The Anglican Church:  the NEIGHBOUR from HELL

15th December, 2006. 
  OPEN LETTER [20061215] to Anglican Primate of Australia,
Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA,
Brisbane Diocese Anglican Church of Australia [BDAC],
Anglican Church of Australia [ACA].  

Dear Sir,
I am sending you TODAY [20061215], an ALERT EMAIL alerting you to the existence of this OPEN LETTER.

I am entitled to make this request [and importantly, you are LEGALLY BOUND per National Privacy Principle #6 in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act 1988 [as below] TO SUPPLY IT, if I request access to it.  That I now do.]  This is a general application for access to all of my personal information helf by you/BDAC and ACA.   For your guidance purposes, I suggest that the principles involved in FOI access could reasonably be employed here.    You are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to provide that information if application for access is made by me to you for it. 

I apply for Access to those documents [
containing ANY personal information about myself, where that information was held by you/BDAC/ACA], per Schedule 3 Principle #6 of Privacy Act 1988 as appears below.  I do that by this OPEN LETTER TO YOU.

BDAC is and has been since soon after 1988, subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Additionally, pursuant to National Privacy Principle #5 of Schedule 3 of the legislation as below, I now ask the BDAC and the Anglican Church of  Australia for that/those document/s, in which, clearly expressed policies on BDAC's management of personal information are set out.

Please acknowledge receipt of this communique.

Privacy Act 1988

Schedule 3—National Privacy Principles

5 Openness

5.1 An organisation must set out in a document clearly expressed policies on its management of personal information. The organisation must make the document available to anyone who asks for it.

5.2 On request by a person, an organisation must take reasonable steps to let the person know, generally, what sort of personal information it holds, for what purposes, and how it collects, holds, uses and discloses that information.

6 Access and correction

6.1 If an organisation holds personal information about an individual, it must provide the individual with access to the information on request by the individual, .......

-Kind regards,
 Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA      
ex-Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation of 
 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia Q4067. 
 Skype: russellmathews
 Ph: NONE:I've given TELSTRA the FLICK. Hooray![Just email or Skype me.]
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 25th November, 2006.  [39 years ago, today, then also a Saturday, I received the head injury/concussion, the mistreatment of which has robbed me of so much.]
  OPEN LETTER to Anglican Primate of Australia,
Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA.   [See panel below for relevant links to pages on this site.]

Dear Sir,
I now write this open letter to you as I find my communiques to you have gone unacknowledged.   I imagine that they will receive the same treatment as my previous complaints to your previous General Manager , Bernard Yorke; nothing, naught, zilch.
It would seem the Anglican Church was happy for the bullying of me to continue provided it was beneficial to the Anglican Church.

Well, I  REFUSE  to be bullied any longer!!!

If you wish to gauge how well this site works, I suggest you do a google search of "pages from Australia" on the phrase "corruption exposed".  This site is the top of the list.  That will be due to the fact that I am regularly adding more content to this site.  Search engines just love that.   I will continue doing that, on other matters as well as this Bullying of me by the Anglican Church of Australia.

Anglican priest bullies DISABLED neighbour to STEAL his HOME.

You will have received an email directing you to this page.  You will see that a few others associated with your own discese have also received it.  As well, many other Anglicans who will be interested in your performance have also received that email.   They will also be interested in the future legal action that has arisen in your own diocese.   I display below the sub-directory of pages on my site relevant to this matter.

I want the Anglican Bullying to STOP.
I will be taking legal action FOR COMPENSATION!!

I look deformed and a retard, as I have a badly deformed cranium as in my logo.   As I result I have a freakish retarded appearance and have been bullied and cheated my whole life. ADDITIONALLY, I am also [unrelatedly] DISABLED, with multiple disabilities.  [However, I have never given up but always plugged on, and that is the reason I have the qualifications that I do, and am presently trying to do my PhD.   I worked very hard against great medical odds stacked against me.]  Unfortunately for me, those great handicaps encourage the gutless bullies I am being, and have been for many years, bullied  by  the Anglican Priest, Rev. Canon Prof Dr John Morgan [Morgan – I'm told he just loves his titles], Warden of St Johns College [SJC], at The University of Queensland [UQ].    The Brisbane Diocese of the Anglican Church owns the house adjoining my home. They have named it "BARRETT HOUSE".  They bought it because Morgan wanted, [so he says], and still wants, [so he says], to develop a college for Post Graduate Students, attached to St John's College on the St Lucia Campus [SLC] of The University of Queensland [UQ]. [In fact it is a FRAUDULENT CASH-COW.]  Morgan told me that soon after we bought this house, my home. Morgan said that he had wanted to buy my home, but despite there being a large 'For Sale' sign on the property for quite a period prior to our buying it, [that is how I knew it was for sale and I did not live in the area], Morgan said he did not know it was for sale. 

In fact their house is just a RIP-OFF and a SCANDAL.  It is a FRAUD ON THE UNFORTUNATE STUDENTS.  Morgan has made it a RABBIT WARREN. 

It is a three bedroom house. Morgan has one student in each bedroom and one student trying to sleep and study in the garage, one student trying to sleep and study in the lounge room and yet another student  trying to sleep and study in the dining room.

Students who have been forced to stay there, and their parents to whom I have spoken, are most unhappy that their student offspring have to live off campus in substandard circumstances when they are paying full fees to be on campus in college. They are charged the same expensive accommodation fee as if on campus. [Morgan realizes they hold out hoping that they will eventually be permitted to return to college on campus.] They did not apply to be off campus. It is sprung upon them with no notice. They are extremely unhappy. They think if they complain, they may hasten their return to campus. Morgan has encouraged them to complain about me, clearly with the aim of stealing my home. I can document many instances. Morgan is a great liability to the Anglican Church.

Morgan bullies his residents so they will move into the SJC rabbit warren.

Apparently, Morgan thinks that if he bags me to the unfortunate students and their parents, which I am told he does, he will deflect attention from his own failing towards, and fraud of, these students, with the added advantage that he will be able to acquire my home at a bargain price.

These students at present “living” there, make excessive noise to disturb me, but, UNFORTUNATELY FOR MORGAN, they are also disturbing other residents. Prof Tony Bracken whose home is further away from 256 than my home, has told me how he is very concerned at being disturbed by their excessive noise, in the early hours of the morning. Tony mentioned it to me. He volunteered his thoughts to me. I did not even mention it. I have always attempted to avoid confrontation. Morgan has taken advantage of me by working on that.   I WANT IT TO STOP NOW, RIGHT NOW.

Morgan has been wanting to acquire my home, to combine with 256 to have a Post Graduates' College. To that purpose, he has been conspiring with the trustee of my home, my lowlife brother in law, to cheat me of my home.  He is trustee for me as beneficiary.   He is trying to chuck me out and pocket the windfall.

Every prospective resident of SJC has to pay an application fee to be considered as a future resident of SJC. I believe it is called an "application package".   I'll warrant that the RABBIT WARREN is not mentioned, let alone has its picture on that application form.  The RABBIT WARREN  has a steep driveway, and I have had incompetent drivers trying to back out of the driveway, at 5am [in the morning - when I am trying to sleep - relevant to my disabilities].  They have gunned the car.  Now, Morgan, has it in his power to nominate who will have jobs in the college kitchen in the morning and that they should live in the RABBIT WARREN.  Morgan does not have to be a rocket scientist [he certainly isn't], to know that is most likely going to disturb me.   What is more, since he knows I am disabled, HE HAS A FIDUCIARY DUTY TOWARDS ME TO  ENSURE SUCH DISCRIMINATION AND BULYING IS UNLIKELY TO OCCUR.  [Morgan once said to me: "We have a duty of care to our students.  Do you know what a duty of care is?"]

Anglican matters

OPEN LETTER [dated 25 Nov. 2006] to Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA.
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Anglican priest bullies DISABLED Neighbour to STEAL his HOME.
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There is much CORRUPTION in Australia but the majority of it is concealed. THIS HAS MAJOR CONSEQUENCES FOR AUSTRALIA POLITICALLY ON the WORLD STAGE. Australia attempts to pontificate from the HIGH MORAL GROUND and be the BULLY OF THE PACIFIC”. America [USA – Bush] is attempting to diminish its INTERNATIONAL crimes by seeming to associate with a denizen of the “high moral ground” [Australia], whereas in fact, AUSTRALIA IS RIFE WITH CORRUPTION. The hidden corruption is spread across layers of government, [elected and “public service”], POLICE, [Queensland and Federal], the judiciary, legal profession, EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES and business. It occurs in many dimensions. Much of the corruption is for the “cover-up” of incompetence, and other corruption. Some members of my “family” have gained some “inspiration” from some of this corruption, utilizing corruption in the legal profession and judiciary.          
The www is the ideal medium to present The EVIDENCE of this corruption when that evidence is documented and the statements of others where those statements are public records. I WILL PUBLISH THE FACTUAL EVIDENCE HERE. My purpose with this site is to assemble that evidence and the logical linkage for the UNCHALLENGEABLE CONCLUSION. I have special skills in this respect. I am first and foremost a MATHEMATICIAN with maths majors in my BSc and BA. As well, I am fully trained to be admitted as a lawyer. I have practical experience in many courts over many years and as an accountant and tax agent.

I refuse to be bullied any longer!!!!



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The Anglican Church:  the NEIGHBOUR from HELL.



The Anglican Church:  the NEIGHBOUR from HELL.



The Anglican Church:  the NEIGHBOUR from HELL.


  The Anglican Church:  the NEIGHBOUR from HELL

  Anglican priest bullies DISABLED neighbour to acquire his land.


I want the Anglican Bullying to STOP.