Does William J (Bill) Randall
conspire with CRIMINALS
There is a SOLUTION:

ALL Residential tenants in Queensland defrauded of
Tenants Rights

 William J Randall (Bill Randall) assists CRIMINAL 'TRUSTEE' defraud disabled man of the BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP of his HOME,
when Randall had NO JURISDICTION as there was no tenancy.

Clearly, Randall is either incompetent or CORRUPT.

Firstly, we will consider the case of Leon Bertrand and Lea Moffat who appeared before Randall on 
26 July, 2007.

It is instructive to consider Randall's attitude to poor people stealing from each other.  His view is to let them go for it, fight it out, and let the fittest [or corruptest(?)] man win, just like a SPECTATOR SPORT. SHAME ON YOU RANDALL. Of course, such a state of affairs is not only illegal, it is CRIMINAL FRAUD. 
Rather than "Randall's victims" being merely poor, what about if they are also disabled?  For the poor students, Randall has assisted a fraudulent property owner steal a few hundred dollars. 
For the disabled, Randall showed he could do much "better" [for the criminals]. Randall has helped a pair of professional criminals, [who had been entrusted to steward and guide the interests of the disabled man - his sister and her husband] steal the beneficial ownership of a whole house, which the disabled, man had made his home, and which, the CRIMINALS HAD ENCOURAGED HIM TO MAKE IT HIS HOME.

Consider the case of Leon Bertrand and Lea Moffat who appeared  before Randall in the SCT Brisbane 26 July, 2007. This was a matter regarding a $600 bond.  This was against the "landlady" who Bertrand called Ms R.   Ms R had multiple tenancies in a single dwelling.   She was running her single dwelling as an  UNREGISTERED BOARDING HOUSE.

William J Randall specifically approved of  Ms R's practice of  taking multiple tenancies from multiple tenants  [11 for that single house] for effectively the SAME COMMON AREA, PROPERTY, OR COMMON SPACE, and then letting them fight it out  to see who has what.   Such a situation could never work, as it is both illegal and a FRAUD on the 11 "residents/tenants".   According to Bertrand's statement, Randall approved of this FRAUD with his statement to the effect that "tenants" such as Bertrand and Moffatt should expect "some" hardship from "shared" accommodation. Is Randall saying by that, that the POOR, or just POOR STUDENTS are not entitled to the FULL protection of the law, or to some, or to none?   Randall  thus approved Ms R's practice of letting to some, MAYBE ALL, tenants, ONLY COMMON AREA, AND NOTHING ELSE, SUCH THAT THEY  had NO EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION of any property guaranteed, but were mislead that they did have exclusive possession of some property, the subject of the "tenancy". It could be held here also that Randall lacked jurisdiction, as since the"tenancy agreement" was a fraud, there was absolutely NO TENANCY.  RANDALL APPROVED OF FRAUD ON SOME OF THE TENANTS, [WHICH INCLUDED Leon Bertrand and Lea Moffat].  Possibly he approved FRAUD ON THEM ALL.   IMPORTANTLY, the evidence of FRAUD was properly before Randal.  Clearly, he ignored it.  Leon Bertrand and Lea Moffat are clearly not trained in law so did not realise that the unsatisfactory situation they experienced was ACTUAL FRAUD by Ms R. 
So, is there a SOLUTION?

 Let us now consider the case of Randal assisting criminals who were the trustee of a house the corpus of a trust of which the beneficiary was/IS a disabled man.   When Randal had NO JURISDICTION, Randall issued  a COURT ORDER,  enforceable by POLICE, TO TURF THE DISABLED MAN, AND ALL HIS WORLDLY POSSESSIONS, OUT OF HIS HOME WHICH HE BENEFICIALLY OWNED,  and still BENEFICIALLY owns.
MOST CONCERNING,  especially for DISABLED PEOPLE, RANDALL ISSUED THE COURT ORDER TO TURF THE DISABLED MAN out of his home, IN HIS ABSENCE, WITHOUT GIVING HIM A HEARING, LET ALONE A FAIR HEARING.   Randall knew the man has MULTIPLE DISABILITIES, INCLUDING BRAIN DAMAGE FROM MULTIPLE NEUROLOGICAL TRAUMAS.   The disabled man has his "good" day and "bad" days.  Life is not easy for people with BRAIN DAMAGE, regardless of how well they try to adapt to their disabilities by addressing their "Special Needs".
On 22nd October,  2007, the
Criminals Hugh and Coral McVean
had obtained that day for hearing their fraudulent claim.   There were many signposts of McVean's Fraud, that would have, and SHOULD HAVE  STIMULATED the scrutiny assessors of an honest person with a reasonable legal training.  We can only assess what is in Randall's mind by considering his behaviour.  The disabled man was unfit to appear that day.   He provided a medical certificate that he was UNFIT to appear that day.   The disabled man supplied that to the SCT  MORE THAN FOUR AND A HALF HOURS BEFORE THE APPOINTED TIME.  It was only after the disabled man prompted them three hours later, that they "found it", and admitted that they had it.  Clearly, the plan was to just ignore the certificate and state they had not received it.   Randall did have the Medical Certificate before him.  That Medical Certificate has to be considered in conjunction with the fact, that Randall knew the disabled man was disabled, WITH MULTIPLE DISABILITIES, INCLUDING BRAIN DAMAGE, BUT NOT ONLY BRAIN DAMAGE.  We have the Courts advice that he had been advised. 
Randall has allowed himself to be a facilitator of a most heinous crime, of defrauding a disabled man of his home, and turfing him onto the street.

IMPORTANTLY, Randall BROKE the LAW, he acted ILLEGALLY. He denied the disabled man DUE PROCESS, aka PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS, aka, NATURAL JUSTICE.  No-one can ever know for certain what was in Randall's mind. 
We can only consider the circumstances.  
So, is there a SOLUTION?
Oz Endemic Corruption.
The JUDICIARY and LEGAL PROFESSION and Public Sector, in Queensland [possibly all of Australia, as we are aware of substantial corruption in NSW and Victoria] is RIFE with CORRUPTION.  We have indisputable evidence of corruption and FRAUD by many judges, magistrates, [see page 2 Australian Criminal Law Journal issue200704.pdf ], solicitors, barristers, LAW COURTS, police, public officials, CMC, Robert Walker of the CMC, Office of the Information Commissioner, John Briton of the Queensland Legal Services Commission, Queensland Government appointed Tribunal member decision -makers, TRIBUNALS, Human Rights (and equal opportunity) Commission [HReoC], Australian electoral Commission [Brisbane Office, at least], Anglican Church, The University of Queensland [UQ], St Johns College of UQ, Cromwell (Crime) College of UQ, RSPCA and other Government appointments in Queensland.  Is Randall just "running with the 'mob of corruption' presently in Queensland"?   It could seem that with corruption being so pervasive, Randall would need to be corrupt just to survive, and not be swamped by corruption.  Of course, such false logic has no currency with this correspondent.  So, is there a SOLUTION?    
I am now realizing that the Anglican Church is far more responsible for the corruption that occurred in this matter.  The Anglican Church had secretly contracted with the mentally ill [with PTSD], Hugh McVean to acquire my beneficial interest in the house at 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia for the Rev Canon Professor Dr John Leslie Morgan, who wanted it so he could appear a great landed entrepreneur.  Morgan is the CORRUPT, LYING AND CHEATING "Warden" of St John College at The University of Queensland.  I have since acquired the Conveyance Transfer Documents showing that the McVeans had signed the transfer in February, 2005Morgan had been repeatedly attempting to defraud me over a dividing fence, since the year 2000. 

Because the Chief Justice Paul  de Jersey is corrupt
, he has brought corruption to ALL the  courts of law in Queensland.   Paul de Jersey has been made Chancellor of The Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, in 1991.  The Anglicans did this to gain the benefit from the Paul de Jersey  corruption.  Morgan believed this corruption of Paul de Jersey allowed him carte blanche when it came to his acting corruptly.

This is not a single "questionable" case involving Randall, but two quite proximate in time.  We expect we would find many similar cases were we to investigate further.  These McVean criminals had brought the disabled man before Randall in May, 2005 while trying to steal the same house.   The disabled man, on that occasion, was courteous and polite
[he always is] to Randall.  In contrast, Randall was abusive to him, and the few words Randall spoke to the disabled man were loud, ABRUPT and ABUSIVE; "be quiet, you will be told when to speak".   The disabled man had commenced an action  re this matter in another higher court.  He had documents of the other court to show to Randall.  Randall was "busy" pretending to be reading the Criminal McVean's complaint.  The disabled man tells us that he wanted to save Randall wasting his time and so wished to show Randall, the document of the other court.
After Randall's drama outburst, the disabled man waited 'til Randall had made out that he had read the criminal's complaint.  The outcome had long been decided.

The Criminal Hugh McVean is the psychopathic criminal [in fact Hugh McVean has PTSD] of the McVeans of Nambour Crime couple; not to be confused with the John Alexander Francis McVean Criminal of

12 Snowgum Drive, Bilambil Heights NSW 2486
with the 'phone number of +61 2 5590 8117. That
John McVean is married to Marion Joan McVean. The McVean CRIME brothers seem to have a way of involving their wives in their Insurance Fraud Corruption - John McVean 'worked' his whole working life for South British Insurance.  Hugh's wife Coral Louise McVean was criminally compromised by Hugh McVean many decades ago, in Insurance Fraud.

So, is there a SOLUTION?
Upon the disabled man giving the higher court document to Randall, Randall APOLOGISED  to Hugh McVean.  In a reasonably soft but distressed voice, Randall APOLOGISED to McVean that "the matter is taken out of my hands".  "I am sorry I can do nothing.  He has commenced an action in the Supreme Court."  When he next spoke to the disabled man, he was again loud, abrupt and abusive.  Our disabled Informant tells us that it seemed to him as though Randall was very familiar with McVean and his complaint, before that 2005 brief hearing commenced, and that Randall had already made up is mind.   Hugh McVean's well practiced MO is to seek out decision makers, or the next in line to the decision maker [like "Registrar" of the Small Claims Tribunal [SCT]], and apologise for his "lack of knowledge or familiarity with the procedure and just explain  how he is at so much of a disadvantage because he is such a "good and Christian" person,  when in fact McVean is a "psychopathic control freak".  This is really due to Hugh McVean's PTSD.  Hugh McVean has long realized, since the tragic death of both of his parents when Hugh was aged 16 years, the value of playing the 'victim' fiction.
  So, is there a SOLUTION?
Hugh McVean has a well practiced patter of
playing the 'victim' fiction; along the lines that he is a poor unfortunate good souled person who has tried to do the best for his wife's "black sheep" brother, out of his compassion and charity, and this "black sheep" has taken advantage of this poor generous and compassionate Hugh McVean.  In fact Hugh McVean is a psychopath and pathological liar and cheat, [this is a common sympton of PTSD -  "Because the world has been so mean to me, I will place no limits upon what I will do to achieve good things for myself", is the view of many PTD sufferers; it is a psychiatric disaoder.], who set out to cheat his wife's brother to show how big he is.  IN FACT, HUGH McVEAN NEEDS TO TRY TO BOOST HIS SELF RESPECT.   He and Coral had to adopt children BECAUSE HUGH McVEAN HAD SUCH A LOW SPERM COUNT.  The little lowlife, Hugh McVean WAS FIRING BLANKS. He is IMPOTENT; so he became a BULLY as well as an INSURANCE FRAUDSTER CRIMINAL.  You can view an indication of this persona he adopts in one of his written emails.
So, is there a SOLUTION?
McVean's FIRING BLANKS, had a benefit for society, of reducing the quantity of Criminal genes of McVean in circulation.

It seems that Randall considers that the SCT is his own kingdom and that Randall can grant "favours" as and when he pleases, and to hell with the law and Due Process. 

An alternative explanation is that because the corruption in Qld courts arises due to the Chief Justice being corrupt, and his also being Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, the Paul de Jersey corruption has also become ANGLICAN CORRUPTION.  The Rev Canon Professor Dr John Leslie Morgan, Warden of St Johns College at The University of Queensland, thinks this has given him a licence to gain by corruption.

Clearly, Willian Randall was deferring to the 'ANGLICAN CORRUPTION.

We can, at this point, consider the meaning of "conspire".  The Macquarie Dictionary, 2nd Revised Edition , gives a number of meanings of "Conspire"  -v.i. 1. to agree together, esp. secretly, to do something reprehensible or illegal; combine for an EVIL or unlawful purpose;  2. to act in combination; contribute jointly to a result.  -v.t. 3. to plot something illegal or unlawful. 

Exposure of INSURANCE FRAUD by Hugh McVean

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Did Hugh McVean kill Daniel Morcombe?
Consider the EVIDENCE.

An idea of how Hugh McVean operates, all documented.  He is a CRIMINAL and he should be in JAIL.

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Poor Hughie.  You will read, [in his docs and docs by third parties about Hughie's conversations], where Hughie is forever going on  about how he is badly done by when he has been trying to help his wife's family.  He is also so unlucky with his associations.   His mate [check all his emails to him] Garth Steven Donnelly, turns out to panic because he had to sign a Stat Dec.  [Donnelly did sign it and I believe I know the real situation , and the Stat Dec is false.]  Hughie's solicitors turn out to be fraudsters, and guilty of Unprofessional Conduct and Professional Misconduct.   Then Hughie had many dealings with others at the Brisbane City Council {BCC} and they turn out to be CRIMINALS, trespassing without a court order and denying the resident of Brisbane, Natural Justice aka Due Process aka Procedural  Fairness.  In the process they  BROKE AND ENTERED, STOLE, MADE FALSE REPORT TO POLICE , ENGAGED IN CRUELTY TO ANIMALS,  and some perjured themselves.  Didn't Hughie have a bad run with crooks? That Hughie is so unlucky. He has not complained.  Is it just fortuitous that each of these crooks ASSISTED HUGHIE?    Now Hughie is going to have to defend many people thinking it is a matter of GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.     Of course, Hughie joined ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, so, I guess, everyone in Nambour would KNOW that Hughie is a wonderful, really nice, generous and all round really good fellow, and so would be HONOURED to  patronise his business.   I wonder if Hughie's bad luck of  finding out his associates are crooks, extends to ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.  

You will notice in the following letter/email from Hugh McVean to Linda Tanner of the Brisbane city Council [BCC], Hugh is wanting to conspire with the BCC to act against me; a common interest.  Hugh refers to me as the "person in question".  ["Russell" would have been shorter, easier and quicker.]  Hugh wants it all kept secret.   He advises them he will devise a plan of action and will advise them.  No doubt he is expecting some supportive action from BCC.
Hugh refers to me as "tenant".  In fact, on the suggestion of Coral, his wife and my sister, that  they were prepared to help me,  I asked them to secure a particular house for me while I organised my  finances, including [this was in 1994] a payment I, as a trustee of another, documented trust, had coming from Telstra for the amount of $17,000+, as Telstra had stuffed up a business of mine, eight years previous.  Hugh agreed and the house purchase went ahead.  In doing so, a TRUST was formed, with Hugh as trustee and me as beneficiary. 

As he supplied the finance, he had an unregistered mortgage , and I had the "Equity of Redemption" as beneficiary of the trust. That imposed on Hughie a very strict duty called a FIDUCIARY DUTY.  That is the duty a trustee always owes to the beneficiaries of a trust.  It is also the duty a solicitor owes to his clients. [That is the reason that a solicitor cannot have two parties both as clients if they have conflicting interests. The classic is doing wills for the parents of a client.]  Hugh supplied three quarters of the finance through his Self-managed Superannuation Fund.  I had always found Hugh an odd character.  It was always difficult to get a straight answer from Hugh.  [I had just thought that it was due to his resentment of his sister who was driving the old bomb of a family car, when it crashed killing both of their parents, when he was 17years old. I have since realised that the reason that one cannot receive a straight answer from Hugh is that he is basically devious.] The title of the property was put in the name of Hugh as trustee [and Mortgagee].  The arrangement was all verbal. 

In consideration of his finance, I had offered to pay him a weekly sum far in excess of what would have been fair rent, while I organised the method of purchase. I did not expect it to take very long, as the $17,000+ from Telstra was already overdue. [They were parasites at Telstra too.  They did their secret checks into me to discover that many people attack me, so no doubt, decided to stuff me about even more.] The transfer of the property to me from Hugh was expressed as my "Option to Buy".  I thought they were helping me.  [See my page re my 40 years of chronic illness and disability.]  My intention at the time was that I would do as I had done previously when buying property, and sublet many rooms.  I was 60 metres from the campus of The University of Qld. I explained to Hugh how I intended to organize the whole proposition.  Just as I had done in my first and second house purchases in 1973 and 1977, I intended to operate it as share house with housemates, effectively sublet rooms while I lived in part of it.   Hugh refers to this as "take in boarders".  See a copy of part of his email to me on 21 January, 2004, TEN years after I told him my plans.   Note his reference to my "Option of Purchase".
Hugh's email re "take in borders" and "option of purchase".

However, it is now clear to me that Hugh had decided at the time,in 1994, to cheat me of the property.  Immediately, he began to stuff me around and made everything difficult for me.  I had thought that that was just more of his odd way.  I guess Hugh thought that because I was being bullied by so many others he could have a go with little likelihood of retribution from me.  Hugh's idea of "reducing financial pressure" upon myself, was so he could ask me to pay him more or have the  "boarders" pay HIM the rent.

Because he married my sister, I repeatedly went out of my way to help them. He took advantage of me in this.   He conned me into giving up a whole weekend in mid 1973, when  Hugh and Coral came down from Townsville to Brisbane,  because he wanted, so he said, to buy a business in Noosa.  Remember, I was pretty ill with the chronic conditions I relate elsewhere.  I picked them up in my car at the airport and drove them to Noosa and back and forward to Noosaville, 'til, with the heavy rain, it was too late to drive back to Brisbane.   Rather than put his hand in his pocket, I had to impose on some of my friends at Coolum to put us up overnight. I was really poor.   I could not afford to pay for accommodation.  He still did not put his hand in his pocket.  Because Coral was, and is, my sister,  I helped out the best I could, and repeatedly have.
Anyway, just lets see what the documentation shows us about Hugh's methods.

Hugh's letter to BCC to conceal from me he calaled the person in question.

You will notice from the following document that Hugh is quite happy to ridicule me. [It did not occur to him that I would discover the documentation of his secret devious dealings].  This ridiculing occurs after Hugh had struck up a great "rapport" with Donnelly of the Brisbane City Council [BCC] in year 2000, based upon dumping on me.

Hugh ridiculing me to BCC;.part of his plan?

The reference below by Hugh to Donnelly because I think Donnelly [see my page dealing with Donnelly documentation], would have been quite reticent as he had just days before been hauled over the coals and forced to sign a Stat Dec that documents, under his control, and relevant to my FOI requests had not been released.   Hugh would have been surprised because since Donnelly first contacted Hugh in year 2000, Donnelly first, and then the rest of the BCC had been trying to cheat and arrass me since that time.   Have a look at Donnelly's Description of me.  Don't forget, I look odd for no fault of mine.  How am I to deal with a deformed skull?

Note, what Hugh is asking for is a demolition ORDER, not merely a demolition PERMIT.  Hugh wanted the BCC to ORDER him to demolish the house so he could then tell me that I have to move as the BCC has ordered the house demolished.  Needlessly, Donnelly decided to, ON BEHALF OF THE BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL APPLY FOR A DEMOLITION PERMIT f or Hugh.  See below that, where Donnelly does the work  of applying for a demolition permit, and does is in BCC time and on BCC premises using BCC address and contact details.

Hugh asking how to have BCC ORDER the demolition of house.

Note re the Legal action.  I had not taken legal action against Hugh at this stage.   Hugh had initiated legal action to have me evicted from the property beneficially owned by myself.  In fact, Hugh had conned my sister into them both suing me on the basis of a forged document which they had both proffered.
 This is the notorious GARTH DONNELLY note.  See the evidence I have on him.  He and Hugh mutually despised Russell Mathews so Hugh rang him as Hugh's contact at BCC.  

Hugh had rung  Donnelly just a few days prior, and many times before that going by Donnelly's email dated 26 October, 2004.   Donnelly speaks of "conversations" plural.  Note how Hugh has been pleading how he has been so badly done by just because he was trying to help his wifes' family.  No doubt Hugh referred to me as his wife's "no good" brother.   Anyway, what is the public sector parasite paid with ratepayers funds, doing running around to take pictures for someone else who shares his desire to put one over on me.   I have much detailed documentation about Garth Donnelly too.

Donnelly and Hugh were just playing with each other to make out there was a problem with me when the problem was how to deal with me so ugly that every one thinks they can have a go at me with immunity.  THEIR BIG PROBLEM IS THAT THEY NEEDED A COURT ORDER AFTER FIRST GIVING ME MY COMMON LAW RIGHT TO BE HEARD.  THEY HAD NO COURT ORDER AND DID NOT GIVE ME MY LEGAL COMMON LAW AND LEGISLATED RIGHT OF A FAIR HEARING,OR ANY HEARING AT ALL.   Additionally, the POLICE  assisted the BCC to trespass and REMOVE MY POSSESSIONS.  That is STEALING.   I have reported the ROBBERY to the Queensland Police.  They have chosen to do nothing.   Do you wonder the reason that the Supreme Court of Queensland [SCQ] have strived to ensure that they do not have to consider all this?  IT IS SUCH A SCANDAL, even before the SCQ became involved.  IT IS A MANY FOLD GREATER  SCANDAL ESPECIALLY FOR THE SCQ AS IT HAS ENSURED THAT THE SCQ DOES NOT HAVE TO FIND AGAINST ALL THE CROOKS INCLUDING THE POLICE.  

What has the High Court of Australia done; in particular, Ian Callinan J?   Very interesting!!!!!

 You have already seen where Hugh ridicules me.   In fact, Hugh just cannot cut it.  After I did first year Commerce at James Cook Uni in Townsville in1975, Hugh decided that he would do a Commerce degree as well.   He started but could not hack it so discontinued.    He is jealous as sin of my ability and so has been determined to take me down.   Donnelly's a public sector parasite.  They are not renown for any intellectual ability.

I guess Hugh did not realise that the donkey public sector parasites at the BCC recorded phone calls religiously, and that I could obtain it all by FOI.  [Hugh realised years later and so, no doubt on the advice of the parasites at BCC, Hugh applied by FOI for all the documents that the BCC had supplied to me, exactly as they had supplied them to me.  He had to pay for that too.]  I guess it gives them something to show for their existence.   In one note dated 4 November, 2003 that I obtained by FOI, Hugh is telling them at BCC that he is going to evict me, and sell MY PROPERTY.

They gained the demolition PERMIT not order.  I have a copy of the application where Hugh signed it, but Donnelly did all the work of making the application in Brisbane City Council time and at their premises.. 

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It is instructive to consider Randall's attitude to poor people stealing from each other.  His view is to let them go for it , and let the fittest man win.

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