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facebook HATE SITE

The beauty of this STRATEGY is that my publishing its details WILL NOT WEAKEN IT IN ANY WAY.  In fact, I am now giving PAID public speeches explaining the strategy.

 Precisely, it is
NEW MEDIA with the GOOGLE factor
.  Importantly, IT DOES NOT DEPEND UPON ANYONE ELSE, at all.  I do not have to rely upon anyone else.  It depends upon myself solely.  

This is a REVENGE OF A NERD.   From the time I was aged 11 years, I have been bullied, isolated and cheated. I had big oddly shaped ears and an ASYMMETRIC UGLY HEAD: [STILL DO]. Luckily for me, I had a very much above average intelligence.  This allowed me to still progress.  After I had a head injury AT AGE 17, and another undiagnosed debilitation, I lost that edge.  That debilitation has now, just recently, been diagnosed and overcome.  I had to work damm hard for 40 years because of the undiagnosed debilitation, but now find I have four Uni degrees including an LLB, and am now doing my PhD,  and I have so much material of wrong doing [corruption] by others, for me to publish, to drive increasing amounts of traffic to my site.  The more that people detest me, the more they check my site and drive more traffic to my site.  They just can't help themselves, as much as they may wish to be not helping me.

Hatred of me is like an "addiction".   We have the documented evidence that Douglas Porter, the Secretary and Registrar of The University of Queensland [UQ], SO HATES ME THAT HE officially endorsed the hatred and foul language of the  Facebook Hate Site, produced by a UQ Computer using a UQ connection to the Internet, and was happy for the UQ Facebook Website to be formally associated with the FACEBOOK HATE SITE.

The NEW MEDIA is the internet and my having  one or more WEBSITES, and being "lucky" to gain very high Google rankings, consistently.  [We find many people Googling the WWW with increasingly more general search terms and finding our site consistently coming up in top place as the total number of heads increase to millions.  People are amazed at how we do it.] The traffic to my website is growing exponentially.   This is happening without any intervention from me.  My activity upgrading my site increases that,  AS DOES OTHER PERSON'S  ATTEMPTS TO ATTACK ME AND PUBLISH HATE OF ME.  [It was so beneficial to my web traffic growth, I was reluctant to close it down.  I let it go for a month 'til I had so much detail that will work wonders for traffic to my website. I have the "names" of 125 PARASITES of HATRED [also below]. I have calculated that the publication of the details of that and the 125 "names" and THE CONTENT AND LANGUAGE THAT THEY ENSDORSED,  will  COST THEM in total in the order of $25 million.  That $25 million will not come to me; well not directly, BUT I CAN USE THOSE DETAILS TO DRIVE SO MUCH TRAFFIC TO MY WEBSITES: TO MY NEW MEDIA.   It is really powerful stuff.    I may do a whole page on each name.  It will be a simple matter to report other information.  I can merely do google esarches on many and find more detail to report, so then GOOGLE  will link these up, and put my site at the top of many other Google searches.   Some are still students and will be looking for employment soon.  I understand that many are now doing google searches of their name and finding that my Response to Facebook  hate site page is the first head in the Google search, and I have barely started publishing the details; REPORTING THE NEWS.
However, there is
ANOTHER DIMENSION TO THIS: Many are now already employed.  In fact many used their EMPLOYER'S COMPUTERDURING WORK TIME TO SURF FACEBOOK , and used their empoyer's computer, DURING WORK TIME, for AN EXTENDED TIME PERIOD [in the many hours] to ENDORSE FOUL LANGUAGE ON A HATE SITE.   In the case of another person who endorsed this facebook hate site, maybe,
Capital Finance Australasia Pty Ltd , should look on our list  to see if they recognise any  name on that list.   WE HAVE DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE.  We know who she is [or the name she used anyway] and that she is already [before she has seen this] very concerned to see her name on our site and that our site is being returned first in a google search on her name. 

 [Do a Google search on <GE Capital Finance Australasia> in a couple of weeks.]   We have similar evidence for many other EMPLOYERS.  Maybe,
GE Capital Finance Australasia would like to contact us for the evidence.

As much as other people may wish to harm me or stop me, they cannot.  Some have tried and failed. When they try, that just gives me more material to publish.  Evil Hughie tried to close down a site of mine.  It was in Australia with AussieHQ.  [Read my article about them.  The upshot is, always put your website overseas.]  Rather than waste time fighting, I put the site overseas.   I can continue to move the physical location of the website  for longer than anyone's lifetime.  I can put it on five other continents of the world and in so many countries of the world.  I will never run out in my lifetime.  It takes 5 minute to move a site.  [It take the computer a little longer to complee the upload, when I could be sleeping.] 

The cost is minimal or zero.  Large websites, of say 500Mb with a monthy traffic [bandwidth] of 6Gb without pop-up adverts can be free.  A larger website without any restriction can be AUD$3.50 per month. 

Response to FACEBOOK
Journal Publications
Published by:   Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA.

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Jeffrey Ernest John Spender

 Duckman's Response to FACEBOOK

I will respond to some of the content on the facebook site.

RESPONSE: 20071014 1730AEST:

Following is the list of facebook members who subscribed to the FO Duckman “group”/site and by so doing ENDORSED THE LANGUAGE AND SENTIMENT OF HATE, AND INCITEMENT to MURDER [what other literal meaning does “SOMEONE PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY” have, especially in the presence of OBSCENE ABUSE OF “HIM”] of that site.
The HATE and INCITEMENT TO MURDER “facebook group”.

The Registrar of The University of Queensland, Douglas Porter [see archive]   The University of Queensland itself, Cromwell College of The University of Queensland, and Kings College of The University of Queensland, should also be included in this group.

[In order of joining; latest first: some names may have been missed as many were leaving the group in droves, like “rats deserting a sinking ship”, with the pace increasing with time]: Mitchell Cloak, Chris Carey, Christopher Kotmel, Monique Nevison, Clint Felmingham, Jack Behne, Jason Lamb, Nicola Rae Cotter [Nicola Cotter], Bridget Handley, Tom Robinson, Patrick Burgun, Kara Cronin, Caitlin Frazer, Robert McKay, Gregory Guldin, Tom MacKillop, Brent Freeman, Peter Doobes, Dylan Cronin, Oliver Gassman, Jared Callaghan, Emma Wainwright, Lisa Chikarovski, Andrew O'Brien, Neil Farmer, Benjamin Hoad, Adam Hartlett, Peter James Firth [Peter Firth (in case someone googles in quotes)], Kat Jacob, Sarah Tollis, Ashley Cooper, Meggie Voogt, Jess Clift, Matthew Smith, David Mousa, Lachlan Burns, Emilee Woolcock, Jemma Cutting, Lachlan Young, Curtis Aisthorpe, Meg Collis, Peter Frazer, Elena Lucke, Lauren White, Jane Furnas, Luke Irwin, Tim Noone, Finlea Amalia Cusack [Finlea Cusack for Google again], Alyssa Lochbaum, Chris McCosker, Kirsty Fraser, Emma-Lee Whyte [Emma Whyte], Justin Rees, Steven Diack,
Brett Tully
, Peter George, Alexandra-Ruth Crouch [Alex Crouch], Cassie Burchill, Faye Higginson, Anton Legh, Fiona Wolff, Brigette Forbes, Tom Longworth, Daniel Bryant, Carl Gianarakis, Florence Lim, Dan Kahle, Emma Cunningham, Kate Wilson, Jess Whitby, Kassi 'Pokie' Nofz-Venturato [ Kassi Nofz-Venturato], Sam Whiteley, Justine Graham, Flynn Mitchell, Jamie Lee, Raymond Kostowski, Myles Forbes, Annemarie Lindner, Samuel Ford, Alex J Steed [Alex Steed], Nicholas Egerton, Mathew O'Brien, Andrew Sheales, Matthew Alan Palmer [Matt Palmer], Ryan Wicks, Anthea Nalder, Nick Nalder, Emily Goldsmith, Trent Gardner, Samantha Daragnes, Simon Kalinowski, Neil Dempster, Shannon Kirby, Michelle Sargent, Ailsa Currie, Peter Chong, Ben Gibson, Denise Werny, Andrew Feedus Churchill [Andrew Churchill], Amanda McCosker, Paul Howatson, Vickie O'Hara, Anna Willis, Adam Fowler, Shane Midgley, Ben Willcocks, Jarrett Thomas Owen [Jarrett Owen], Kate Warmington, Shannon Ireland, Annabelle Vaughan, Hayley Wolfert, David Schneider, Emma Howatson, Chris Conway, Steven Fudge Cosnett [Steven Cosnett], Alex Marginson, Craig Gibson, James Bealey, Ken Sakai, Matthew Pavicic, Joshua Rollinson, David McCall, Cameron Clark, Shay Kurz and Regan Ireland.

As well the FO Duckman site/group, was “Related” to the “Groups” of Cromwell College of The University of Queensland, Kings College of The University of Queensland, and the OFFICIAL “Facebook Group” for The University of Queensland, and each of those three additional sites had their official Logo displayed. That means that the sites have given their official endorsement to The HATE and INCITEMENT TO MURDER “facebook group”, the FO Duckman site, and to the sentiment and language of that site. This included the HATRED directed from that site and the INCITEMENT TO MURDER encouraged by that site.

We have conclusive evidence that the Registrar and Secretary of The University of Queensland, one Douglas Porter [that is Douglas Porter of Douglas and Janet Porter fame of 14 McCaul St, TARINGA], HAS BEEN MONITORING THIS HATE AND MURDER INCITEMENT SITE from at least Monday 1 October, 2007. We believe that since the site was FORMALLY associated with The University of Queensland, AND SINCE HE WAS MONITORING IT, DAILY, he has ENDORSED the sentiment of HATE and INCITEMENT TO MURDER, of that site.

Our publishing this information which is valuable to the community in so many ways, is a public benefit. Using Telecommunications to Incite murder is a Commonwealth Criminal Offence. Each member is guilty of being an accessory [at least] to Incitement to murder. Apart from the The HATE and INCITEMENT TO MURDER “facebook group” being associated with The University of Queensland facebook site, the fact that it had even any remote connection to The University of Queensland [UQ -Google recognizes UQ as an abbreviation of The University of Queensland, so we will continue to use UQ for The University of Queensland] should have meant that Douglas Porter, would act to remove that site from existence. We will be interested to see what action, if any Douglas Porter has taken to have that HATE site closed.

The information in this story will be covered, from a number of different perspectives in a goodly number of our Australian Law Publishers Pty Ltd journals, which are official International Publications forming part of this Nation's Literary Heritage. [Maybe you should beat me to the punch and start rubbishing and ridiculing the Australian Law Publishers Pty Ltd journals, BEFORE the journals about you bullying the disabled are published. I realise you can't because to rubbish the journals requires you to READ, and all you lot can do is look at the photos, and the MRI. ]

Importantly, we archive all our publications on our AustlawPublish website, at [Why don't you start a new Facebook site to rubbish and ridicule our work and publications. Each of you parasites who decided to try your bullying over the internet, should be able to find plenty on there to ridicule, WITHOUT INCITING MURDER, or can't you morons read more than mono-syllabic.]

The Inaugural Edition of Australian Employment Law Journal will be the avenue for one story as most “members” in the list will soon be looking for employment. That is apart from the gofor [secretary] typing for a librarian in the Queensland Public Service, and paid by the Queensland Taxpayer. We know the IP from which she accessed our site and facebook and the amount of Queensland Taxpayer time she spent on facebook. [We have the EVIDENCE. Check the name of this website.] That will be a story in itself. Our journals are eagerly awaited in the Queensland Parliamentary Library. That is additional to their volume viewing of our websites.

We have our own .jpg file for each of the photos on the Facebook page, included the substituted photos even repeatedly so. We are sure that the “other person” in many of the photos, will be only too happy to have their photo published by us in relation to this story. I am sure that if any one of them who thinks that we do not have copyright on any we publish, will sue us. That will be expensive for them and will give so much more exposure to our journals and websites. No-one has copyright or “privacy aspcts” on their own image. Afterall, it was on a public The HATE and INCITEMENT TO MURDER “facebook group”.

Of course, in each journal article, we will include the list prepared above. That will be devoured by Google. We are ONLY REPORTING ONLY FACT. Of course, each list will include the reference to Douglas Porter. We will do a “reconstruction of the facebook site with all the postings. That will be wonderful material to include on your EMPLOYMENT CV.

Do a google of “Douglas Porter”.
--> s 1 - 10 of about 631 for "Douglas Porter". We are #10 at present. In about six weeks, our pages on Douggie will be #1 on such a Google; and probably 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...also. You may wish to do a google on any of the other 125 names in the list above, in about six weeks..

Douglas Porter is “losing it”. He is becoming incensed and obsessed. I wonder if anyone wishes to lay odds that he will soon be gone. I reckon, before Christmas. He will resign of course. We will claim credit for it, just like we do for the demise of Judy Magub. See our Open Letters to her [archived at ] and to the Liberal Party [archived at ] [she was the liberal Brisbane City Council ward councillor for Toowong]. Also see our Australian Privacy law Journal highlighting how Magub was “losing it”, [ARCHIVED AT Australian Privacy Law Journal issue200701.pdf ]. She resigned six weeks later without giving a plausible reason for leaving. We claim credit for her demise. It was all VERY PUBLIC. Since then we are learning more.

Thank you for all the material and evidence to publish, that you have given me. Thank you for all the internet traffic you have sent my way and the wonders you have done for my “Google ranking”. The “Googlebot” has gone ape on our site. [Most of the morons won't have read this far.]

No-one on that list above, nor Douglas Porter too, has done any favours for Facebook out of this matter. Nor have they done any favours for themselves.

FIRST RESPONSE:  20071008 1628AEST.

I am quite happy to respond in a constructive way.   I WAS PREVIOUSLY INTENDING TO SUGGEST:  "Might I suggest that one of the EXISTING members of FOD [but not Ireland or anyone else who has made an adverse posting], create a new Group on Facebook, and put a link to it in a message in FOD, plus a link to my responses on my site at /.  I will give the person who does some valuable brownie points, worth, I reckon,  as I shall  explain later, [I am an accountant/ business finance major, and mathematician], about $200,000 present value. "   HOWEVER, I DID IT MYSELF, SO NO BROWNIE POINTS.   I had continued:

"I do have ducks, and for a person who wanted to refer to me but did not know my name, it would be reasonable for them to say, "you know, the man with the ducks".  I seem to remember a radio spoof re "duckman, duckman ...".  Since, facebook already has the reference to "duckman", and many people have accessed it, they will connect with the term "duckman".  If you wish to call it something like, "Conversation with Duckman [CWD]" or "Talk with duckman [TWD]", that is okay with me."

You see, there is a legal problem for people joining FOD.  It is clearly a HATE SITE, but that is not all.   By joining, each person is ENDORSING the content of the site.  That includes the INCITEMENT  by Kalinowski to kill "him".  Kalinowski's sentiment is clear form his immediately previous line of, in CAPITALS TO SHOUT IT, 'FSCM'.  His was not an encouragement to help the guy so that he would no longer be "miserable".  Consider, the LITERAL MEANING  of his statement.  That is what courts will consider.  It can have no other meaning.  It does not matter that most people would not be influenced by his incitement if in fact, such was that was the case.   INCITEMENT is something less, [I would suggest much less] than AIDING AND ABETTING. 

The difference between that comment here, and a similar statement in the pub, is that this is TELECOMMUNICATIONS.  That was USING TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICE TO INCITE MURDER.  That is a FEDERAL CRIME. It is not like a telephone threat, where the evidence is less certain.  Here, it is in WRITING.  I would not wish to seem to encourage anyone to commit a crime. Hence, I cannot respond to anything posted in future on FOD

I have been monitoring the FOD, since Kalinowski put my site's URL up on it, early Sunday Morning, 30 September, 2007.   I now have stacks of information.   There will be many people who should be extremely nervous.  

I will not divulge all now, yet.  The ramifications from this will be immense.  While UQ, Cromwell and Kings are not members, they are mentioned on the FOD as "Related Groups".   Well, you might say,  they have not endorsed the FOD group, as they may not have known of it.  I do not think they would be proud to have sponsored such a site.  It is clearly a HATE SITE and MORE. 

Well, I am reliably informed that  Douglas Porter, [you would have to know him; he is the top employee of UQ; the Registrar] has known about FOD since Monday 1 October, 2007, at the latest, maybe sooner on the Sunday 30 September, 2007. [Now he may start a witch hunt to find out who has been informing on him.] How did Porter know about it?  In fact, I am reliably informed he has been monitoring it every day since.  Apparently, he monitors my site also, in an obsessive way.  I am told he was viewing FOD and at 11pm on Saturday night and again at 3am on Sunday morning.  Hence, since UQ is a "Related Group" and UQ's Registrar has repeatedly viewed FOD where UQ is stated to be a Related Group, and since Cromwell College and Kings College are on UQ Campus, and not independent of UQ, he has given the UQ's imprimatur for UQ, Cromwell and Kings to this HATE SITE and this site INCITING MURDER.  The UQ facebook site/group has UQ's official emblem/logo displayed.  If UQ did not approve of FOD, Porter could have had it removed. Clearly, Porter approves of this group, its language and sentiment of HATE  and INCITEMENT TO MURDER.  Likewise, Cromwell's and Kings' Groups display their respective official logos.  Thus The University of Queensland [UQ], Cromwell College and Kings College have SPONSORED AND ENDORSED, HATRED AND INCITEMENT TO MURDER.  [This will be the final curtain for Porter.  See the reference to our strategy in a later posting.]

Additionally, Porter has approved of the LANGUAGE used on FOD /.  I think this is disgusting that Porter should approve of such language.   Will we now see this language on all UQ documentation?   Well, I can tell Porter, that he is not entitled to use such language in any communications with me.   It is his own business how he communicates with other people and in UQ documentation.

Clearly, Porter's present obsessive behaviour is a result of the strategy of our previous content including the production of Porter's letter to me, implicating the current Vice-Chancellor John Hay in illegal breaches of contract and of FIDUCIARY DUTIES

About $200,000 present value:
Google is wonderful.  I wonder how "My Daddy is a dentist in Atherton.  My Daddy is a member of Rotary.  As an ex Rotary Exchange Student, I am an ambassador for Rotary; yeah man.", will explain to her parents and all rotary members.  I am sure Rotary and all of Atherton will be pleased to hear her contribution, especially considering the original comments of Shannon [is that his sister in Rockhampton], which were deleted, [but I have a record as a .pdf of that page], no doubt because the smart alec Regan thought is wasn't "good enough".  [I wonder if Regan told "My Daddy's a dentist in Atherton", of those. Shannon said she "almost felt sorry for him".]   I wonder how she, Dentist daddy's girl, will explain that to any prospective employers.  That is if any Employment agency sends her to an employer.  They all do Google searches on prospective employees.   I have the list of names of ALL people who ENDORSED THE LANGUAGE, SENTIMENTS AND INCITEMENT to MURDER of FOD.   I have good  rankings with Google.  Check if you like.  I have another site: a google of  <mrs quentin bryce>  [You must know who she is.] , or do a google on <"wally reiman">.   [ has just changed webhosts and the IP address is still migrating across the internet and needs to be altered in Google records too. If the link does not work, then copy and paste the link into your browser to see the files online. ]  My "brownie points" was to be just not publishing your name, but no need now. 

When employment agencies google on "my daddy's a dentist"'s name, they will find our explanation prior to all the Rotary links.  The chances are the employment agencies will not even tell her they know.  That will greatly reduce her  employment prospects.  It will take her longer to find a job and when she does find a job, it will be paying far less.  That will snowball in subsequent jobs because she has not had the better experience.  The gap will be quite a few thousand dollars per year.  That gap will increase in time, in REAL terms, apart for in CURRENT VALUE terms which will be much greater.  In rough terms, when that gap is discounted back to present value terms, each year will be about the same present value.  If we allow about 40 years for a working life, the present value for each year can be between $3,000 and $5,000.  That is up to $200,000 per person.  We calculate that as about a 10% drop in salary.   That would be for one about to graduate.  For dentist daddy's girl, just finishing first year, she might as well give up her study.  Why bother?  Her lecturers and tutors will soon know about our references.  They will not disregard what she has said as it will indicate the type of person she is.  I would welcome cross-examining her in the witness box with the documented evidence I have, if she thought for one moment that she would sue me. She would be a mumbling mess.  She should know, I have just started on her.  Go ahead, sue.  If anyone else thinks they too may sue, I will subpoena dentist daddy's daughter, as her evidence will be relevant. 

IF ANYONE FOR ONE MOMENT FEELS SORRY FOR HER, READ WHAT SHE SAID.  She viewed two pages on my website for a total of two minutes.  She could not have known what was on my website in that time.

Our journals will be online for many years.  Do you realize how  internet "content" is so desirable?  If I do not keep it published, [I will] there will be many others who will wish to publish it. [It is also in the National Library of Australia as part of our Nation's Literary Heritage.]  Anything is better than a blank page.  The search engines cannot crawl a blank page.

This will apply to ALL "members" whose names are published.  Now, they all have something to think about.




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OPEN LETTER to  TAX COMMISSIONER re Admissions of TAX FRAUD by Hughie, on advice of his NAMBOUR SOLICITORS.

 Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John Morgan & Anglican matters

Morgan trying to hide behind toilet rolls.Anglican Priest Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John
[Morgan], of St John's College [SJC] is a BULLY!!
Anglican Priest Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John Morgan is a LIAR.
The FENCE debacle caused by the DISHONESTY and BULLYING by the Anglican Priest Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John Morgan of St John's College [SJC]

Is FRAUD the answer for Anglican 'return on investment'?
Is this Primate Aspinall's BUSINESS ACUMEN?
Anglican priest bullies DISABLED Neighbour to STEAL his HOME.
Will the Anglican Church in Australia be MORE CORRUPT with Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA as Primate of the Anglican Church?
OPEN LETTER [20061215] to Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA.
OPEN LETTER [dated 25 Nov. 2006] to Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall MBA.

Hughie ANOTHER Anglican bully
Bullies outed
St John's College [SJC] is a JOINT VENTURE with The University of Queensland [UQ]
More on the land and formation of St John's College [SJC] on St Lucia Campus [SLC] of UQ.
Morgan's reply of 20061217: DESPERATE, SCARED, has NO documents about me.
OPEN LETTER [20061216] to Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John Morgan [Morgan], Warden, St Johns College [SJC].
OPEN LETTER [20061215] to Rev. Canon Prof. Dr John Morgan [Morgan], Warden, St Johns College [SJC].

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How the AUSTRALIAN CORRUPTION has inspired EVIL Hughie
Corruption in the Australian Anglican Church.


This corruption is centred on the COURTS, the JUDICIARY,  and the LEGAL PROFESSION across Australia.  This extends from the HIGH COURT of AUSTRALIA, through all the lower courts and tribunals in Australia   The corruption then SPREADS to all POLICE  and PUBLIC SERVANTS in Australia.  Corruption does not mean that all decisions are perverse.   Corruption means that  many pivotal decisons are corrupt, and the corrupt system then conceals them.  Hence, merely showing that one or a few decisions, even high profile ones are correct, does not mean the system is not corrupt.  This corruption is "secure" and likely to continue due to the interdependence of the judiciary and the respective parliamentary majorities/[executive governments], and that these then attempt to monopolise the "high moral ground".   Most are trained lawyers with the "gift of the gab" and able to seemingly "justify" the perverse decisions, including demonising any individuals not in their den.

but the majority of it is concealed, or not understood by the majority of Australians.  Both major POLITICAL PARTIES, Labor and Liberal, are culpable and consider this is just part of the "game" of politics and that being corrupt is just being "smart".    Politicians and their close associates are a  separate class to the Australian people.
The Australian Government has corrupted the High Court of Australia.  THIS HAS MAJOR CONSEQUENCES FOR AUSTRALIA POLITICALLY ON the WORLD STAGE. Australia attempts to pontificate from the HIGH MORAL GROUND and be the BULLY OF THE PACIFIC”. America [USA – Bush] is attempting to diminish recognition of its INTERNATIONAL crimes by seeming to associate with a densizen of the “high moral ground” [Australia], whereas in fact, Australia is a cesspool of hidden corruption and secret agendas.  The hidden corruption is spread across layers of government, [elected and “public service”], POLICE, [Queensland and Federal], the judiciary, legal profession, EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES and business. It occurs in many dimensions. Much of the corruption is for the “cover-up” of incompetence, and other corruption. Some members of my “family” have gained some “inspiration” from some of this corruption, utilising corruption in the legal profession and judiciary.       
The www is the ideal medium to present The EVIDENCE of this corruption when that evidence is documented and the statements of others where those statements are public records. I WILL PUBLISH THE FACTUAL EVIDENCE HERE. My purpose with this site is to assemble that evidence and the logical linkage for the UNCHALLENGABLE CONCLUSION that CORRUPTION IS RIFE IN AUSTRALIA.  I have special skills in assessijng this aspect. I am first and foremost a MATHEMATICIAN with maths majors in my BSc and BA. As well, I am fully trained to be admitted as a lawyer. I have practical experience in many courts over many years and as an accountant and tax agent.

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TOPIC Category Directories Listing:
Worm farming, Composting and Recyling:
Australia's WATER CRISIS:
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.About HAIG:  Who is HAIG?
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How the AUSTRALIAN CORRUPTION has inspired EVIL Hughie
Corruption in the Australian Anglican Church.