flood, Gerhardt Sliwa, Bruce Bell, Sid Grimwade, Kelly Holdsworth, John Kay, Fran Kay, Bill Canty, Marianne de Vries, Moira Carr, John Carr, Laurie Grimwade, Vernon Flood, Bob Crawford, Audrey Lyttle, John Law, Desley Goggin, Marianne de Vries, John Law, Pat Law, Ian Pinkerton.   I mention those names again.  Google will index them and assess them as more important for their multiple mention.  [We'll mention them again for good measure.]  

I have a page linking to all the mentions on my websites, of the McVean CRIMINAL CLAN.  Hugh McVean had lied and cheated me for many years.  I did not realise it.  Well, one wouldn't until they come to claim what was promised, and paid for by me, so a legal contract.  He tells Coral what he wants her to believe.  Secretly, he is a brutal, but gutless, character.  The mistake I made was trusting him.   I guess the Internet and Google never entered his considerations.  He thinks his solicitor crooks will fix everything.  They threatened the hosts of my websites.  They were proven to be hollow words.  Hosting website is so cheap.  They are quick and easy to move between hosts.  Maybe this is no longer my website so cannot control it, so could not be forced to close it down. 

Hugh McVean, Coral McVean, Hazel Jeary,  Coral Rix, Paul Duckworth, Sylvia Sweetman, Kate Eagles, John Graham, Christian Trost,  Peter de Vries,  Amanda Sweetman, Joan Flood, Gerhardt Sliwa, Bruce Bell, Sid Grimwade, Kelly Holdsworth, John Kay, Fran Kay, Bill Canty, Marianne de Vries, Moira Carr, John Carr, Laurie Grimwade, Vernon Flood, Bob Crawford, Audrey Lyttle, John Law, Desley Goggin, Marianne de Vries, John Law, Pat Law, Ian Pinkerton.

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Did Hugh McVean kill Daniel Morcombe?
Consider the EVIDENCE.

by Hugh McVean

Hughie the Bully!

[another Anglican bully]

Hugh Douglas McVean?

Photo of Hugh Today.

[The sign in the top right of the photo is a 'roundabout' street sign.  It is not a 'thought bubble'.]

An idea of how Hugh McVean operates, ALL DOCUMENTED.
Claytons" Rotary
OPEN letter to my sister Coral McVean nee Mathews
His background, origins and parents.

Hugh McVean is my brother in law.  That was not my decision. [My sister married him.] 

Below is just one episode, when Hughie bullied me, when I was really disabled with severe after-effects of a serious head injury and undianosed other conditions.

For further evidence of how Hughie bullies, have a look at the page with DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE giving an idea of how Hugh McVean operates.

Hughie has always been a sponge.  In mid 1973, when I was in Brisbane and still recovering from my ill health, and he wanted to get away from Coral's parents in Townsville, so he could control her totally, he wanted to inspect a pharmacy and health centre at Noosa and Noosaville, so pressured me into driving him and my sister up to the Sunshine Coast after picking them up at the airport in Brisbane.   It was raining heavily that weekend and he wasted so much time that it was dangerous driving back, so we had to stay overnight and I knew people at Coolum so Hugh had me impose on my friends to put us all up over night.   Driving back on the Sunday it was extremely stressful with the heavy rain and water over the road in many places.   Hugh even sponged on THEM for MEALS too.

I had gone out of my way on many occasions to help him once he had married my sister.  So he repays me by trying to cheat me and fabricate a "contract", and he has my sister also become a criminal by participating in that forgery and then also, both of them, in having that  fabrication  entered in court as bone fide evidence. 

I always thought Hugh was a bit odd. I found one cound never get a straight answer from him, but I thought that was just him.  In fact, I now realise it is his just being slimy and sly.  It was only after I discovered that he had forged a purported contract with me and put it into court,  that I started to think back over previous occurrances.

After they were married, Hugh bought a water ski boat.   I was invited to go one day when he Coral and his hotel boozer mates went water ski-ing on the Strand in Townsville.   This was after the time of my head injury when I was really "out of it".  Everyone was having a turn at ski-ing.  I did not know the reason, but every time one of the women was to ski, she would pull on a particular pair of tight pants.  It was all going smoothly.  When it came my turn, I was told that the method to rise up on the skis was to sit upright in the water with the front tips of my skis just out of the water and my knees under my chin.   I did that, but unlike with all the others, the boat did not spring into action, to lift me out of the water, but just moved off slowly.  In fact, on each occasion, I was almost out of the water and the boat slowed but did not stop. I was holding on hoping to pick up speed, but it did not and I ended up falling sideways.  We tried again, and the same result.  On about the sixth try, the boat sprang into action and I was up on the skiis.   Do you realise what was happening?  I was being given repeated enemaes by Hughie's deliberate actions.  I did not realise it at the time.   Now, when I think back, I can imagine Hugh thinking it was such a big laugh with his hotel boozie mates.  I can imagine them all killing themselves laughing, with comments like, "Oh stop it Hughie, gefaw, gefaw , gefaw, you're terrible to the poor fellow, gefaw, gefaw ad infinitum."  They must have thought Hughie was such a joker.   It must have been so funny, as I did not realise what was happening; [I did soon after realise that I was very sick and in great pain - I think it did me permanent injury].  They must have been really cracking up as I, innocently and unaware, kept lining up to be given repeated enemas.  This epitomises Hughie McVean, the bully.  I am sure he will claim he has no idea of what I am saying.   He may be a bit concerned as there were many people with him in the boat at that time.   They will most certainly remember, and may have recounted it manytimes since.  I am sure they will not now wish to be seen as approving it.   In fact some were approving it, and I know their names.  Others will know they were there too.  They may very likely wish to distance themselves from it. 

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There is much CORRUPTION in Australia but the majority of it is concealed. THIS HAS MAJOR CONSEQUENCES FOR AUSTRALIA POLICICALLY ON the WORLD STAGE. Australia attempts to pontificate from the HIGH MORAL GROUND and be the BULLY OF THE PACIFIC”. America [USA – Bush] is attempting to diminish its INTERNATIONAL crimes by seeming to associate with a densizen of the “high moral ground” [Australia], whereas in fact, AUSTRALIA IS RIFE WITH CORRUPTION. The hidden corruption is spread across layers of government, [elected and “public service”], POLICE, [Queensland and Federal], the judiciary, legal profession, EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES and business. It occurs in many dimensions. Much of the corruption is for the “cover-up” of incompetence, and other corruption. Some members of my “family” have gained some “inspiration” from some of this corruption, utilising corruption in the legal profession and judiciary.          
The www is the ideal medium to present The EVIDENCE of this corruption when that evidence is documented and the statements of others where those statements are public records. I WILL PUBLISH THE FACTUAL EVIDENCE HERE. My purpose with this site is to assemble that evidence and the logical linkage for the UNCHALLENGABLE CONCLUSION. I have special skills in this respect. I am first and foremost a MATHEMATICIAN with maths majors in my BSc and BA. As well, I am fully trained to be admitted as a lawyer. I have practical experience in many courts over many years and as an accountant and tax agent.

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